How can I make a field visible depending on the content of another field?

I have a PowerApp which is working really well so far, it is based on a SharePoint list which holds the data. There is a date field (Paid Date) which defaults to 31/12/2001 for some reason, and I want this hidden from view until there is a useful value in it because the default date is confusing people.

I want to make Paid Date visible depending on a field called Stage being set to ‘Stage 7’ but can’t seem to work out how.

So: how do I set the visibility of a field based on the value entered in another?

Calculated column with multiple options depending on start date of event compared to today

I’m attempting to create a column (“30, 60, 90, +”) that reports if an entry is within 30, 60, or 90 days out. One field is “Start Date” and I want the field to report ’30’ if the start date is within 30 days from today, ’60’ between 31-60 days from today, and ’90’ for between 61-90; with ‘+’ being the entry beyond that timeframe.
Is this doable?

Does a globe of invulnerability protect from wall of fire depending on where the caster is?

What happens if a caster casts Globe of Invulnerability, then a second caster casts Wall of Fire such that the first caster, still inside the globe, is inside of the wall?

Does the first caster only take damage from the Wall of Fire spell if the caster of that spell is also inside of the globe? Or does the Wall of Fire not effect the first caster at all no matter what? This sentence is the one I’m having trouble with:

Similarly, the area within the barrier is excluded from the areas affected by such Spells.

I’m not sure if that overrides the restriction of being inside of the globe or not.

wordpress custom menu – show parents, siblings, children depending on depth

looking and trying for hours to find a solution for the following output of a wordpress custom menu. Hope you can help. I do not know where to start: custom menu walker, css, functions.php

I have a custom menu with “individual links” (so no pages or posts or categories) with Link and Link-Text. Right now depth is 5 (could be 6,7.. in the future).

Example menu:

Sport    Bike      Bikeparts        Seats          Mountainbike          Roadbike        Breaks          Break Levers          Adapters      Bike Add Ons        Bottle Holder    Water      Stand Up Paddling        Paddel        Boards    Air      Wingsuits  Automotive   car   motorbike Tools 

What should it be: See following scenarios: Default View on main page (depth 0):

Sport Automotive Tools 

Click on “Sport”:

Sport (bold)    Bike    Water    Air Automotive Tools 

Click on “Bike”:

Sport (bold)    Bike (bold)      Bikeparts      Bike Add Ons    Water    Air Automotive Tools 

Click on “Bikeparts”:

Sport (bold)    Bike (bold)      Bikeparts (bold)        Seats        Breaks      Bike Add Ons Automotive Tools 

Click on “Breaks”:

Sport (bold)    Bike (bold)      Bikeparts (bold)        Seats        Breaks (bold)          Break Levers          Adapters Automotive Tools 

Click on “Break Levers”:

Sport (bold)    Bike (bold)      Bikeparts (bold)        Breaks (bold)          Break Levers (bold)          Adapters Automotive Tools 

So you see from Depth 1 if you start depth at 0 (step: click on Bike) and deeper you will always see all depth 0 menu items (sport, automotive, Tools), all siblings from this active menu item (bike) under active parent (sport) and all children of active menu item (bike).

What i have right now is the solution from where i replaced:

} else if ( ! ( isset( $  args->show_parent ) && in_array( $  item->ID, $  menu_item_parents ) ) ) { 


} else if ( ! empty( $  item->menu_item_parent ) ) { 

So right now it works only with the first level. if i click on sport i do not see submenu from automotive.

I hope anybody can help.

Thanks in advance

Display Document library item depending on list item we are viewing

I have a requirement where the user is filling out the InfoPath form (saves to list) and adds an attachment. I need that attachment to also be copied over to a document library. However form my understanding this is not doable OOTB.

So another solution I found is I can put a link in the InfoPath form to the document library where they can upload their document. Then when they click on the list item to view the InfoPath form, I want to put a library web part under the InfoPath form toshow the form they uploaded to the document library that corresponds to that InfoPath form.

Is this possible how I am describing? If there is another solution please share as well.

thank you for any assistance.

Invert a series of x with coefficients depending on x

Let’s say I have the equation:

$ (8x^{15}+4x^{14}+\ldots)G^9 + (3x^{3}+\ldots)G^{8} + \ldots + (5x+4)G + x = x$ .

$ G$ is an infinite series of $ x$ . I want to find the first 10 coefficients of $ G$ .

How exactly should I use the InverseSeries function? I’ve tried:

InverseSeries[  Series[8x^{15}+4x^{14}+\ldots)G^9 + (3x^{3}+\ldots)G^{8} + \ldots + (5x+4)G + x, {G, 0, 10}], {x, 0, 10}]  

but it doesn’t work.

Calculated Column Depending on Different Row Value

In our department, we can make offers with different packages. These offers are sometimes only one device and sometimes set. If the proposal (project number) package was submitted in a way, it should be written in the “Main Scope” column. If only one device has been submitted, the name of the device must be entered in the “Main Scope” column.

How do I write this condition?

enter image description here

Change page layout dynamically depending on url parameter

The standard layout of my categories are 2-columns-left, so that the layered navigation is visible in my shop. What I want is, to use the same categories to display a content.

This is an example for my shop link: products/chemicals.html IfI click this link my products are shown in my list.phtml

This is an example for my “cms” link: products/chemicals.html?cms_id=123 If I click this link my “cms” content is displayed in my list.phtml

What I want now, is to display my content without the left sidebar. By css I can set the sidebar display:none, that works, but the page loads my products.

I would prefer to change the page layout when i call my “cms” category page.

Any idea?


Playing a sound depending on the currently displayed flash card image

I’ve developed a fully working flash card app for kids. It has a UIImageView that cycles through 26 cards (abcs) via a gesture click and a music button that will play a sound for each image. Right now I have this 100% working, but the sound plays in an IF statement that has added an additional 400 lines of code.

How I load each card into the UIImageView from a gesture tap:

        // if the tapped view is a UIImageView then set it to imageview         if (gesture.view as? UIImageView) != nil {             if segControl.selectedSegmentIndex == 0 && segControl2.selectedSegmentIndex == 0 {                 imageView.image = UIImage(named: "card\(number)")                 number = number % 26 + 1             }             else if segControl.selectedSegmentIndex == 0 && segControl2.selectedSegmentIndex == 1 {                 imageView.image = UIImage(named: "upper\(number)")                 number = number % 26 + 1             } 

Music button:

    if (imageView.image?.isEqual(UIImage(named: "card1")))! {         do { audioPlayer = try AVAudioPlayer(contentsOf: URL(fileURLWithPath: aSound))            } catch {             print("Couldn't load sound file")         }     }     else if (imageView.image?.isEqual(UIImage(named: "card2")))! {         do { audioPlayer = try AVAudioPlayer(contentsOf: URL(fileURLWithPath: bSound))            } catch {             print("Couldn't load sound file")         }     }     else if (imageView.image?.isEqual(UIImage(named: "card3")))! {         do { audioPlayer = try AVAudioPlayer(contentsOf: URL(fileURLWithPath: cSound))            } catch {             print("Couldn't load sound file")         }     } 

I know i could set a sound array with the sound files in it, but how would i tie it back to the card? I cant set a tag property on an asset image can i?

Looking for a way to shorten the current code i have.