Is woo commerce the only option for product add ons and deposits?

I am getting ready to add a shop to my website. It will sell campers. I want people to be able to select the base model (sz) and then add optional items like tool boxes, hitch sz, etc. At "checkout" instead of collecting the full price, we just want to collect 10% of the total due. I think this can be done with Woocommerce. Is there a better way to do this? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks!!!

UK visa refusal for undocumented deposits?

My short term study visa was refused and the only cause mentioned in the letter was the presence of undocumented old deposits in the bank transactions. I haven’t explained the deposits as they are old and have entered and exited the account long ago (no longer in my balance). Now I am planning to apply again but I am so afraid of having a second refusal.

How can I explain the deposits? Most of them are from one friend. I will explain that they are an old debt and my friend has returned it to me via multiple deposits. I will let him sign a paper confirming this. Will this be enough?

Also, I was afraid of other reasons that they did not mention at all in the refusal letter. Can they refuse me for other reason that they didn’t explain in the first refusal?

UK Plab Visa Refusal due to bank deposits even though affidavit provided for the deposit

I have successfully cleared PLAB1. My visa appointment to appear for PLAB2 was on 18 Dec 2018. My visa was denied under section 4.2 a,c and e. My brother (he is working in the US with a reputed company ) is acting as my sponsor and I have submitted supporting letters from him as well. I work part time as a duty doctor in Bangalore with an annual salary of 2.5 lakhs INR.

For personal funds, I had shown around 2.5 lakhs INR in my bank account. I had transferred a sum of 1 lakh INR to my bank account through a cheque from my father’s account on 13 Dec 2018. In order to explain this amount, I had attached a notarized affidavit explaining this amount as a gift from my father and mentioning that the gift is irrevocable. I had also mentioned the cheque number in the affidavit and mentioned that the amount is from my father’s savings. The visa officer has specifically called out the deposit of 1 lakh INR in the refusal citing that we have not explained the source of these refusal?

Now my question is,

  • Do you think the visa officer overlooked the legal affidavit we had attached?
  • Is there something else we can do to explain the 1 lakh deposit apart from the affidavit.
  • Should I re-apply with further explanation for the deposit?

We still have the balance in my amount and it is almost 1 month since the deposit.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.