Looking for WordPress blockchain developer

I'm looking for a developer who is good with WordPress, modifying plugins and is familiar with working with blockchain projects. The payment gateway we are using to accept our ERC20 token is mostly complete. We just need to make some modifications and fix a couple of bugs. We use Metamask to connect to the platform so users can transfer payments on the platform to one another using my ERC20 coin. You will be paid in the token that runs the platform. The token is on multiple exchanges and…

Looking for WordPress blockchain developer

Office 365 Developer tenant: automatic renewal

Quote from Office 365 Developer Program FAQ

In April 2019, we transitioned to a new model where your subscription can be renewed perpetually every 90 days if you’re actively using it for development. We believe that this model ensures that developers who are actively developing solutions have a subscription for as long as they need one. If you’re developing frequently, your subscription never expires; it is automatically extended.

Renewal procedure

Your subscription is good for 90 days and can be renewed for another 90 days for as long as you’re using it for development activity.


What exactly do we have to do to renew the dev subscription? What are the minimum dev-related activites that will auto-renew our subscriptions?

Looking for Magento Developer for Custom Magento Ecommerce website

Hello !

I am looking for Magento expert developer who can do all kinds of customization in magento.

Here are features and flow that i am looking in magento store.

Admin :

Admin will create a Fruit Box which will have list of fruits with their prices and Price of box too.

User :

User can pick any box and can add his own fruits from the list and build his/her box. After that checkout and Order Tracking

Reference Website – https://www.boxxfresh.com/

PM me with…

Looking for Magento Developer for Custom Magento Ecommerce website

Using single Apple ID with multiple Apple Developer Program memberships

My company has an Enterprise account to which I am enrolled under Developer role. The invitation was sent to my personal Apple ID.

Now, I want to enroll into Apple Developer program as an individual, just for my apps (have nothing to do with my company) using the same Apple ID.

Is it that possible or do I have to leave the team to create it?

Annoying prompt keeps popping up: ‘The “cc” command requires the command line developer tools.’

After 4 years of use, I decided to reset my Mac, cleaning up years of garbage in some folders. Surprisingly I was able to recover 20 GB of free space (which is a lot on a 128 GB SSD).

My workflow is quite simple, and I don’t have a lot o apps installed. Besides the built-in and 1st party apps, I have, from the App Store: BBEdit and WhatsApp; and from other sources: Matlab, Skype, TeXShop, MacTeX, and OpenVPN.

I am not a developer, so I never installed Xcode, nor the Command Line Developer Tools (CLDT). So why would my two days old fresh installation keeps bugging me to install either the full Xcode or CLDT, when I’m sure I’m not running CC (or any other compilator, for that matter).

I doubt that among my handful of apps, one may be the culprit. But does any one know of any similar behavior.

P.S.: Just to make this point clear. I’ve made a clear from scratch installation. The only thing carried over was my iCloud content. No recovering from backups of any kind.

Dealing with lead developer who hates functions [on hold]

I’m a new employee as Java backend developer in relatively succesful startup.

Startup has about 30 employees, mostly marketing / client relations, with only a few programmers, most of which are either junior level or working in other areas.

The lead developer dislikes writing functions and considers large blocks of code to be the best practice.

Most processes / services are written as one large function, often exceeding 500 lines of code.

Main argument being that there can only be utils and reusable functions. If a piece of code is not reusable then it must not exist as a separate function.

Thus there are no separate methods / classes for validations or assignments, since they’re always unique for the specific class and are mixed together with business logic.

I have to mention that the lead developer is actually a nice guy, very knowledgeable and friendly, so i’m extremely careful with choosing my wording, not trying to force my opinions or leave a bad impression.

Maybe i’m just losing my sanity and this is actually the best approach?

iOS Apps Developer. Make iPhone Apps For You for $20

I am iOS Developer with 4 years of experience. I work on different enterprise level projects. Want to start your new idea. You are at the right place I am iOS Developer. I will Make App For You in Quick time and Until You are Satisfied. Please note that a full iOS App will cost more than $ 10. For the best possible results, please have some design or mockups ready. By providing mockups I will be able to give you an accurate time and cost estimate and will help speed up the development process.

by: UzairiOS
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Looking to hire a PHP developer.

I'm looking to hire one (1) contract PHP developer to join my team. This person will work directly under my senior developer. Initially, you will be compensated on a per project basis. If things go well, you will be offered a salaried position.

This is a part time position.
Work from home.
Work your own hours.

Laravel (huge plus)
US working hours are ideal

If interested, reply here and then send me a message. Save me a lot of back and…

Looking to hire a PHP developer.