Technical description of a self-signed certificate

I’m having a friendly debate with a co-worker as to the meaning of “self-signed” when it comes to PKI. We have an internal root and subordinate CA in our organization. We import the cert chain on internal clients to allow for the trust of certificates issued from our internal/private CA.

My colleague believes that the definition of a self-signed certificate is one where there’s no publically trusted/commercial certificate authority involved. I, however, understand a self-signed certificate to be one that’s created by the host that it resides on and has no further link to any chain, private or public.

I’ve searched Google and found both answers being touted as correct. I’m not great at comprehending RFC’s, which is probably what I need to do to really get to the root of this argument. Rather, can someone more knowledgeable than myself help to settle this disagreement?

Thanks in advance!

All in One SEO Pack – Description, keywords not displaying

I’m using the All-in-One SEO pack for the first time and I can’t get the meta keywords or description to display. I originally had the same problem with the title tag, and I had to add a blank


tag to my header.php to get the title tag to display. Do I need blank placeholders for the keywords and descriptions as well? I’ve tried adding

 <meta name="description" content="">  <meta name="keywords" content=""> 

but this didn’t work. I can’t find anything in the documentation, which implies it will just work. What am I doing wrong?

What are the advantages or disadvatages of using stock photos or images, instead of using description?

What are the advantages and/or disadvatages of using stock photos or images, over using description?

This is a valid and helpful question, especially for firSt-time DMs. There are published sources which can be used to answer this.

First-time DM says: “I don’t think I’m particularly good at detailed poetic descriptions and I’m worried my imagination could be a bit on the slow side. I was thinking I could use something like a quick and dirty PowerPoint presentation showing some concept art / stock photos of various locations and NPC. Not only for the players but also for me to figure out what to describe if I get stuck.

Special thanks to Paprik.

When answering, please use concrete examples, share your expertise and refer to published materials where possible.

Throttling – difficulty in defining the description

WE have a problem with the spell form the lore of Shadow, named Throttling. (warhammer 2ed).

Spell description: You send ropes of inky darkness to throttle any one target within 12 yards (6 squares), cutting of his ability to breath entirely and forcing him to make a Thoughness Test to resist the effect the spell. You can maintain this spell with half action on each subsequent round, but you may cast no futher spells while doing so. If u maintain the spell, the Thoughness Test is modified a cumulative -10% penalty each round until it is failed, at which point the target begins to take damage. The first round of failure causes a Mamage 1 hit that ignores Armour, and each subsequent round the Damage of the hit increases by 1. No additional Toughness Test are allowed to resist damage after the first has been failed; the damage simply continues to compund until you stop, or are forced to stop, concentrating on the spell. The rules for concentration (see WFRP, Spellcasting Limits, page 144) apply.

And you see. 1. One of my friends is saying that: In first round, after the target make successful Toughness Test, wizard has to cast the spell (if want to maintain it) again and (if successful) target (again) has to pass Toughness Test (-10) if successful, then again wizard has to cast a spell… and the cycle repeats until the test fails

2. When the other is saying that: In first round, after the target make successful Toughness Test, wizard can maintain the spell with half action, and in the next round target (yet again) has to pass Toughness Test (-10) if successful, then again wizard sacrifice half action to maintain the spell… and the cycle repeats until the test fails.

Which one is correct? And if there was any mistakes, then sorry for my bad English

Put Where I Got My Pics From In Youtube Description

im starting to post videos with a couple celeb pics in them. legitimate i have the rite to use the pics

i see some people putting where they got their pics in the description of their vids. is this necessary. if i dont when i apply for monetization will they just deny me without reason and ill be stuck with nothing and cant tell them or show them where i got them. do they just decide at their own will who they think have used pics legally or just deny them

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