Can ‘Microsoft basic data’ partition be deleted?

I am want to uninstall ubuntu(16.04), from my dual boot system and probably reinstall ubuntu or install kali(dual boot it with windows). I want to allocate more space to the already existing windows. I have 10 partitions and I want to figure out if any of these partitions can be freed(not necessary for windows) so that I can increase the disk space allocated to windows as well as allocate more storage to Kali.enter image description here

The item was deleted because it was excluded by a crawl rule

My search crawl is not working for my local site. On my Crawl Log I see a warning:

Item not crawled due to one of the following reasons: Preventive crawl rule; Specified content source hops/depth exceeded; URL has query string parameter; Required protocol handler not found; Preventive robots directive. ( This item was deleted because it was excluded by a crawl rule. )

Important information:

  • I just moved all my content databases to a newly installed Sharepoint on a new server
  • I am running Sharepoint Server 2019 Standard
  • When I change the address in the content source to full FQDN, the search works partially with many 401 warnings
  • The address in question is https
  • Same address with sps3 gets crawled successfully with no issues
  • There is no robots.txt file in the site

I tried and checked everything I could think of, including:

  • I checked that the default access account has access to the website
  • I browsed the website ( using a browser ) while being logging in using the default access account
  • I made sure there are no crawl rules
  • I created a new crawl rule to include the affected URL
  • I did “index reset”
  • I disabled loopbackCheck
  • I used Fiddler to monitor the traffic, the crawler is not even accessing the site

If you have any suggestions, please advice.

User Profile synchronization connection has been deleted but still user profiles show up in SharePoint

We have SharePoint 2013 environment and we have 2 AD connections (ie. 2 different domains) in User Profile Service Application. All the users from DomainA have been moved to DomainB and AD team have created new user accounts for these users. Now I want to delete the old user accounts of DomainA. So , I went ahead and deleted the DomainA connection and ran a full synchronization and this did not resolve my issue. As domainA users still show up in SharePoint.

AD Import is the synchronization method we are using to import users from AD.

Appreciate any help 🙂

Google deleted (from 3 accounts) a threatening email that I need as evidence of a crime-how to retrieve?

I received a personalized threatening email that went into my spam folder (“someone” used the message board from to mask their identity). I sent a copy of the email to my sister (also mentioned in the threatening email) and my wife. When I went to retrieve the body of the email in question, we discovered that it had been erased from ALL 3 different accounts. How do I retrieve this email? I need this to pursue justice in a legal matter…please help!

How to delete item in Bin “… cannot be modified or deleted because it is required by MacOS”?

I’m on a 2014 MacBook Air, 10.14.5

A couple of weeks ago I did a quick sweep of my files and drives to get rid of junk, mostly old photos and videos I had accumulated that I didn’t need/want anymore. Everything deleted fine, except for one .mp4 file. This file, it seems, managed to get into my Bin, but is now stuck. I would really like to get rid of it – it was copied off an old USB drive and is about 5GB, which is a lot when you only have 10GB free space.

When I drag it anywhere, it just copies. When the bin is emptied, I get the message “….mp4 can’t be modified or deleted because it’s required by macOS”.

I’ve looked for possible solutions, including turning off System Integrity Protection and reinstalling the OS but to no avail.
Please help! Sorry if I’ve missed any details

REST call to document library with deleted user returns 500 server error

I am trying to use the REST service to access a document library and when I use the expand=File/ModifiedBy option, and the results contain a deleted user it fails. I believe this was working fine prior to the last SP Update but can’t be certain.

_api/web/lists/getbytitle('MyLibrary')/items?$  expand=File/CheckedOutByUser,File/ModifiedBy&$  filter=SomeValue eq 226 

Anyone else experience this?

Unable to delete all objects in the bucket, bucket will not be deleted AWS S3

I’m trying to delete my S3 bucket created by cloudformation. I’ve tried with delete with aws cli but no luck.

When I tried to delete with following cli,

aws s3 rb s3://admin-static-s3-pipelinebucket-ehj8lw6h3r9s --force 

got that error “remove_bucket failed: Unable to delete all objects in the bucket, bucket will not be deleted.

And when I tried to delete with following cli,

aws s3api delete-bucket --bucket admin-s3-stack-pipelinebucket-wttbpzw2ixwj 

got this error “An error occurred (NoSuchBucket) when calling the DeleteBucket operation: The specified bucket does not exist”

And oddly, I’ve found that my those buckets are belong to no region as screen shot. Please let me know how to delete it, those are really annoying to me.

enter image description here