Mobile phone Number Listings – An Easy Way to Obtain Detailed Info on Any Phone

It is safe to say that you are feeling suspicious that your adoration accomplice might be undermining you? Is your accomplice showing indications of unfaithfulness? Is it true that you are getting irritating phone number list calls regular or night and when you answer, they hang up the telephone? On account of the web, you would now be able to stop your doubts by counseling mobile phone number postings. 

In the event that your doubts are excessively solid and your accomplice denies doing anything incorrectly, you can attempt to access their phone and search for any numbers that are more than once dialed to or accepting calls from. Don’t simply remember them. Record them and afterward do a versatile number inquiry on the web. 

Maybe your need to do a cell number hunt isn’t as radical as an unfaithful accomplice. Perhaps you simply need to refresh your mailing list since you are arranging a wedding or a major occasion and you need to ensure everybody will get their solicitations. 

Despite what your purposes behind doing this are, you can discover a ton of data on the web and in particular, feel consoled that this information will be extremely precise and forward-thinking. 

Among the data that you will get is name and address, kind of telephone they use and transporter they are in contract with. Work status and other foundation data. 

The entirety of this you can do at home or your office and all you need is a PC and access to the web. From that point, it is going great and you will should simply include the telephone number that you have into the site and you will gain admittance to PDA number postings for all intents and purposes in a split second.

Do large companies keep a detailed “company log” book/database? [closed]

In my life, I have spent a lot of time thinking and wondering about many things related to larger businesses, even though I have no direct connection to that world. By “larger”, I mean “not just a single carpenter or him and his brother”. Primarily, I’m talking about the kind of company which has a “board” of people, or at least a CEO in an office and a secretary and whatnot.

I often fantasize about how all the numerous things that a company is involved with, or own, or need to deal with internally, is kept track of. If I were starting a company today, the first thing I would do would be to create a database table called “company_log”, and then create a small web interface for me to be able to easily add new records to this log, or display/search existing ones, with clear timestamps recorded.

I would then, whenever I did anything in regards to the company, write this down as a “post”. Naturally, this database would be backed up in multiple copies regularly, encrypted and put in a fireproof safe. Some examples of what I imagine the posts would look like:

[timestamp] Bought new master computer from ACME, Inc. for $  55,998. [timestamp] Set up new master computer. Took 8 hours. Used Alice, Bob and Sue as my witnesses for security precautions. [timestamp] Meeting about the design of the new robot arms. [timestamp] Telephoned Something, Inc. about their prices for robot arm parts. [timestamp] Decided to order the parts from Other, Inc. [timestamp] Meeting about the launch campaign for the finished Robot Buddy. [timestamp] Decided to postpone the launch due to unforeseen issues with the market. [timestamp] Meeting about how to deal with the newly discovered competitor Evil, Inc. [timestamp] Read in the news that Evil, Inc.'s warehouses had been mysteriously bombed during the night. ... 

Basically, I would record every action that I consider in any way related to the company in a long log, so that I can later check back and know exactly what I did, when and why, and so that if I die unexpectedly, the entire company can theoretically (and practically) keep going as long as somebody goes through all the notes and thereby gets “up to date” with everything that has been done and could continue on where I stopped, even though they don’t have my exact brain/mentality, but you get the point.

(Of course, this could “almost” as easily/conveniently have been done with physical papers in folders, which would have to be copied by the secretary or something for backups. This is what I expect they did before computers became feasible/reliable for this kind of thing. The point is still the same.)

I also would have a kind of “overview panel” with dynamic numbers showing the current “stats” of the company, such as “current employees” and all kinds of numbers related to the current finances and other important things like that.

Is this how they do it? Or do they consider it a risk to keep such a log, because it could be leaked or stolen or seized, giving hard proof of all the evil acts they do to make all that money?

Also, I guess the CEO/founder of the company would also have an incentive to “keep it all in his brain” instead of written down, even if in an encrypted, private database, because it makes him more valuable/indispensable?

It makes a lot of sense that a massive corporation like Disney or The Coca-Cola Corporation or something like that is going to have a whole physical vault, if not more, of very redundantly secured backups of their full “company log”, both in digital and physical form. After all, the original founders are long dead and the companies are extremely large and make a huge amount of money every single day. You don’t task stupid risks in that situation. I’m sure they must have all this written down carefully, probably in leather-bound folders in a secure, locked, guarded office in their main headquarters or something along those lines?

Detailed explanation of Perlin Noise algorithmic complexity

I am doing a project in analysis of algorithm and I have been looking all over for something more complex than Perlin Noise is $ O(n \cdot 2^n)$ because of the doubling in $ n$ dimensions and array operations. Anyone know where there is more information? I have another month before our group gives the presentation.

How to create a site template and add fields to list automatically. For detailed question. Please find below

I need to first create a site template which consist of project name, description, attachments and appointment fields. Then automatically add few of their fields to the project management list.

How can I do above things like creating sie template and then automatically add few contains like project name, description to the list.

Please help me out. Sharepoint is completely new for me. I am using SharePoint 365. Your help is appreciated.

Onboarding with many user profile fields – lengthy and detailed vs. short and essential?

So if you can imagine a dating app, the essentials are stuff like: gender, location, age, name, a photo

Then say you have some optional fields that are pretty useful such as “looking for” – their purpose for using the app.

And then say you have 20 other fields which are nice to have, but not need to have: religion, politics, languages, diet, relationship type/status, etc.

If you make the user fill them out during onboarding, well then onboarding gets kinda long and becomes a pain. If you keep it short with the just the essentials, then you end up with many minimal profiles e.g. people who just uploaded a photo, didn’t fill out their bio, and left it at that.

What do you suggest?

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Is there a detailed map of Castle Waterdeep?

I am DMing a one-could-say difficult party. The campaign setting itself makes it very difficult as I have decided to provide the characters with a full sandbox experience. They decided to visit Waterdeep and after staying there for a couple of nights, the Rogue of the party decided he wants to rob Waterdeep’s treasury.

The way I see it I don’t need to design a map of the Treasury as there is no logical way one drow elf could get inside the City of Splendor’s vault. On that note though, I tried to find a map of the castle of Waterdeep but I haven’t been able to find a good one.

Is there a detailed map of Castle Waterdeep?

How detailed should API responses be?

I would like to define rules that describe how detailed an API response should be.

To save you the effort of reading: It is of course also possible to keep the whole thing in the API documentation, but I am asking for an exact rule / best practise.

And by the way, I am not using ORM tools, I write plain SQL.

Let’s say there are the resources user and group. Users can have multiple groups and groups can have multiple users. When asking for a User by ID, would you also return the groups he is in? Would this group array only contain the IDs or contain detailed group objects?

If the group objects were detailed, there would be a risk that they would again contain user objects (cycles => users have groups which have users…). It is also possible that some nested objects are relevant and others are not. Some nested objects may need to be provided.

If you ask for a user, the database will only return the user. If the group should be supplied as an attribute, the query would have to be extended.

I am now also thinking of the extensibility of the API. When do I only return the user, when do I return a user with all its groups? I want to keep the API structure clean. Given these example routes

  • /users => return all users

  • /users/:id => return one user by user id

how would you decide which nested objects should be returned?

If you want to generalize the whole thing now, are there fixed rules?