What is the most likely to succeed way to detect attached disks in FreeBSD?

I have seen at least 3 different ways to view attached disks in FreeBSD. Is one more likely to succeed in detecting disks than the others? Here are the three that I know about:

camcontrol devlist  geom disk list  sysctl kern.disks 

and a 4th seemingly more passive approach that doesn’t seem ideal:


Detect Drupal theme

I am trying to detect the theme used by a certain site.


Have already tried all the known methods like searching in the source code and jquery settings but it keeps showing the theme name “y2ad”.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a custom theme so is there any other way to detect the theme used?

how to detect Unity UNET errors?

I’m working on a simple multiplayer online game. and I use UNET and Networkmanager.

In my game I have some rooms and players that they can join to this rooms by connecting to specific server.exe file that I runned on a dedicated server.

My problem is when I use port 7777 for first server, if I run another server, then this error Appear :

Cannot open socket on ip{*},and port{7777}

For now I solved this issue by building servers with specific ports. for example in server1.exe I used port 7777 by default. and server2.exe , 7778 and same for other servers .

But I want to do this automatically. I mean when the server recognize port 7777 is busy , then increase port number.

I want to know can I use try catch for this kind of errors ? because I used try catch but it’s not work. I don’t know how to use it. this is part of my code :

try     {         StartServer();     }     catch(Exception ex)     {         networkPort++;         //then change port number and run server again     } 

I just looking for a way that my servers run by choosing right port automatically.

Can a character detect that an item is cursed?

In 5e, is there any way to detect that a magic item is cursed?

The DMG (p. 139) says:

Most methods of identifying items, including the identify spell, fail to reveal such a curse, although lore might hint at it. A curse should be a surprise to the item’s user when the curse’s effects are revealed.

It says “most methods” but then does not go on to describe which methods, if any, do reveal the curse on a cursed item. 5e doesn’t seem to have an equivalent of analyze dweomer from earlier editions (which would reveal a curse on an item). I suppose a wish spell would do it. Is there anything less powerful than wish that either (a) clearly does reveal the curse on a cursed item, or (b) that you rule in your game as a spell (or other method) that reveals the curse on a cursed item?

Although the quote says a curse should be a surprise, it does not say that a curse “must” always be a surprise. In the context of the first sentence which only says that “most” methods don’t reveal the curse, that seems to still leave room for the curse occasionally not being a surprise if an unusual method is used that does reveal it.

What does “lore might hint at it” mean in practice? Does this mean that identify might identify an item by name, and that name might be something someone knows something about, if they make a relevant Arcana or History check? Or that just by the item’s appearance, someone might recognize it as a famous cursed item? Something else?

PC turns on, but Monitor doesn’t detect any signal. Keyboard and mouse also not powered

Specs: Power: Corsair VS 550 watts Motherboard: B450 Aorus M CPU: Amd ryzen 5 GPU: Amd radeon rx 570 (Sapphire pulse) RAM: 1 x Hyper X DDR3 8gb memory

When I press the power button, the usual happens, lights turn on and I can hear the silent hum of the pc but then my Monitor shows a “No Signal Error” and then just stays blank. I also notice connected devices like the keyboard and mouse are not powered on.

I opened it up and checked if anything was loose, but everything was secured in its proper place. The cpu, ram and gpu were all intact, and I haven’t gotten any beep codes from my pc.

All cables are properly connected, the power supply, usb mouse, ps2 keyboard and hdmi cables.

Please help, I cannot find the problem and it’s driving me crazy. Any help is much appreciated

Advice to detect suspicious activities on network

A private network (about 150 PCs) is connected to the internet through an edge router. According to the net admin, his network is scanned from the outside, at the edge router. I don’t have any more information.

What’s is the best method to quickly see if there are hackers on the network without alerting them? (Of course I check logs)

I thought to connect a sensor (tap Ethernet) behind the edge router, in order to capture packets silently and analyze with Snort.

The administrator wants to connect some new machines like a honeypot with a firewall to catch packets, scans and logs. I’m not for this method which seems very noisy.

What do you think?

ubuntu can’t detect wifi card

I’m hoping someone can help. i’ve looked at a bunch of youtube videos and can’t find a solution.

Problem: I’m running an HP notebook 15 and recently (Today) switched from windows 10 (64bit os with intel i3 processor) to ubunut 18.04, Ubuntu doesn’t recognize or detect any wifi adapter. (mine is realtek rtl8111/8168.). I don’t know much about ubuntu because i just started using it, how do i get wifi set up?

How to detect all document library web parts and do something with CSS or JavaScript

I’d like to apply certain CSS/JavaScript to ALL Document libraries within the site collection. For example, I’d like to add a banner on the top of every document library for some informational verbiage.

I figured this perhaps should be done within the .master file as it is being applied globally. However, I’m having a hard time finding a detector/grabber that could pin point all the document library web parts on the page. Is there any unique identifiers such as “Id=” “Class=” or other properties that I could have CSS/JavaScript to recognize that the web part is a document library and do something about it?

Please note the two following conditions that the solution should also be able to overcome –

  1. Make distinction between Document library v.s. Generic List, although they rendered similar in many ways.

  2. It should work when the document library is either on its own aspx page or gets added to a zone of another page as a web part.