What happens to a devil who draws the balance card from a deck of many things? [duplicate]

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I recently read the accepted answer to this question, and this part brings a good question:

A devil does not choose to be lawful evil, and it doesn’t tend toward lawful evil, but rather it is lawful evil in its essence. If it somehow ceased to be lawful evil, it would cease to be a devil.

The effect of a Balance card from the Deck of Many things reads:

Balance: Your mind suffers a wrenching alteration, causing your Alignment to change. Lawful becomes chaotic, good becomes evil, and vice versa. If you are true neutral or unaligned, this card has no effect on you.

So if a devil draws the card and becomes chaotic good, and such a change means it ceases to be a devil, then what is it instead? How does it change?

Can a PC become a Devil?

Can a player character ascend (or descend depending on how you look at it) to become a demon or Devil, somehow?

My PC is a Warlock under the Archfiend Patron. While I understand I could potentially work out a means for my character to become a devil with my DM, I was wondering if there is an actual RAW, or other complex means of doing so through RAW mechanics or spells?

Specifically, I’m looking for a means of obtaining a demon-like status, not transforming into a fiend species. I’d like to retain my current race and personality, but perhaps jump into the hierarchy of fiends, demons, and devils. I’m thinking this is mainly a house ruled affair, but I’m curious to see if anyone may have info from actual officially released mechanics or rules, or a way to use said mechanics to acquire the result I’m looking for.

How can I make a deal with a devil?

The tradition of summoning an extraplanar entity to bargain with is well established in the D&D lore. But they don’t necessarily like being summoned for this purpose, which is why wizards usually bind them in a magic circle so they can chat without having anyone’s head bitten off.

In 3.5e, at least, this was fairly simple. Gate got you the outsider of your choice, friendly to you. The Planar Binding series of spells got you your demon/devil/slaad/whatever, and a Magic Circle against Evil with a calling diagram kept it contained. Then you could make a bargain with it, it could try to twist things in its favour and screw you over, and a good time was had by all.

However, times have changed. Gate in 5e summons an outsider without restricting its actions in any way. Planar Binding will bind a summoned outsider, but specifically requires that it be in range for the 1 hour it takes to cast. It explicitly calls out a Magic Circle as the way to keep your summoned creature captive while you do this, but a Magic Circle doesn’t protect you the way it used to. It will prevent the creature from affecting your mind, hold it in the circle, and give it disadvantage on attacks. On the other hand, the creature is free to cast spells, and if you’re casting for an hour (600 rounds!) there’s just no way it’s not going to break your concentration at some point.

The Monster Manual notes that devils like to make bargains, but the only currency they will accept is the immortal soul, and that summoning demons is extremely dangerous, but some people still do it. The key issue is that while some outsiders, like devils, are happy to bargain, if they can break out of the circle and get you at their mercy it makes the bargaining very one-sided. ‘I will spare your life in exchange for your immortal soul, foolish mortal’ isn’t the deal I’m looking to make here.

So, have I missed something, or is this incredibly risky method the only way to make a bargain with a powerful outsider?

How good is Dust Devil?

One of my players took Dust Devil as a spell, but in practice, it did not perform as expected.

  • STR save: good, it is a rare save

  • 1d8 bludgeoning damage + 1d8 per spell-slot above 2nd: below average, strictly worse than Cloud of Daggers, at some point better than Flaming Sphere

  • 1m duration, concentration: standard for a long-term spell

  • pushes enemies away: difficult to judge. On one hand, it can become useful and push enemies away. On the other, enemies can be pushed in an undesirable direction

  • 5ft cube, affects all enemies within 5ft of it (so effectively affecting a 15ft square area): the same as Flaming Sphere

  • affects enemies at end of turn: very bad, enemies can easily avoid it, unless they are trapped/cannot move/cannot attack at range. Compare with Cloud of Daggers, for example, which damages at start of turn without a save

  • can be moved as bonus action, but has no effect on being moved: unlike Flaming Sphere, which can be slammed into an enemy

  • creates a vision-obscuring 10ft radius cloud of debris in specific terrain: good, but very situational

After we played around with it, Dust Devil just seemed lacklustre. Compared with Cloud of Daggers or Flaming Sphere, which have some way to guarantee damage, Dust Devil felt useless in a particular fight where it caused no damage.

