Sharepoint designer 2013 “Copy list Item” disables “Do calculation” fields

I have a workflow that is supposed to do some calculations, upload this information to one list, then copy the current item to another list and finally delates the current item. But, when i try the workflow it only copys and deletaes the item. I don´t know what is the problem. If i don´t copy the item the workflow works perfectly but once i pyt that action it breaks. Any suggestions or any ideas how to solve this ?

Foreign keys in UML Designer [on hold]

I’m trying to create a basic UML diagram for a project and found the UML Designer software which works wonders so far.

The only thing I don’t seem to be able to do (or at least I can’t find how to do it) is link the attribute from one Class to the attribute of another class.

What I want to do is define the attribute from one Class as a foreign key originating from an attribute of another Class (like a normal UML Diagram).

For example I have a Country class and a City class and I would like the City class to have an attribute Country name as a foreign key connected to the Country class Name attribute.

Thanks in advance.

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SharePoint designer REST call to populate lookup field in SharePoint 2013 list

I’m trying to update a multi-value lookup field in a SharePoint 2013 list from a SharePoint designer workflow using the ‘Call HTTP Web Service’ action.

Here’s how the field looks when querying a list item with two values:


I’m using nested dictionaries to create the json structure for the POST request within SharePoint Designer but I’m not sure how to create a JSON array as needed by the “results” field.

I’m reading the “Assigned to” field from another list into a workflow variable typed as “Lookup Ids, comma delimited”.

I then create a dictionary with an item “results” and the value set to my comma delimited lookup ids variable.

The json this produces is:


I get the following error when executing the query:

An unexpected ‘PrimitiveValue’ node was found when reading from the JSON reader. A ‘StartArray’ node was expected.

I think that’s because the query should be:


Can anybody help me achieve that in SharePoint designer or suggest a better alternative?

The reason I’m using the web service is that I’m trying to create a workflow that loops through all of a list’s items updating values when changes are made in another list.

In Sharepoint Designer is there a condition to see if a approval workflow and a review workflow is approved or completed?

I would like to toggle a field when an approval workflow is approved and when a review workflow is approved. I don’t see any conditions that call that in SharePoint Designer 2010.

I have tried calling it using “If current item equals field” using Data Source: Current Item Field from Source: “Name of workflow” but it doesn’t seem to work. Thanks.