What are the differences and connections between UML Profile diagram & UML Class diagrams

I am doing research for developing a software platform and I have created some class diagrams for the platform. My supervisor adviced me to use UML profiles as well to describe the platform in a more detailed way. However, after googling i still do not really get the difference between the Class diagrams and UML profiling. At the moment I do not think you can connect them. Can anybody help me with my question?

how to create a circular diagram with links to content [on hold]

In a WordPress website i saw a circular diagram of which each elements linked to specific content in the site. The diagram is responsive, meaning it resizes not only the circle but also resizes the elements and leaves out description when viewed on a mobile screen.

enter image description here enter image description here

Example: https://clearmindgraphics.com The source code tells me it is part of the wordpress theme ‘Bridge’.

How can I reproduce this in Drupal, or is there already a module that provides this?

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does it is possible to draw a DFA diagram having exactly one double aa?? language {a,b]

there is no answer there only i can find a r.e but its not confirm that it correct or not

The language { w ∈ Σ∗ | w contains exactly one double letter }. For example, baaba has exactly one double letter, but baaaba has two double letters. Answer: (ε ∪ b)(ab)∗aa(ba)∗(ε ∪ b) ∪ (ε ∪ a)(ba)∗bb(ab)∗(ε ∪ a)

Ε-R diagram with conditions , is it possible?

I want to create a database and model it with an E-R diagram. This database should be about a library. An entity is the member of the library, where the member can borrow books from the library. However , the member cannot borrow more than 5 books and cannot borrow any more books , if he hasn’t returned every book of which the time to return it has expired. Ιs it possible to model this condition with an E-R diagram?

C# variables in Sequence diagram

I am playing with sequence diagram. And main question is how to draw properly on sequence diagram interaction with variable. How to draw

1) When MakePayment aggregates person

insurance.MakePayment(person.FirstName, person.SecondName, 20);

2) Variable assignment

internalVariable = SecondName;

I am not sure that I draw right sequence.

enter image description here

namespace Example {     public class Person     {         public string FirstName { get; set; }          public string SecondName { get; set; }          public string Salary { get; set; }     }      public class Insurance     {         private readonly Bank bank;          public Insurance()         {             bank = new Bank();         }          public bool MakePayment(string FirstName, string SecondName, int value)         {             if (bank.GetBalance(FirstName, SecondName) > value)             {              }             return true;         }     }      public class Bank     {         private string SomeVariable { get; set; }          private string internalVariable;          public Bank()         {          }          public decimal GetBalance(string FirstName, string SecondName)         {             SomeVariable = FirstName;             internalVariable = SecondName;             return 320;         }     }      class Program     {         static void Main(string[] args)         {             Person person = new Person();             person.FirstName = "FirstName";             person.SecondName = "SecondName";             Insurance insurance = new Insurance();             insurance.MakePayment(person.FirstName, person.SecondName, 20);             PrintResult(person.FirstName);         }          public static void PrintResult(string firstName)         {             Console.WriteLine(firstName);         }     } }