What are good ways of using Dust Devil? Should it just be prepared for narrow dungeons with choke-point? Places with specific terrain for its vision-blocking effect? Or is there some specific team composition that makes it worthwhile to concentrate on?

Can I permanently banish a devil from one layer of the Hells to another using the Banishment spell?

Can I permanently banish a devil from one layer of the Hells to another using the banishment spell?

Let’s say my party is on Avernus. They are attacked by a devil who’s native to Dis (or some other layer of the Nine Hells), and one of the characters casts banishment on it. Are Dis and Avernus considered two different planes, or would the devil be banished to a harmless demiplane for 1 minute?

What powers or limits devil promotion?

Devils can gain power, transforming from weaker forms (at the lowest, the humble Lemure) to stronger ones (up to Archfiends). This process occurs via a superior “promoting” them. (Monster Manual, p. 67)

Is there anything that limits this process (aside from devils not being able to promote others to/above their own rank), or any known power source it relies on (e.g. souls)? Or can a devil of a certain rank promote as many of its lower-ranked followers as much as it likes?

Answers from official D&D 5E materials would be best, but if they are lacking I would be happy with answers citing previous editions, other official materials, or unofficial statements from designers/writers.

Can a demon or devil be redeemed?

Alignment is an essential part of the nature of celestials and fiends. A devil does not choose to be lawful evil, and it doesn’t tend toward lawful evil, but rather it is lawful evil in its essence. If it somehow ceased to be lawful evil, it would cease to be a devil.

Angels can fall. the Monster Manual has a note explicitly on situations where this can happen, and upon doing so, they retain their powers, but are free to make their own path. If a devil or demon were to choose to do something inherently against its nature through accident or intention, are there any similar rules on what would happen? Are there specific in-game cases where this has happened? This is based on the information available in 5e, but lore or rules from any D&D edition would be helpful.

Would becoming a ghoul be a viable option to prevent a devil from getting your soul upon death?

My character promised a devil her soul upon her death. She was young and stupid, don’t judge her. I talked to my GM and we came to the conclusion that resurrection, true resurrection and raise dead would not work on her, as her soul would indeed be willing, but not free.

My character has a very specific goal in life and a premature death would be very inconvenient. Therefore, she was looking for ways to cheat death and just stay on the Material Plane as long as necessary, with or without her soul intact.

First, my character investigated lichdom, but she is not smart enough for such an endeavor and on top of that, becoming a lich is pretty difficult. Next up, she studied vampires. But in order to become a vampire, you have to be killed by a vampire and then rise as a vampire spawn. That would suck, as the vampire spawn is beholden to the vampire. Finally, my character investigated ghouls and came across cannibalism and other nasty stuff.

But as that seemed to be the only viable option (at least to her), my character started eating dead people a while ago. Usually she cooks them and adds spices and vegetables, because raw meat is gross. (Hooray for proficiency in Cook’s Utensils!).

Now I have a couple of questions. As all of these queries are closely related, I will ask them here, instead of splitting them across multiple questions. If such course of action is undesired by the good folks of rpg.stackexchange, please let me know and I will separate them.

Is eating people a viable method to ensure the rise as a ghoul upon death, and would said ghoul keep its soul? If not, would the conscience of the individual live on as a ghoul, even without a soul?

Chinese cell phone possessed by the devil – how to exorcise evil malware?

Some months ago, I purchased an Azumi cell phone from an official store in a shopping mall in Mexico and subsequently discovered its firmware contains a ton of malware. The malware connects with a server in China and downloads a load of malicious apps which then launch automatically and eventually render the phone so slow as to be unusable. I have just done a factory reset for the 5th time and expect it to run smoothly for a few weeks until the problems return. I tried installing a new rom but it did not resolve the problem, possibly because the malware is hidden inside a partition. I am not at all literate with android, but am willing to learn and do whatever is necessary to fix this phone. Please can someone advise or point me in the right direction? If I need to root it, how can I do this safely, and how can I locate the offending malware? What diagnostic tests can I perform to learn more about the problem? And if it’s easier to flash a new system, what is the most effective way to do this, and where can I locate a reliable rom? The phone cost me $ 100 and the easiest thing would be to throw it in the trash. However, it’s a perfectly serviceable device and I resent wasting the resources that went into making it. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!