Unable to edit SharePoint Online site in SharePoint Designer

My organization just enrolled for O365 and have enabled SharPoint for creating sites. I have created a Site Collection and am the primary Site Collection Owner of the site. However, when I try to open the site in Designer, it asks for credentials. When I provide my organization’s credentials, it says incorrect credentials. When I provide my live account credentials, it does not accept it and asks me to re-enter the credentials.

Previously it gave me an error “This feature has been disabled by your administrator”. I did a registry hack and the error was gone.

Please let me know if there are any settings that need to be done at the O365 admin level to allow opening sites in SPD. At the site level, I have already enabled opening sites in SPD.

Build caml query in javascript in sharepoint designer

<script type="text/javascript"> $  (document).ready(function () {     var listName = "Leave Request";     var context = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();     var list = context.get_web().get_lists().getByName(listName);     var cQuery = new SP.CamlQuery();     var camlXML = "<View><Query><Where><FieldRef Name='' /></OrderBy></Query></View>";      var link = _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/Lists/Leave Request/DispForm.aspx?ID=";           cQuery.set_viewXml(camlXML);     var listitems = list.getItems(cQuery);     context.load(listitems);     context.executeQueryAsync(function () {         var count = listitems.get_count();         var enumerator = listitems.getEnumerator();        if(count > 0){             while(enumerator.moveNext()){                 var current = enumerator.get_current();                 var desc = current.get_fieldValues("Details").Description;                 var title = current.get_fieldValues("Name").Title;                 var created = current.get_fieldValues("Created").Created;                 var ID = current.get_fieldValues("ID").ID;                 var start = current.get_fieldValues("Start_x0020_Date");                 var end = current.get_fieldValues("End_x0020_Date");                  $  ("#leave-list").append("<div style=\"width:100%; margin-top:0px; border:solid 0px #e1e1e1\"><div style=\"width:100%; height:50px;; float:left; padding:3px \"><font class=\"Ndate\">" + title + "</font><br /><font style=\"font-size:9px !important; color:#ccc; \">" + start +"&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -: "+ end + "</font><a style='float:right;font-size:11px;color:grey;' target='_blank' href='" + link + ID + "' >Details</a></div> </div>");             }         }         else{             $  ("#leave-list").remove();             $  ("#leave-container").append("No leaves");         }      },         function (s, a) {             console.error("Leave Widget: " + a.get_message());         }); }); 

Above is javascript Code i am using Now I want to show the data weekly employees on leave and monthly employees on leave

and here is my list structure imageenter image description here

Multiple Lines of text not retaining formatting in custom designer form

I’m creating a custom display form for a document library in SharePoint 2013 using SharePoint Designer. The problem is that the text in the multiple lines of text column (Notes in the screenshots below) does not retain their formatting, specifically carriage returns. The first image below is the default DispForm.aspx file. The second image is my custom DispForm. As you can see in the first image, the carriage returns I put in the field work correctly but those carriage returns are not in the custom form.

How do I make the carriage returns work in my custom form?

I’ve already applied the disable-output-escaping option.

<xsl:value-of select="@Notes0" disable-output-escaping="yes"/> 

Default DisForm.aspx form

Custom DisForm.aspx

[WANTED] Shopify Theme Designer


All the lovely people out there, I'd suppose you can help me with this.

I'm looking for a Shopify Theme Designer who has the skills to both code and design.

Looking to customize a couple Shopify Stores we own and give them a sleek new look – I'd bring you lots of business if you prices and timing are the best.

Kindly tag someone you know who might be able to help, cheers [​IMG]:)

PS: Does anyone know which theme…

[WANTED] Shopify Theme Designer

Getting File count from a Document Library folder using SharePoint Designer

I have a SharePoint list and have written a workflow when an item gets created or changed. In this workflow, is there a way to check or get the count of files from a specific folder in a Document Library?

I would want to display certain text in the email that gets triggered from the workflow based on if any files exists in that folder.

Thanks in advance.

your personal dedicated graphic designer for $10

You can select items from the list according to your package and they will cost you: – Logo – Business Card – Letterhead – Envelope – Folder – Banner – Stamp – Tags – Anything else (please message for further information) Kindly note all above price will include vector and printable version.If you order basic package you will only get mockup preview version which is not printable or editable. If you have any queries, please message me and we can set up a custom offer that best suits your needs and budget requirements. My design services are not limited to these options.

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