Select different audio devices for input and output

I have a Chinese TV-Box (ARM based running Android 4.4) that has no input for microphone. I decided to buy a USB sound card so I could extend its capabilities. After inserting the sound card into a USB connector I remarked that not only the input but also the output would be redirected automatically through it. How can I change back the output to go through the build-in HDMI? I would like to have use the TV speakers and no, the analog path is not an option. The device is rooted and I can edit the configuration files (if there are any) using a terminal window, but I do not know what file to overwrite with what values. I have some experience with Windows and Linux, but Android looks quite cryptic to me. I found a file (/etc/audio_policy.conf) that contains some settings, but do not know if this the file I need to modify and how. If this is the file in question, I can post its contents, but it looks to me that the configuration is correct, despite the unwanted results.

How to find my device’s CSC (Country Specific Code)

I bought a Samsung Galaxy on an auction website, with no clear indication of where it comes from.

Now, to root the device or restore it, I need its Country Specific Code.

Question: How do I find the CSC of my device?

What I tried

  1. Installed the Phone Info SAM app by vndnguyen.
  2. Ran it (works even without root).
  3. Opened the CSC CODE tab.
    • Product Code ends with TPA (Panama)
    • Firmware's CSC Code is DBT (Germany)
    • Active CSC Code is TPA
    • Available CSC Codes lists about a hundred codes.

Some website claims to find your CSC from your IMEI number by taking the 7th and 8th digits, which for me are 10, which supposedly means Finland.

That’s many different codes, so I am not sure which one I should use. Or maybe both of these methods are actually completely wrong?

Android device use wrong location when connected to one WiFi, other devices location OK

I have a brand new Galaxy M10 and Xiaomi Pocophone F1.

When I connected Galaxy M10, device to my Huawei MiFi router (I’m using this router over 2 years), it shows my location is “Laos”, but this is completely incorrect. I live in Sri Lanka. But other devices, including Pocophone F1, Windows 10 laptop and OnePlus 3T all are showing correct location.

When I disabled Samsung Galaxy M10 WiFi and/or switch to another WiFi network, it again shows correct location. How do I correct this error.

Isolate devices on the same network

I asked a similar question on this topic and some guys recommended use VLANs or guest network, so I asked to a friend and he will give to me a router with guest network function. However, there is a device (my father’s computer) that I want to also isolate, but guest network will not work totally since this computer use cable directly connect to the router.

This is my intranetwork currently:

          Another devices                 | Internet --- Router 1                  |             My father's devices 

But I recently read that if I connect a cable from a router’s LAN port to another router’s WAN port, it’s like isolate the devices, as devices in router 2 can connect to router 1, but not vice-versa.

This will work like this:

                      Another devices                              | Internet --- Router 1 --- Router 2                |               My father's devices 

My intention is, because security concern, isolate ALL the traffic between my father’s devices and another devices in my home. So, my question is: Will the second intranetwork do that? I need, at least, that my father’s devices can’t communicate with another devices.

Are favorites in the Photos app suppose to sync between devices?

I use Apple Photos on my Macs and on my iOS devices. I can flag photos via the Heart icon as favorites, but in my case they are not synced between devices.

Is this a bug, or is this meant to be like this?

ps: I saw the question Are “Favorites” and edits synced with Photos for Mac/iOS?, but it neither attracted answers nor is it it particular current – that’s why I ask this here and now.

How to find all devices (IP Address, Hostname, MAC Address) on local network?

I’ve read almost every thread related to this, yet no one has quite made it easy to access a table like the following.

  IP Address     Hostname        MAC Address | myAppleTV     | 02:78:42:9b:bb:12 | myiPhone      | b2:18:4a:3a:42:22 | myiMac        | 09:17:a2:95:c4:00 | myCanonPrinter| a0:ea:72:77:b4:aa 

Most of the time I use arp -a and there is also dns-sb, but none of them make it easy to find out 3 key pieces of information whenever I am messing around on the network, i.e., IP Address, Hostname and MAC Address. I am surprised that there isn’t a utility that accomplishes this!