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This is a CBD affiliate product website, Earn commissions on hundreds of affiliate products which is actually pretty good since most orders of CBD products average around $ 80 and up. That means commissions of $ 10 to 20 and up on each sale. You only have to join the affiliate programs to activate the product links. After you sign up for the affiliate accounts and get approved I will integrate your affiliate id into…

cbdhempquality.com Premieum Designed CBD super store website/automated CBD blog

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Now that the smoke is clearing it is obvious how big the cannabis industry is becoming and will be once it is legalized in all u.s. states. Canada has just legalized marijuana. Currently, marijuana is legalized in 11 U.S.states and Washington Dc for recreational and medical and is legal in 33 states for medical marijuana. With that said there or many cannabis-related industries that are banking on this which include,…

Cannabissmokenews.com / cannabis news/Affiliate product website,100% automated -Premium designed-

Is the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure designed for a party of 2 characters?

Specifically in the context of running the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure (from the Essentials Kit) for one player, is this adventure designed for a party of 2 characters?

I ask because I plan to run this for one player, and the intention seems to be to add a sidekick to the party to help out the main character (i.e. my player’s PC).

From Running for One Player:

The fact that it says “a sidekick” implies that the adventure expects you to have a party of 2 characters. This is further supported by the Running for Multiple Players section:

Since this makes no mention of sidekicks, it implies that having only two players (and therefore a party of only 2 characters) is fine.

Generally published adventures are designed for a party of 4 characters, so I just wanted to make extra-sure that this one was designed for 2 characters (i.e. that a single player only needs one sidekick added to the party, not two or three). Does it say this explicitly anywhere that I’ve missed, or otherwise imply that it is balanced for 2 characters?

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Why are you selling this site?
Started building this site last year, didn't have time to launch it because I'm busy working on other websites.

How is it monetized?
Not monetized right now. Has many slots available specifically for ads, can be monetized through native ads, banner ads, push ads, affiliate.
I'm experienced with this niche and advertising for it so I can tell you it's quite easy. (Can provide revenue numbers for similar website)

Does this site come with any…

Automated Cartoons and Anime Website – Easily Monetizable – Great Name – Well Designed

Are there any standardized questionnaires available for asking adults about their opinion on the suitability of a system designed for children?

My team and I have developed an augmented reality app for children (primary school students).

I would like to get their teachers’ opinions about the usability of the system in the context of their students.

First, I thought about using standardized questionnaires like System Usability Scale or User Experience Questionnaire but those are designed for asking the actual user of a system and furthermore, I actually don’t want too much focus on the usability rather than on their opinion about the suitability of the system for children.

I am wondering if there are any standardized questionnaires available for cases like that.

Why was R designed as a 1-starting indexes language?

Spawning from here:

We usually don’t care whether indices start at $ 0$ or $ 1$ (except in the sense we’d rather start with our favourite if it doesn’t matter, and the old joke is that set theorists start at $ 0$ and non-Peano number theorists start at $ 1$ ). I say usually, because there are a few cases where we do:

  • […]
  • […]
  • If there’s programming involved, use the same indexing for your mathematical exposition as in the code itself, which varies by language. For example, Python starts at $ 0$ , whereas R starts at $ 1$ .

Why did they choose to start from $ 1$ ?

A platform designed to support both: subscribers and user accounts?

We’ve created a platform where users can subscribe to their favorite organizations’ newsletters (similar to Mailchimp). But we also want to allow subscribers to post content on their organizations’ page (similar to Yelp or Meetup).

We’re afraid that if we were to force everyone to create accounts, it might deter those that are new or just want to receive the weekly newsletter.

We’re in the early stages, and our focus is to expand our user base as much as possible.

Are there any past lessons or existing examples that we can learn from?

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How would a CPU designed purely for functional programming be different?

CPU’s are to an extent designed with in mind the software that people will write for it, implicitly or explicitly.

It seems to me that if you look at the design of instruction set architectures, they are very “imperative”, in the sense that each instruction encodes an imperative style command. It also seems to me that the current instruction set architectures have evolved partly based on the type of code programmers produce.

If one would design a CPU from scratch, knowing that it would only ever run programs written in a functional programming style, how would that CPU be designed differently from existing CPU’s?