Registration form – Delivery or Billing Address first?

This is a UI question for all you e-commerce design experts out there.
Is there a generally accepted standard for which address to capture first from new registrations on a typical online shopping site. Should you fist ask the new customer for:
1. their billing address. or
2. their delivery address?

In my humble view we should first ask for their delivery address. My reasoning is this: since they are probably in the middle of checking out, and we don't want to slow down this process any…

Registration form – Delivery or Billing Address first?

How to group the delivery slots in the checkout?

I’m working on the online grocery shop, flexible delivery option is one of its key strengths. This interaction happens as the step of the checkout process.

I’m thinking of 2 options.

A. The buttons are aligned similar to the calendar view in Outlook, the size of the button represent the length of the timeslot. Each button has the time and the delivery price.

B. The price and short description are placed as subheaders on top of the buttons. The buttons show only the timeslot and have the similar size.

enter image description here

Which would you choose and why?

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What prevents malicious servers from spoofing mail transfer agents and/or mail delivery agents?

An email system typically consists of multiple agents:

  • Mail user agent (MUA)
  • Mail submission agent (MSA)
  • Mail tranfer agent (MTA)
  • Mail delivery agent (MDA)

Mail agent netword

Evidently the ‘middlemen’ of this system are a spoofing risk. (Technically the endpoints could also be a spoof risk, but let’s assume in this case that the end users are genuine.)

What methods are used/can be used to protect against these ‘middlemen’ agents being spoofed?

I’ve thought about it myself and the only answer I can come up with is that DNS might provide some sort of limited authentication, though DNS spoofing would still be a risk.

(Image is CC BY-SA 3.0, © Ale2006-from-en.)

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