Tool to install developer app on phone without Android Studio?

With Expo (for react-native developers), non technical team members can install an in-development application from the Expo app using QR code.

It’s handy because while non-tech team members usually do not know how to compile, build, and install an application onto their phone; they need to follow how the development is progressing.

Is there a similar tool for native android development?

Note: there is a related question about ADB without USB, but my goal is different: I want to let people without ADB get a feel of the work in progress.

How do I speak to a LinkedIn developer about app authorization?

Could anyone tell me how can I speak to a LinkedIn developer directly?

We requested authorization for a LinkedIn integration app for our company websites back in September 2018 with no response of any kind received from LinkedIn.

I’ve contacted LinkedIn who’ve sent me here which I can see isn’t the right place, but there is no way to contact a developer that I can find anywhere!

If anyone has had the same problem and has managed to find a solution please could you help?

Set Default “Jobs” for setting developer mode

I noticed recently the “jobs” parameter for the CLI command bin/magento deploy:static:content. Setting this to 4 for me seems to really speed up the time this command takes however when setting production mode there seems to be no way to pass this through to the static content section of deployment.

I’m wondering if there is a way to set a default value for this or a way to botch it via a module?

What to do with a Java developer who started a project that will mainly be written in Python?

Not too long ago I joined a small startup as a lead ML engineer. My languages of choice are Python and Go. The company only consists of me, CEO, a frontend person and a Java backend developer who is technically a CTO (not sure why), but only works part time and doesn’t really make any technical decisions, nor does he or the CEO want him to. He is a solid Java dev, but doesn’t really play an important role in anything we do.

We recently got a green light to start work on an important project for which the Java person already did about 10% of backend work doing a proof of concept. I will be leading the project. The problem is that our company has no interest in building software in Java nor does it have interest or resources to ever hire another Java developer in the near future.

Now as a project lead I can only think of the following options:

  1. Let java person finish the code for this project in Java and I and the new data scientists we hire do our stuff for this project in Python and we all pray to god that this Java person never leaves the company until the project contract expires in a few years (and also pray nothing breaks while he is on holiday)
  2. Ask the Java person to convert to Python and rewrite what was currently done in Python. The catch here is that he is pretty old, a few years before retirement and I feel like it will take him quite some time to pick it up, nor is he super excited in converting at all. I am also not sure how he would take the decision especially because the decision would come from me, a 35 years younger dude.
  3. Make him redundant. Ceo would go with it if I suggested it. This would feel just wrong as he is a really nice lad and a good developer.
  4. Give the Java person some less critical work on some less important projects. CEO suggested this but it doesn’t make too much sense to me as there’s very little work of such kind we could give him.

Can someone with management experience give me an advice on what to do in a situation like this? thanks

Should a (junior) developer try to push for better processes and practices in their development/IT team?

I’m a junior developer that is given the ability to help shape my team’s processes if I can justify the change, and if it helps the team get work done. This is new for me as my past companies more or less had rigidly defined processes that came from management.

My team is fairly small and somewhat new (<3 years old). They lack:

  • a well defined software development/work management framework (like scrum)
  • strong product ownership
  • well defined roles ( e.g. business staff will do manual testing)
  • regular standup meetings
  • a consolidated issue tracking process (we have a tool, the process is still being developed)
  • a unit, system, regression, or manual testing suite or list
  • documentation on business logic and processes
  • a knowledge base to document internal and customer facing tips

And the list goes on. Management is open to the implementation of improvements so long as the value is justified and it helps the most important work (namely the development) get done. The underlying assumption however is that you have to take ownership in the implementation, as no one is going to do it for you. And it goes without saying some of the above projects are non-trivial, without a doubt time consuming, and are clearly not development work.

Is it worth a (junior) developer’s effort to try and push for the above as time goes on? Or is it best to “stay in your lane” and focus on the development, and leave the bulk of the process definition, and optimization to management?