I am having trouble with article formatting when exporting/importing articles from the production to the development environments

Whenever I export a couple of articles from my production site to my development site, the imported one loses all its spacings (&nbsp elements). Has anyone ever encountered this?

I use WordPress Importer; also tried different export/import plugins and they have the same effect.

  1. also have trouble with the featured image not being exported for the said articles and it is not being shown.

To be more precise:

The export structure looks like this:

<span style="font-weight: 400;">block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text   </span>  &nbsp;  <span style="font-weight: 400;"> block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text    </span>  &nbsp; 

After the import is complete, the structure looks like this:

<span style="font-weight: 400;"> block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text    </span>  <span style="font-weight: 400;"> block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text  block of text    </span> 

A definition of “Done” in case of many Development Teams working on a single product

The open scrum test contains the following question:

When many Development Teams are working on a single product, what best describes the definition of “Done?”

A proper answer according to the test is:

All Development Teams must have a definition of “Done” that makes their combined work potentially releasable.

However, there is another option there, which is:

Each Development Team uses its own but must make their definition clear to all other teams so the differences are known.

And my question is that I don’t really understand what’s the significant difference between these two options? I deem them as very similar. They both complete each other. And I don’t really think that there is anything wrong in the second statement.

Could someone give me a glue how should be more confident about why the proposed correct answer is only one correct in this particular case?

Web development and Android Development for $100

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What is the best tool available for software development life cycle?

We are planning to develop a software in any programming language (not decided yet). We are still exploring which is the best programming language for this software… or may be a framework such as MVC…

All i want to explore to any application or tool, which can help me and my team to develop a quality product…..

The tool should be able to tell/direct us

1) What should be the software standard ?
2) What are various factors we should take care of while developing this software?
3) And…

What is the best tool available for software development life cycle?

Finding The Perfect Web Development Company In India

It is never easy deciding which web development company in India you would like to opt in for because the number of companies around is accomplished and it becomes difficult for a business head to figure out which web development company is reliable and which web development company will not be able to meet the requirements.
There are few things that you should always keep in mind while laying down your selection criteria for the best web development company so that you are able to find one that not only understands what you are looking for but manages to deliver what you need in the form of a design. While competition for web designing companies is tough out there, figuring out the perfect web development company for you is easy once you break it down into the following steps.

Assessing The Agency
The common thing for business owners today is to simply pick out the first few listings that they can see on the search engine without scrolling down on the page. Although you may believe that these are the kind of website designing companies that will help develop your business in the best possible manner, you may be missing out on some new talent that could be a few numbers below the more popular ones. Assessing the agency does not necessarily mean comparing how many successful websites they have created, but rather checking out the kind of work that they deliver.
While some business owners are looking for loud and graphic websites, there are other business owners who look for something simple or decent on their site. Honestly, if you want your website to do well and you don’t want to lose out on traffic then choosing the latter makes more sense. Although loud graphic websites may seem to be appealing to the eye, these websites could take a long time to load especially when there is limited network connectivity and this means that a person would eventually get tired of waiting for the website to load and leave the site without even seeing the services that are available.
When choosing a web designing company the one thing that you should keep in mind is the kind of layout that they have to offer. The design should be appealing to the eye and the website should be complete in terms of content as well as design. Look out for open spaces on any website sample that you see, and check out the spacing between characters as well as images that are placed on the site. This will help you to figure out whether or not the web designing company that you are choosing understands how spacing works and whether they are able to space the website correctly.

Compare Two Agencies
Never settle down for the first web development company that you find. While it might seem like the perfect option to you at the start, you may start to doubt the agency once you have a look at other web development companies and the services that they can provide. You won’t really know what you want unless you check out multiple options and compare them to choose one that you really like. A website design is something that will stay as the face of your business for a really long time so don’t make a hasty decision with picking the first design that you see or choosing the first web development company that you think works well for you.
Compare two or three agencies and see the various features as well as assets that they have to offer so that you are able to make a right and informed decision. While comparing the features and the designs that these companies have to offer, make sure that you also compare the pricing because this plays a huge role in the overall web development as well as maintenance of your website. Gather as much knowledge as you can about web development and designing because this is something that will always come back to you and you need these references in the long run.

Put Forward Your Point Of View
It is important for every web development company to know exactly what you are looking for rather than depending on them blindly. While this may seem like a tough decision, it is always better for you to sit down and make a list of the things that you want on your website as well as a color theme that you think will look good.
If the color theme doesn’t look good you can always ask the web designer to suggest another theme but it is important for you to make a selection of a few colors that you think goes well with the overall logo and branding of your business. Don’t let the web development company take complete control of your website because at the end of the day it is your business and if you don’t like something you have the right to ask them to change it.

Ask For A Template
While some colors may seem perfect on paper they may not look good when put together on a website. The only way you will be able to figure out whether or not the color works completely together as a package is when you see a template that they have created. Ask the web development company to put forward a complete template for you so that you can see what features it has to offer and how it looks as a structure. Then you can make changes when required rather than sitting through the entire web development and then asking for changes once the website is created.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced business owner or whether you have just started off your own business. The growth and success of your business largely depends on the online world and in order for you to get started in establishing a brand online you need to begin with a good website.

Custom theme development advice.

Hi all i'm looking for some advice,

I'm thinking of getting a Custom theme developed and upgrade my old site.

Im fedup of buying themes and getting work done, just to find out later
it uses 10 plugins, something is missing in the theme or breaks something else later or the person that did the work did a poor job,

I wont be doing the work myself I would hire the people, I dont have the skills just basic knowledge.

I have the basic Idea of what maybe needed, what i'm thinking is by…

Custom theme development advice.

Which technologies should I use for digital fingerprinting (Device Fingerprinting)? What development strategy should I use? [on hold]

I am an online survey provider, and due to the nature of my business, I get lots of fraud and duplicate users for my surveys which I can’t control by cookie restrictions.

I wish to implement Digital fingerprint tracking so that I can track the uniqueness of the respondent and can block unwanted respondents.

I want to know which technology should I use for this project (Which can handle 1000 – 1500 requests per second, or more). I also want to know what development strategy should I use for this project.

So far I’ve tried Fingerprint JS, Ever Cookie sort of examples, but based on my Traffic that is close to 1 million per day, this can’t work right now.

All kind of suggestions and advise are welcome and if this is not the right place to ask this kind of question, kindly let me know, where to ask it.