Somehow having trouble pinning Firefox Developer Edition to the dock, but only on my desktop

On my laptop, I downloaded Firefox Developer Edition, extracted it to ~/.firefox, created a desktop entry in my ~/Documents, copied it to /usr/share/applications, and it works perfectly

On my desktop, I did the exact same thing, yet somehow I’m not able to pin it to the dock, from the dock. If I pin it from the applications menu, then I get the default icon and the custom icon, at the same time, in my dock

I use the same icon pack on my laptop

Despite the desktop entries being identical

Is it allowed to be an Apple trusted developer with pure Java

I am developing JavaFX with Spring applications that are shipped with native installers for Windows, Linux and MacOS. I am hosting the MacOS dmg and pkg installers outside AppStore on my web site. When I download and attempt to install a dmg on my MacOS(Mojave) the latter forbids to install because the app is not from a trusted Apple developer. Downloading the same installer from FTP is allowed by Mac to be installed. My question is – can I have my package installer signed (by registering as an Apple developer) if the application is purely Java and has nothing to do with Apple specific SDKs?

Google Chrome Developer tools start knocking to and ::1 IP on 9229 port

I was Investigating Chrome sending empty useless tcp connection with Wireshark and found that Chrome starts constantly knocking on 9229 port of my PCs loopback address. And try to open new connections. Even when Development tools are already closed, and all tabs are closed except blank new tab – it happens until I close the last tab. What is it, why is it happening and how to stop it? Wireshark screenshot

Front-end developer who are really bad at web design [on hold]

I have experienced as a front-end developer for about 3 years now. I don’t consider myself a genius at coding but I still can get most of the tasks done. The problem I have is my design skill which are very horrible. Usually as a front end developer, I did what I can on the UI, then someone else on the front-end team re-touch the UI because it looks ugly. I want to be better at designing UI, but watching lots of tutorial seems doesn’t really improve my design skills.

Most tips that I got usually:

  1. Try to copy design from other good websites then just tweak the styles a lil bit
  2. Learn some UI designing skills online
  3. Keep practicing by creating lots of mock up

None of these works for me because:

  1. Copying styles from other websites can easily be done by me, but after I tried to modify it, it will become ugly. Even I admitted after my colleague re-touch my work, it become much better. Usually the re-touch is just a matter of changing color, changing components size, or changing font(10 mins work max). But it become much better after those re-touch.
  2. Learning from tutorial indeed give me some sense on how a design should be or what kind of design that I should avoid, but it still doesn’t give me the intuition to make a good design, like how to make each component beautiful when they all combined together.
  3. Creating mock up just makes me repeat what I have done previously, so I don’t feel any improvement from that

I never had a problem with this issue before as I was always working in a team where I can rely on others for design, but I recently moved job where I have to be the only front-end developer. Seems like whenever I demo my prototype to the product owner, they look disappointed.

Any advice from senior front-end developer on how I can improve my design skills? Or how do you guys deal with a front-end developer who are really bad at design?

Developer Options screen opens for a second, then closes

I’m using an LG4c Android v5.0.2. I have enabled Developer Options – it is in the menu where I can tap it to open it. When I tap it, it opens for a split second – long to enough to see that it is on (blue button is on) and but turns off almost instantly so that in effect I cannot access it. How can I get it to stay on? Why does it not stay on?

I have doubt about in Web Designer And Front End Developer [on hold]

I am Just Argument with my Friend About Different Between Web designer And Front End Developer. My Friend Saying That A Front End Developer Is a Web Designer. Is that Right? I am Saying That I am Not Agree with him. I think a Web Designer Not A Front End Developer. Am I Right or Not. Please help me with this stuff. Thanks in advance

Are self signed certs safe to a developer use in local debug?

The same computer I use for work in home, is the same for personal uses (gamimg, social medias) and of course, internet banking.

I’m back-end developer and recently, I started to work with fiddler to intercept requests coming from mobile apps to debug and API… And exploring the tool, I saw that fiddler has and configuration that use some of these certs and decrypt header and body of a request and response.

I’d like to know if it’s safe having these self signed certs installed in computer for some applications use, like Fiddler, Postman for instance, don’t they open security breaches?

Webpart, in VS2015, has red X when adding Microsoft Office Developer tools

I recently downloaded VS2015 Community Edition. I opened the solution I was running in an enterprise edition previously. The solution is a sharepoint application. I installed Microsoft Office Developer Tools from here

When I open my webparts, I see red x next to some folders.

enter image description here

From googling, it appears to be connected with the config of the dev tools but I don’t know why.