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Programming language designed to prevent security issues from occurring? [closed]

I’m working on creating a new programming language and trying to find that first niche to tailor it to. Would you appreciate a programming language that would make it as easy as possible to encrypt & salt all information stored in databases & files and sent over the network, etc?

I already have it so that it’s as fast as C++ but guaranteed to be memory and thread-safe without the programmer having to think twice about it.

The idea is that you write it quickly and productively and don’t have to think about the security, because it’s already baked into the end product.

Have the D&D 5E designers ever done an official commentary about why they have designed certain rules the way they did?

I’m not asking for speculation or why people think the designers made the decisions they did. I’m looking to see if there’s evidence that they’ve ever done a developer commentary or something of the sorts that went into detail on their design decisions, or addressed popular questions from the community relating to that topic. Specifically, I went into this looking into official developer commentary addressing the design rationale for the true strike cantrip, but I couldn’t even find developer commentary of any kind while doing some searches with Google.

I know there’s a bit of issue with these types of questions, but I feel this is completely objective both in question and the types of answers it requests.

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Is the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure designed for a party of 2 characters?

Specifically in the context of running the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure (from the Essentials Kit) for one player, is this adventure designed for a party of 2 characters?

I ask because I plan to run this for one player, and the intention seems to be to add a sidekick to the party to help out the main character (i.e. my player’s PC).

From Running for One Player:

The fact that it says “a sidekick” implies that the adventure expects you to have a party of 2 characters. This is further supported by the Running for Multiple Players section:

Since this makes no mention of sidekicks, it implies that having only two players (and therefore a party of only 2 characters) is fine.

Generally published adventures are designed for a party of 4 characters, so I just wanted to make extra-sure that this one was designed for 2 characters (i.e. that a single player only needs one sidekick added to the party, not two or three). Does it say this explicitly anywhere that I’ve missed, or otherwise imply that it is balanced for 2 characters?

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Are there any standardized questionnaires available for asking adults about their opinion on the suitability of a system designed for children?

My team and I have developed an augmented reality app for children (primary school students).

I would like to get their teachers’ opinions about the usability of the system in the context of their students.

First, I thought about using standardized questionnaires like System Usability Scale or User Experience Questionnaire but those are designed for asking the actual user of a system and furthermore, I actually don’t want too much focus on the usability rather than on their opinion about the suitability of the system for children.

I am wondering if there are any standardized questionnaires available for cases like that.

Why was R designed as a 1-starting indexes language?

Spawning from here:

We usually don’t care whether indices start at $ 0$ or $ 1$ (except in the sense we’d rather start with our favourite if it doesn’t matter, and the old joke is that set theorists start at $ 0$ and non-Peano number theorists start at $ 1$ ). I say usually, because there are a few cases where we do:

  • […]
  • […]
  • If there’s programming involved, use the same indexing for your mathematical exposition as in the code itself, which varies by language. For example, Python starts at $ 0$ , whereas R starts at $ 1$ .

Why did they choose to start from $ 1$ ?