How can I plot a certain bifurcation diagram?

I’m very confused about how to create a bifurcation diagram of system with a codimension 2 bifurcation. Specificaly, I’m working with the following ODE:

f[r_,CC_,d_] =   (1 - ((d + 3 Sqrt[3] M)^2 (1 - (2 M)/(3 M + r)))/(3 M + r)^2)      (1 + ((-3 + CC) M)/(-3 M + 2 (3 M + r))) 

Even though I’ve got curves in the spaces $ (CC \times r)$ and $ (d \times r)$ , I’d like to get the bifurcation curve in the space $ (CC \times d)$ . How could I plot this?

Which diagram to visualise chain of events (in Django)?

Model situation:

In Django (Python web framework), I have a model Event.

I need to visualize this chain of events:

Everytime new Event is created, confirmation email is generated and sent to and the Event can be confirmed either by customer or by agent using url inside email. When Event is confirmed, new object Order. When the Order is created, new Invoice object has to be created and sent to customer.

This is a very simple model situation, I need to visualize much more events and relations.

Which diagram would you use and, if possible, how it looks like?

The only thing which comes to my mind is UML sequence diagram but I’m not sure if it’s possible to visualize the whole process. I can’t figure out how to vizualize that CUSTOMER or AGENT can confirm the email etc…

Could you give me a hint? Which diagram should I use?

enter image description here

How do I make SQL statement for ER diagram that show in below?

I want to create a SQL statement for return result this Query I hope that you can help me Ok, I want a return – [GET] /rentals (return the Movie Title, City rented in, Customer Name, and Date rented from most recent to least recent

you can see ER diagram this Question in : in this link you can see the ER diagram and Another thing that Related to my question

or you can see ER in :enter image description here


How this diagram can be improved

I’m looking for failures in this “token based login” design, besides the UML “syntax” errors. Theoretically speaking, it will do the trick when implemented on an small project.

If true, sorry about my english.

Thaks in advance.

EDIT: Is 1) this model something useful and clear? 2) Will it work when implemented? 3) Besides the implementation, is secure?

Token based authentication sequence diagrams

How to represent a specific type of interface dependency in component diagram?

I’m currently having a hard time with creating a component diagram that should represent a certain type of component/interface dependency and hope that you can give me some hints. As background, I only started learning UML and software engineering some weeks ago, so I assume that I just have a thinking barrier and/or am doing things more complicated than necessary.

Assume I have a “virtual” component Services. In this component I want to collect and model all services my system may offer. Next, I have a component Admin which (at this level) may use (and hence depend on) any of the services provided by Services. Last but not least there is a component User which may only use one specific service that is already known. Would this be properly represented by the attached component diagram? If not, how would it be properly represented? Would you just indicate that User also depends on the Services port and model the conrete interface dependency in a different diagram? Is a dependency from Admin to the Services port the proper way of showing the dependency to the “virtual” Services interface or would it be better to just show a dependency to the Services component?

Thank you for your help & patience

enter image description here

Diagram of Trialix Male Enhancement:

Trialix Male – The ѕeхual issues are expanding in all parts of the world because of the augmentation in ailments. Men are probably going to get serious weaknesses from the low quality nourishment things and unhygienic items. This is diminishing their ѕeхual wants and expanding their ѕeхual issues. On the off chance that you are likewise experiencing the issues of erectile brokenness, little penis measure and…

Diagram of Trialix Male Enhancement:

Is Venn diagram sufficient to prove statements for two or three sets?

We know the general figure of Venn diagrams for two or three distinct sets.

There are many formulas related to two or three sets.

For example, one of Distributive Law is

$ $ A \cup (B \cap C) = (A \cup B) \cap (A \cup C).$ $

We can visualize it by using Venn Diagram, and guess that it is true.

And also, we can prove it to show that each side is contained in the other side.

It is my question. For rigorous proof, I know we should only use mathematical logic and theorem. Nonetheless, I want to check that Venn Diagram proof is also available for some easier cases.

Can Venn Diagram be one method of proof?

Can we prove that all proof by using Venn Diagram method for two or three sets is true?

If we prove that, then all statements for two or three sets can be strictly proved by using Venn Diagram.