Accidentally deleted /usr/bin/python instead of /usr/local/bin/python, how to restore?

I had so many Python installations that it was getting frustrating, so I decided to do a full reinstall. I removed the /Library/Frameworks/Python.Frameworks/ folder, and meant to remove the /usr/local/bin/python folder too, but I accidentally removed the /usr/bin/python instead. I don’t see any difference, everything seems to be working fine for now, but I’ve read multiple articles online saying that I should never touch /usr/bin/python as OS X uses it and things will break.

I tried Time Machine but there are no viable recovery options. How can I manually “restore” what was deleted? Do I even need to, since everything seems to be working fine for now? I haven’t restarted the Mac yet, in fear that things might break.

Edit: I believe the exact command I ran was rm -rf /usr/bin/python*, and I don’t have anything python related in my /usr/bin/ folder.

Edit2: I’m running on macOS Mojave 10.14.5

I accidentally deleted my sql server from azure. Can I get it back with my database as well?

So I went onto my Azure account and I accidentally deleted a server I shouldn’t have. Then my database disappeared because it was on that server. Can I recover it?? There was soooo much data on that database that I need. I have a student account that the subscription just ended, so I can’t even fill out a support request. Please help me!

Specify the URL or the ID of the site collection to be deleted. The -siteid para meter must be used with the -force

Hi I have an orphaned site in a content database when I run delete orphaned site command I got below message from PowerShell how to delete orphaned site because its stopping configuration wizard to run successfully after installing SharePoint latest cumulative updates.

stsadm -o deletesite -force -SiteID “03xxxx7c3-4f95-b343-42c8f9486243” -DatebaseName “WSS_Content9” -DatabaseServer “Sxxxx”

Specify the URL or the ID of the site collection to be deleted. The -siteid para meter must be used with the -force, -databasename and -databaseserver parameters

Recovering deleted Telegram chat

On my new Android phone I accidentally (yes…) deleted a complete chat I never exported before. Looking for ways to recover it I didn’t find the ultimate solution. While I could restore the chat pictures (they weren’t actually deleted) I couldn’t find a way to restore the messages which are far more important to me.

I still have my old Android phone that I used until a month ago that never connected to the Internet since I deleted the chat. So, if the messages are somehow stored locally, it still has the deleted chat (obviously but for the last month, but that would be better than losing everything). I didn’t dare to start the device since the chat loss as I want to understand the implications first.

  • Does Telegram store the chat messages locally or only on the server?
  • If storing them locally, how can I export them? I guess I need an internet-less solution as a synchronization would obviously delete the chat on my old phone as well. I could only find the Desktop-Telegram-based export, but no other suitable solution.

I’m afraid I guess I’ll get a “you’re screwed” answer but I want to give the community a last chance to help me before eventually giving up hope.