frontend developer in mvc project

recently i have hired as a frontend developer in software company. I’m familiar with html css and js. so my company asked me to develop views of MVC projects in visual studio. since i don’t have any information about C# and .Net programming, how can i develop views? as i heard it’s necessary to work with controllers but i don’t have any idea about them. how can i do to implement our view layers without learning C# and .Net skills? is it possible? if there is any course regarding this matter please help me.

Is Cygwin still used in the software community to standardize developer environments?

I’ve noticed if you want to provide documentation on how to take certain steps in installing and developing on a software development stack, there are radically different steps depending on the coder’s operating system. Say, for example, you wanted to describe how to do something in PHP, you would have one user running WAMP on Windows, and another using Homebrew on Mac. Is the best way to make a universal environment Cygwin? I suppose the other option is to make use of a linux virtual machine, but depending on system performance, that could be a resource hog. Thanks for any input.

Nexus 6P – cannot turn off Developer Options

On any other device, I was able to go to Settings, scroll to Developers Options and toggle it On/Off. On Nexus 6P, this toggle does nothing. If I turn it off, next time I look at it, it shows as on even though I turned it off minute ago.

I am building Android app so I do need Developer Options. I dont want to disable or hide it, I just want to be able to use the toggle to turn it on or off as I need. Just as I did with many other android devices.

Anyone else noticed this?

enter image description here

I tried suggestions from this link but that did not resolve anything.

I would also like to note that until very recently, perhaps 3 months ago, I was able to disable Developer Options by simply going to Settings->Developer Options -> Turn toggle Off

Methodology: Writing unit tests for another developer

I was thinking about software development and writing unit tests. I got following idea:

Let’s assume we have pairs of developers. Each pair is responsible for part of code. One from pair implements feature (writing code) and second writes unit tests for it. Tests are written after code. In my idea they help each other, but work rather separately. Ideally they would work on two similar-sized features and then exchange for test preparation.

I think that this idea has some upsides:

  • tests are written by someone, who can see more about the implementation,
  • work should be made little faster then Pair Programming (two features at the same time),
  • both tests and code has responsible person for it,
  • code is tested by at least two people,
  • maybe searching for errors in code written by person that is testing your code would give special motivation for writing better code and avoiding cutting corners.

Maybe it also good idea to add another developer for code review between code and tests development.

What are downsides of this idea? Is it already described as some unknown to me methodology and used in software development?

PS. I’m not professional PM but know something about project development proces and know few most popular methodologies – but this idea doens’t sound familiar to me.

View GraphQL queries in browser network developer tools [on hold]

We recently migrated our API to graphql, and it’s been working very well for us. However I did come across one inconvenience during development that I couldn’t find any information on. When using the browser developer tools to inspect network requests, all our requests which used to have specifically named endpoints like inventory?id=1234 are now just listed as graphql.

I understand why this is the case, but was hoping for a way to include some of the POST information in the list of requests. It is cumbersome to click through a dozen POSTs to try to find the one I am looking for.

It seems likely that different browsers may have different methods of approaching this. Maybe a plugin that extends the developer tools? I mention graphql since that’s the context of my question, although I suppose this problem isn’t graphql specific

In browser developer tools, is there a way to add content from each POST request to the row?

Merging php and Nodejs docker images for a developer ready php image used for php application development and CI

For my application I need to provide an image that will be used to develop and release my php application. As well know a php application for the frontend required tools as well such as gulp webpack etc etc hence offering an image with them together with php-fpm would be beneficial for rapid development and buidling.

But theese tools mostly rerquire node.js and the npm tool as well and it can be offered via the node.js docker image. So I thought the following:

Merging Node.js and php image

In other words I thought to make a base php image containing the required extentions and then from it create other 2 images:

  • A development purpoce image containing the required tools for application and development by somehow merging 2 a Node.js image and the base php image.

  • Production-ready images containing the application and bare minimum in order to run it.

Furthermore the base image will utilize theese images as well .

So I wanted to know:

  • Does this logic makes some sense, considered good idea and best practice in this case?
  • Is plausible to merde 2 existing images into an 1 or I should manually install node.js as well?

Stripe V3 PHP Developer

Hey Everyone,

I am looking for a little help, I am moving from Square payments to Stripe payments and while they seem similar I am just LOST!

Payments are not my strong point, here is exactly what I am looking for:

PHP version of STRIPE V3 – NOT V2.

All I am collecting is:

– Customer Name
– Credit Card Number
– EXP Date

I will style it myself using Elements (Stripe Elements in V3), I just want them pretty plain. I would like to include the option for Apple Pay, but that seems…

Stripe V3 PHP Developer