Closing app via keyboard shortcut — should there be a confirmation dialogue?

There are many ways to close apps: mouse-and-click on an ‘x’ somewhere, choose “Quit” as a menu option, keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-w, cmd-q, alt-f4 etc.)

I notice some apps I use ask me “Are you sure you want to exit?” when I try to close them.

What are the UX guidelines as to when there should be an “Are you sure you want to exit?” confirmation dialogue?

Is this a fake softeware update? How do I identify a process id of this dialogue?

below:suspicious update notification, above: completed update check with software updater

The dialogue shown in the bottom of the picture just came up. It looks unfamiliar, so I run software updater manually which completed and be seen in the above half of the picture.

The reasons the bottom dialogue is suspicious is because the title bar don’t have the name of the program; not having usual software updater logo.

I try to check the validity of this dialogue. First thing I thought is to check the process id, see which file evoke it. But how do I do so? I can run htop but then I don’t know what to search for.

How to get Wi-Fi entry dialogue box to appear on MacBook

I’m having trouble connecting to the hotel WiFi. It is unlocked and not secured, but when you try to connect, usually a dialogue box opens and tells you to input a password and then you will be connected to the Internet. This box is not showing up anymore.

The first time I tried using Terminal and the command ifconfig and changing the MAC address by one digit. However this stopped working. I am getting the response

ifconfig:ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR): device power is off.

I have done this following the steps to turn Wi-Fi off. Then opened Terminal, then put in the code, then turned Wi-Fi back on.

Do you have any suggestions?

How to force SharePoint Office 365 to show new item form in a dialogue instead of full window?

Clicking on new item link on a list for most of my lists are showing popup but one of the list, which actually is exact copy of other lists, shows new item form in full window instead of a dialogue. I checked list settings and the new form in dialogue option is set to “YES”. Any other idea? Any help is greatly appreciated.

File saving dialogue: ask to rename instead of replace

When I want to save a file to an existing destination, the file saving manager (“Save as”) asks me whether I wish to overwrite the existing file with the same name. The button “yes” is preselected, so one accidential press on space bar or enter could lead to data loss. (Happened to me once in 2014, but then never again.)

I would prefer it to ask me to rename the file automatically or even rename it without asking me, so that I don’t have to take care each time I want to save a file.

Address verification and multi step modal dialogue

We are designing an interface where the user navigates to a page where s/he is presented with a grid of existing business profile data (e.g. business name, address, website, etc).

When the user wants to add a new business, s/he clicks an icon and is presented with a modal dialogue form. After completing the business profile and clicking “Save”, we want to perform address verification (i.e. call a service to return a potentially more accurate address than the one the user entered). The user would then be faced with three choices:

  1. Keep the address s/he entered.
  2. Choose the address the address verification service returned.
  3. Enter a new address.

According to THIS article which appeared in a similar thread, it is best to avoid multi-step modal dialogues.

Our constraints:

  • Modal dialogue must be used for adding the business profile.
  • Predictive search for address is not an option. The user must complete a traditional address fields and submit.

Our proposed solution (ignoring the article’s recommendation) is to implement a modal dialogue with two steps. Upon completion of the first step, the user would be taken to the second step where only the address verification is presented.

Are there any ‘better’ design alternatives in this situation?


Adding Dialogue with AR (Swift)

I want to create an application that involves AR with dialogue on screen. The interaction will be similar to woebot and will include questions with button style answers. I am also using ARkit with unity, which makes it more challenging to figure out how to lay out the foundation for my application. Currently I have a cube floating in the air.

How to make Find File dialogue NOT sort by kind

It seems like the dialogue attaching files to emails in Chrome, which I assume is Finder-based, always sorts files by kind (folders, then documents, then images, then pdfs, etc). This sorting takes precedence over the sorting by date that I set for the folder. When I’m trying to attach some pdf I just downloaded, this is incredibly annoying, because I have to scroll through all the folders, images, and documents in my Downloads folder to get there, while if I could truly sort by date, it would be at the very top.

How can I simply sort by date, and prioritize that over anything else?