Is this kind of attack something I should report to the main developer?

Vending machines at my workplace got recently changed and the new ones support an hybrid NFC\BT system to pay through a dedicated application.

Looking for online, I found some articles about this app being cracked and how it was done. Being several months later, I expected some new security measure to have been added so I decided to have a try and see if I could bypass them and repeat the process.

Original crack consisted of manually changing the data stored locally on a DB with a weak password, but since I don’t have a rooted phone and I have found traces of HTTPS requests being performed with checks on consistency on the credit, I decided to go another way.

Assumin vending machines do not connect online, I changed all the references to the remote REST endpoint (plain string constants) with a server of my own and I have successfully been able to login (or at least, make the app believe I logged in).

Now, assuming I fill the gaps and will be able to successfully buy stuff, is all this worth sharing with the developer, to have them take further security measures? Is there something serious they could do that would not require completely changing the infrastructure?

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I work with a company and another developer posted this and wanted us all to run it. i’m noob with things like this

I don’t really trust the guy and i’m trying to take my time to learn everything about it, but what do you guys think?

#!/bin/bash  name=ourwebdomain.local openssl req \   -new \   -newkey rsa:2048 \   -sha256 \   -days 3650 \   -nodes \   -x509 \   -keyout $  name.key \   -out $  name.crt \   -config <(cat <<-EOF   [req]   distinguished_name = req_distinguished_name   x509_extensions = v3_req   prompt = no   [req_distinguished_name]   CN = $  name   [v3_req]   keyUsage = keyEncipherment, dataEncipherment   extendedKeyUsage = serverAuth   subjectAltName = @alt_names   [alt_names]   DNS.1 = $  name   DNS.2 = *.$  name EOF  sudo security add-trusted-cert -d -r trustRoot -k /Library/Keychains/System.keychain ourwebsitdomain.local.crt  

This was accompanied by two other files, so here

file ./* generate_ssl:          ASCII text ourdomain.local.crt: PEM certificate ourdomain.local.key: ASCII text 

I’m not that worried i’m more curious. oh then he added this file to our github repo a bit ago, he’s just been acting very weird recently and i’d like to Understand what he’s doing.

mynaems-MacBook-Pro% file dump.rdb dump.rdb: data myname-MacBook-Pro% ls -lh | grep rdb  

-rwxr–r– 1 myname staff 92B Aug 29 22:44 dump.rdb

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What ideas should be mastered to go from a junior to a middle skilled iOS developer? [on hold]

I taught myself how to develop iPhone apps and have been doing so for 5 years. My skill level (junior) is described here:

What ideas must I master to become a middle level developer? What resources would you recommend? Particular books to dive into would be very appreciated!

I’ve learned to code following this line of thinking: “if it works, it works.”

With this, I’ve built several apps from idea to production (some gaining 100k+ users) but as you can imagine, my code is messy.. or at least I think it is. I’ve worked on web apps (php, javascript) and iOS apps (objective-c and swift). Moreover, when I interview for iOS dev jobs, I feel a bad case of imposter syndrome. While juniors who’ve never shipped code that is used by people land jobs, I don’t pass any interviews.

I want to cross the junior to middle skill matrix. What must I learn to do so? Ideas I know I am no expert is so far are: architecture, testing and documentation. What else?