problem with the detail harvester

I don’t know what’s going on in my scrapebox but since yesterday the “detail harvester” window has stopped appearing and only what I show in the image appears when I click on “detail harvester”.
I don’t know what to do, I’m moving through forums and YT but I can’t find a solution, 
What seems to me is that the window to choose the search engines in “Detailed Harvester” is missing.

So, I hit “detailed harvester” and the screen of the search engines should open, well, that one doesn’t appear and only the pop-up window that notifies me to choose 4 engines maximum appears. It’s like an internal error I think.

I request help please.

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“Hacker”have my mobile phone and sim detail [closed]

Hacker had borrowed my android phone and he can put my mobile on surveillance with the help of illegal person,I had reset my android phone without backing up any data and then I ran malwarebytes app and then with changed ip address by using app windscribe, i had made new gmail account by giving same mobile number with my country code and then I downloaded app like you tube from playstore. Can he still track and hack my phone?

To what level of detail must you know the contents of a demiplane to connect to it?

The Demiplane spell states (emphasis mine):

Each time you cast this spell, you can create a new demiplane, or have the shadowy door connect to a demiplane you created with a previous casting of this spell. Additionally, if you know the Nature and contents of a demiplane created by a casting of this spell by another creature, you can have the shadowy door connect to its demiplane instead.

How exact must your knowledge of the contents of a demiplane be before you can use this clause in the spell to connect to it?

Some examples of scenarios where you may or may not know enough detail:

  • You know the demiplane solely contains a particular creature, but you don’t know everything that’s in that creature’s pockets.
  • You know the demiplane solely contains a giant pile of gold coins, and roughly how large it is, but don’t know exactly how many coins there are.
  • The demiplane contains 20 distinct items, and you know 19 of them.

Module detail visibility to players on D&D Beyond

So, if I create a Master Tier account on D&D Beyond I can share the Monster Manual and other digital assets with players. If I purchase (say) Hoard of the Dragon Queen on Beyond, can the players view all the module details through the interface? Is there any way to limit their access to the module info?

There is a Compendium Content Only option on that same page. Exactly where does that fit in? Is that just the content that should be shared with the players?

Long time AD&D player, pondering 5th Edition. The digital options are intriguing.

Is call stack compile time or runtime detail?

I’m sorry if the question is quite naive, but I don’t understand if a call stack is a language implementation detail or it depends on OS?

What I’m trying to understand is what decides how to store local variables and parameters of a function – the language’s compiler or OS while running the application? Is it possible to write a C compiler, let’s say, for Windows so that it won’t be stack based? Or the language syntax dictates us that it must be stack-based language?

Sorry if I say something wrong, just trying to get the basic idea how everything works.

Angular SEO friendly product detail page URL

Hello folks currently I am searching for best SEO friendly URL for product detail page for our live site Right-on EC

where currently we use the following pattern for product detail page it seems not SEO & user-friendly.

there are Domain / product id need to change with SEO friendly please suggest me best URL pattern I am thinking following are some: Conditions

  1. site is in japanese.
  2. product name is in japanese
  3. periodically product name changes (if any offer or sale set on the product then that product name is prefixed with that sale or offer name once sale gone name is excluded with that sale prefix name)
  4. high priorities is URL with Japanese name if it is best for the user and good with seo then otherwise ok with English in last conditions.

Possible URL

Domain / product / product name (without sale name of product) Domain / product / product-sale / product name  (with sale name of product) Domain / product / brand / product name  (without sale name of product) Domain / product / brand / product-sale / product name (with sale name of product) 

or other then please suggest me the best SEO friendly

*Note: Used Angular framework.

How make accordion detail list with UI fabric react

I start with UI Fabric react; I am developing a FAQ; I use for that a list; but the result is not good; I want to do something looks like an accordion, where we can see the question as a header and when we click on it or a checker the cheveron; answer is displayed, but don’t know how to do that with UI fabric, here is my code

public render(): JSX.Element {   const { faqList: originalItems } = this.props; const { items = [] } = this.state; const resultCountText = items.length === originalItems.length ? '' : ` ($  {items.length} of $  {originalItems.length} shown)`; const { selectedItem } = this.state;  return ( <div >   <Label>FAQ </Label>  <FocusZone direction={FocusZoneDirection.vertical}> <Dropdown label="Categories" selectedKey={selectedItem ? selectedItem.key : undefined} onChange={this._onChange} placeholder="Selectionnez une catégorie" options={this.state.categorieOption} styles={{ dropdown: { width: 300 } }} /> <TextField label={'Filtre par question' + resultCountText} onChange={this._onFilterChanged} /> <List items={items} onRenderCell={this._onRenderCell}  /> </FocusZone> </div> ); }  private _onRenderCell(item: IExampleItem, index: number | undefined): JSX.Element { return (  <div className={classNames.itemCell} data-is-focusable={true}>  <div className={classNames.itemContent}> <div className={classNames.itemQuestion}>{item.Question}</div> <div className={classNames.itemReponse}>{item.Reponse}</div> <div className={classNames.itemIndex}>{`Langue :  $  {item.Langue.Nom}`}</div>  </div>  </div> ); } 

this code give me this result enter image description here

i wish to do something like this enter image description here

Displaying million records in Master Detail Grid (Million in both master detail)

I am facing a UX issue while creating a master-detail grid in which both master and detail can have over a million rows.

The simplest solution would be to enable paging in both master and detail.

Can anyone suggest a better approach?

Edit: Some more detail on why I need to view a million records:

The screen displays search results over large data. The screen acts as a browse screen if the user does not enter any search string. I need to handle that. Though my next expectation definitely is that user will apply more filters in search. Still, I need to handle the initial scenario. I don’t want the web page to crash.