Ubuntu 19.04 desktop “home” folder icon: unable to modify

When I right click on the desktop “home” icon -which by defaut shows a house-, then I shift the icon on Properties>Basic tab by double-clicking the icon and selecting another one.

Here it changes, but the desktop one remains unchanged.

In earlier ubuntus (so far 14, 16 and 18) this used to work flawless.

Any idea? Regards in advance…

Desktop unresponsive after Disco Dingo Upgrade

I am experiencing some weird and very annoying UI issues after the Disco Dingo upgrade.

I have a NVIDIA Graphics Card.

My issues include no feedback from mouse clicks in the desktop environment and no feedback from keyboard events in the desktop environment. I have tried reinstalling the nvidia graphics drivers, changing the display manager, “disabling” wayland with gdm3, and reinstalling the gnome shell (fix GUI after Disco Dingo upgrade).

I dont know what else to try – PLEASE HELP!

Opening content type templates in Word Desktop does not work if browser is not IE

I have a template attached to a library as a content type. Despite having all settings pointing to ‘open in Word’ and not ‘Open in browser’ when in a different browser than IE the file will be opened in the browser. This content type has metadata columns that are mandatory which are not filled in if opened in the browser. This is not user friendly because most people do not see the difference between browser and client and will bypass the mandatory metadata.

Is there a solution?

Co-Authoring for Office documents inside sharepoint document libraries, can we do it when opening the documents using desktop applications

One of the features end-users always use, is the co-authoring of Office documents mainly excel sheet, where they open the excel sheet inside the browser, and 2 or more users can edit the document at the same time. but i am not sure if we can still have the co-authoring capabilities, in those cases:-

  1. if 2 users edit the excel sheet using their desktop excel applications?
  2. one user edit the excel sheet using the browser while the other edit the document using the desktop app?

Now i tested the above 2 scenarios, and they did not work out-of-the-box, as when i try to edit the document using the second user, i will get the document as read-only and if i try to edit it, i will get an error message that the docuemnt is locked by the first user. so can i say that co-authoring for the documents inside sharepoint will only work if all users edit the excel sheet using the browsers?