POP os (ubuntu 19) desktop launchers refuse to show icons

Got pop os (based on ubuntu 19 and uses gnome) installed and created several launchers. However, they refuse to show the icons picked and presents the default icons instead. Tried several approaches and it still cannot be fixed. Help is appreciated. This picture shows the current state

Please note that when examined in file mananger shown here or in the properties window here the icons are all correctly presented.

possible to access internet on moto e4 via usb connection to ubuntu desktop computer?

Just bought a motorola moto e4. This is the first cell phone I have ever used, so I don’t know much about them. Is it possible to access the internet on my cellphone via my xubuntu 18.04 desktop comp with a direct usb connection? I have a plugables adapter which works when I plug it into the cellphone and then into my cable modem/router via lan. But this drains the battery fast. I would like to access the internet on my phone while at the same time charging the battery. (I can charge the battery and access the net on my phone via wifi from my modem/router, but prefer not to use wifi if possible).

I have installed mtp-tools and jmtpfs. When I plug the phone into my xubuntu 18.04 desktop, an icon for moto e4 appears on the desktop. I swipe down from the top on my phone and there is written “USB for file transfer” (Other options are “charge this device” , “transfer photos” and “use device as midi” . I have selected “use for file transfer” but still have no internet on the phone. Can anyone help? Please note I am not very expert with linux, so don’t assume too much knowledge on my part.

Update: I enabled usb tethering on my phone and it now says the phone is tethered, but I still have no internet access on phone. Is there a setting in xubuntu 18.04 that must be changed?

How do I install MATE desktop icons?

How do I install MATE desktop icons?

I have installed standard MATE from repositories on an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system, this way:

sudo apt install mate-desktop 

at this point, the option to select MATE at the cog in the greeter did not appear, so I had to run

sudo apt install mate-session-manager 

after which MATE did appear at the cog in the greeter. I have installed mate-utils because I could not make screenshots without it

sudo apt install mate-utils 

Still, for many apps the icons are missing:

MATE desktop with missing icons]

How do I install the missing icons?

MATE version 1.12.1-1

Do i have to pay customs on a year old desktop computer while travelling to india from usa [duplicate]

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I built a gaming pc in usa and want to take it back to india will i be charged in customs? If yes how much?(the cost of the pc is around 2000 to 2200 usd) also if i bring a monitor (24 inch) how much will be the customs?