Developing a Chrome extension that reads the actual Google search query

I have an idea for a Chrome extension. However, I’m new to Chrome extension development and therefore don’t know if that what I want to do is actually technically feasible.

Often when searching on Google I want to find the specific place on the target page where the keyword occurs (if it occurs at all) after I’ve clicked a search result. For that I have to hit Ctrl+F and type it in when I’m on the page. It can get tiring if you have to it frequently.

I’ve noticed that when the search result is on Google Books, I automatically get taken to the right spot after clicking it. The keywords are even highlighted. So naturally I thought the same could be done for normal websites too.

The questions are:

  • Can a Chrome extension read the keywords a user has entered into the Google search box upon him clicking a search result?
  • Can it search text on the target page for these keywords and automatically scroll down when it finds a match?
  • Can it highlight the found text?
  • What permissions would the Chrome extension require?
  • Where can I get more information or perhaps even an example of an extension doing something similar?

Advice for developing a remote interactive CLI application

I would like to develop an interactive CLI interface for an application that can be connected to remotely.

The idea is:

  1. The application will run on a remote host and be accessible over the internet.
  2. A user will be able to connect to the application somehow and be presented an interactive CLI to interact with it. The commands provided in the CLI will be specific to the application.
  3. Communication will be secured.

My initial idea is to:

  1. Have the remote application expose a TCP socket that can only be connected to via TLS
  2. Develop a “client” application that is capable of establishing a connection with the remote application
  3. Define a messaging protocol for the remote application and client application to communicate
  4. Implement an interactive CLI interface in the client application to be used as the “front-end”, which communicates with the remote application behind the scenes using the defined messaging protocol

To me this seems like a lot more work than it should be, and I am worried I am “reinventing the wheel” here.

Are there any best practices for such a use-case? Perhaps any libraries that can be used to make this easier?

How can I get my group to care about developing a village?

I am currently planning out a scenario for a group where the scenario will involve governing a village and expanding it using kingdom building rules, all while also solving mysteries in the land (similar to Kingmaker).

However, I have previously tried running Kingmaker and my players just shrugged off most of the kingdom building. They felt that it wasn’t really important and they really just wanted to get on with killing things.

I feel mostly responsible as I failed to make the building part interesting.

How can I make the task of developing the village, at the very least, equally as interesting as slaying cultists an goblins?

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Which programming language to learn when developing a video software program?

Hey I don't think this is a duplicate question, and I apologize if it is.

I'm a beginner to programming (I've never program before) but I have a stellar idea for a video editing software. I have plenty of time to develop it and would like to do so on my own.

I'm not really sure where to start so I need to know which program I will need to learn.

Any other resources (books, blogs, sites, apps) would also be greatly appreciated.