Android 9.0 phone dialer app keeps stopping

Ok, so this is a VERY odd issue that’s cropped up in the last week or two. My phone dialer locks up and I get a “Phone keeps stopping” alert, but only in one very odd (but common) circumstance. If I “slowly” dial a phone number from my local area code, the dialer locks up after the first 3 digits (303 in my case). If I dial a 303 # quickly, it works fine. If I dial a # from any other area code (including the other local code of 720) either slowly or quickly, it works fine. Only locks up when you hesitate for half a second after dialing 303, like if you’re double checking a #. It still does it after clearing the cache and when started in safe mode. I have not yet cleared the “phone” data (green telephone logo), as I’m worried about losing part of my contact list or my rather extensive “block list”. This is a Note 8 phone running Android 9.0. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to pass conference code to the IOS Dialer Screen once i get an incoming call?

i know that you can use wait feature to append some text like conference code when you invoke the phone dialer from ios app using tel:// protocol .But in my case i need to append conference code when i receive an incoming call ,i seearched everywhere but couldnt determine if there is a way to di in IOS .

Im using CXCallObserver to detect when i get an incoming call , and when the call gets connected,i just need to pass my conference code to the dialer screen just like how it shows up when i invoke the call from my app using tel:// for ex: tel://04056789;56789.

Contact names not showing on dialer, but do show in Recents

Have a Samsung J3 2017 (SM327). About a week ago, noticed that incoming & outgoing calls going to/from someone in my Contacts only shows the number, not the Contact name, so I often have no idea who’s calling me. But when I hang up and look in the Recent call log, the Contact name shows up correctly there. I have tried every permission, every setting possible. Spent an hour with an ATT tech – nothing. Did a factory restore – nothing. Took it to a Samsumg authorized serviced center and had it completely reflashed. Fixed the prob for 2 days, then reappeared. Any info?