Sptfy.com – Change your URL Destination update

Hello Everyone, i hope you have a wonderful Sunday. I have a little update for you regarding Project sptfy.com.

It's called "Change your URL Destination". Basically you can now change which playlist, artist, podcats or album all your short urls point to if you have a registered account on the website.

So, If you head over to sptfy.com, register an account. Then you make a short url while you are logged in you on the…

Sptfy.com – Change your URL Destination update

The Destination is read-only

I have dual booted my pc with Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows10. I am having trouble using one of my disk drives. Like whenever I try to used the DATA drive it shows error: The Destination is read-only.

I checked a solution for this and one says to use ntfsfix. Then another says not to use that as it may corrupt the windows file system. Please let me know how to proceed.

Is a permanent teleportation circle only a destination, and not a point of departure?

The 5th-level spell teleportation circle says:

As you cast the spell, you draw a 10-foot-diameter circle on the ground inscribed with sigils that link your location to a permanent teleportation circle of your choice, whose sigil sequence you know and that is on the same plane of existence as you. A shimmering portal opens within the circle you drew and remains open until the end of your next turn.


You can create a permanent teleportation circle by casting this spell in the same location every day for one year. You need not use the circle to teleport when you cast the spell in this way.

The teleportation circle you draw seems to be a point of departure only when you cast it. When it’s a permanent teleportation circle, however, it doesn’t mention whether you can use it as a point of departure.

Can permanent teleportation circles only serve as destinations?

ip6tables rule equivalent for iptables DADDR option to rewrite destination address

When i try to run the following ip6tables command on the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version of Linux, it shows an error saying the option DADDR --set-addr is an unknown option

sudo ip6tables -t mangle -A INPUT -m dscp --dscp 11 -j DADDR --set-daddr=<ipv6_addr> 

ip6tables v1.6.0: unknown option “–set-daddr=”

Is there an option in ip6tables to rewrite the Destination IPv6 address for PREROUTING chain?

Ubuntu Details

Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS Release:    16.04 Codename:   xenial 

Move Item from Drop Off Library to Destination Library and create folder structure in Destination Library based on certain criteria

The project i started with SharePoint from my previous question has moved to the second stage. The documents added to our Drop Off Library, after I manually run the workflow to strip the document name to its respective columns, will need another workflow to move the items from the Drop Off library to a destination library called “Employee Files” in the format below enter image description here

The Drop Off Library list has the following fields enter image description here

The workflow has to create a Root folder for example A (based on the last name index on Drop Off), then create sub-folder (a.) with last name, first name (emp ID) and sub-folder within (a.) based on the HR Employee File Category. I am able to come up with creating a folder in Employee Files library based on Last Name Index, or move just the document from Drop Off to Employee Files, but have no idea how to do all the necessary actions i.e create the complex sub folder structure, move to Employee Files and copy the document (there is an attached pdf before Name)inside one of these folders based on the HR category and the Payroll folder. Is the workflow in SP Designer 2013 doable?

Thanks again for all your help!


Can a teleportation spell to a false destination have no similar area?

I am struggling a bit to grasp the limits of the similar area definition in the description of the teleportation spell for D&D 5e.

The part I have a problem with is more specifically with the “area that’s visually or thematically similar to the target area”.

For example if the caster was in the elemental plane of fire and tried to teleport to some kind of Oasis that he would have been tricked into thinking exists on that plane what happens?

Does it get teleported to the closest lava pool with a shape somewhat similar to where it thought it was going? Does it get teleported to the water it has in its backpack or does the spell fails?

With the definition of the spell I would assume that if anything on the plane has some kind of link with the target area that the DM can think of, it should be allowed to be defined as a similar area, but some situations may have some really messed up link and I wonder if in extreme cases it isn’t more logical to have the spell to fail.

Shiny: Render dynamic number of images from destination

I need to render dynamic number of images from destination. But as the result through the loop I render several times only the last image from destination. But all images must be different.

My solution is inspired by these answers from stackoverflow

Shiny: Dynamic Number of Output Elements/Plots

dynamically add plots to web page using shiny

library(shiny)  # get all files from destination images <- list.files("charts") image_names <- str_replace_all(images, ".png", "")   server <- shinyServer(function(input, output) {     output$  images <- renderUI({      image_output_list <-        lapply(1:length(image_names),              function(i)              {                imagename = paste0(image_names[i], "_image")                imageOutput(imagename)                )                })      do.call(tagList, image_output_list)   })    observe({     # if(is.null(input$  files)) return(NULL)     for (i in 1:length(image_names))     {       print(i)       local({         imagename <- paste0(image_names[i], "_image")         print(imagename)         output[[imagename]] <-            renderImage({             list(src = normalizePath(paste0('charts/', image_names[i], '.png')))           }, deleteFile = FALSE)       })     }   })  })  ui <- shinyUI(fluidPage(   titlePanel("Sidebar"),   sidebarLayout(     sidebarPanel(),     mainPanel(       uiOutput('images')     )   ) ))  shinyApp(ui=ui,server=server) 

Move/Copy A File Using Microsoft Flow With Dynamic Destination

Is it possible yet to move or copy a file from a document library in SharePoint Online to another destination document library using Microsoft Flow where the user can select the destination document library?

(Note: I can use Microsoft Flow to move or copy a file but the key part of this question is that the user can select the destination document library)

transfer in Miami, final destination Charlotte, where do I clear customs? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • When do I clear US customs and immigration if connecting at a US airport to my final destination elsewhere in the US? 1 answer

I’m gonna fly from Barcelona to Charlotte with a stop in Miami. I wanted to know if I’ll need to get through the US Customs and Border Protection in Miami, because I have a flight to take from Miami to Charlotte, and the waiting between my flights it’s 1:36 hours. Or if I’ll pass through it once I get to Charlotte, where I need to take my luggage and take a domestic flight.

It’s the second time I’m flying to the States (first in 2008), and I have an ESTA.