Professions-SEO.comSEO & Web Development Agency, Worth over $1000!

How does your business make money?

This business framework as a dropshipping one, It's very simple. is already an agency website and have all kinds of services there. Once you receive any projects, you gave them your own price and have us sent that project and we'll do it for you. All you need to do is Marketing.


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Professions-SEO.comSEO & Web Development Agency, Worth over $ 1000!

SEO & Web Development Agency, 8 Years Aged Domain, Worth over $1000!

Why are you selling this site?
This agency website provides you all kinds of services like Web Development, Web Design, Graphics, Branding, and much more. Its main focus is to provide services for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

2. How does your business make money?
This business framework has a drop shipping one, It's very simple. ExiteWeb is already an agency website and has all kinds of services there. Once you receive any projects, you gave them your own price and have…

SEO & Web Development Agency, 8 Years Aged Domain, Worth over $ 1000!

Site Development – Online Adventure Sports


I am starting up development of a website to promote and sell adventure sports related services. I have purchased a domain for it.

I have taken as a baseline for development of this site. I am new to website development and content management.

I seek advice on how to initiate development. I was initially of the opinion that a custom made site would do good considering the purpose at hand. But with so many different CMS available along with different E-commerce builders it…

Site Development – Online Adventure Sports

Understanding the importance of Gunicorn and Nginx for Django web development

I’m entirely uninitiated to the world of web development, and only have a tentative grasp on Django and web development through the test server it works through.

From the guide I’m reading, the author turns to using Nginx once he starts working on site deployment, because Django is "not designed for real-life workloads." What does that mean, and why doesn’t it? In terms of justification for using Gunicorn, the author remarks:

Do you know why the Django mascot is a pony? The story is that Django comes with so many things you want: an ORM, all sorts of middleware, the admin site…​ "What else do you want, a pony?" Well, Gunicorn stands for "Green Unicorn", which I guess is what you’d want next if you already had a pony…​

Well and good, but I don’t really know what the two are doing for the server. I know for web developers this is like asking what multiplication is to a maths professor, so please excuse the naivety. In your please keep in mind I have almost no knowledge of web development other than what I’ve thus far learned from this guide, doing my best to understand as much as I can for the previously entirely uninitiated (I’m from a computational programming background).

WordPress Plugin Development – get_option error

I am trying to put the option on selected with the built in function of wordpress called selected. I have tried to change the key from opt to different key names for every select field and it still didn’t work.

At the moment i am stuck, see my code below:

$  taxonomy_args = array(     'public'    =>  true,     '_builtin'  =>  false );  $  taxonomy_names = get_taxonomies($  taxonomy_args);  $  select_field = get_option('select_field');   echo "<form id='example_details' method='post' action''>";     foreach( $  taxonomy_names as $  taxonomy_name ) {         echo "<div class='div_fields'>";         $  taxonomy_name_lc = strtolower($  taxonomy_name);         echo "<label for='$  {taxonomy_name_lc}_select_field'>$  {taxonomy_name}</label>";             echo "<select class='example_form_select' name='details_select_field[opt]' id='$  {taxonomy_name_lc}_select_field'>";                 echo "<option></option>";                 $  terms = get_terms( array(                      'hide_empty'    => false,                     'taxonomy'      => $  taxonomy_name                 ) );                                  foreach ($  terms as $  term) {                     echo "<option id='" . $  term->name . "' value='" . $  term->name . "' " . selected(isset($  select_field['opt']), $  term->name) . ">" . $  term->name . "</option>";                 }               echo "</select>";         echo "</div>";     }     wp_nonce_field( $  this->plugin, 'details_nonce' ); echo "</form>";  

I did a var_dump on the $ select_field variable but that one returns a boolean of false.

GUI for LAMP stack with ubuntu on WSL2 for website development

Currently I am using WAMPserver on Windows, I'm very happy with it, but Drupal requires Drush and Composer for website maintenance and updates, all the literature is written for linux.

So I am looking into using WSL2 with ubuntu – and I am looking for a tool similar to WAMPserver for ubuntu

What I particularly appreciate in WAMPserver is that everything comes pre-installed and pre-configured, and the program takes care of creating new vhosts, etc. as needed, no need to do anything in the…

GUI for LAMP stack with ubuntu on WSL2 for website development

Is it safe to run a flask server in a development environment?

I have a project that I have to present on a Zoom call for my AP Computer Science class. I have a flask site that I am running off of my laptop onto a port forward. When I run the server it says:

WARNING: This is a development server. Do not use it in a production deployment. Use a production WSGI server instead. * Debug mode: off 

I only plan to run this for a couple of hours, and it doesn’t need to be particularly efficient, but I don’t want to open my computer up to attack. (I know it’s very dangerous to run it in debug mode like this). The web app doesn’t have any sensitive data to be stolen, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t opening my machine to remote code execution, or anything like that.

CORS policy during development

Does the CORS policy add any value during the development phase? Should I develop with CORS on or off? The development is occurring in a distributed environment and there are no local copies of components, only a testing environment where components are uploaded and tested (not on the same servers, so CORS still apply). If I should enable the CORS policy, how should I set it up so my distributed teams can work against my back-end server from their development environments ?

This question was strongly influenced by this one : should-i-develop-with-tls-on-or-off