Does a result remain known after everyone who knew it has died?

When working on a research project, one tries to spend their time answering questions that have not yet been answered. There enters the terminology of “known” versus “unknown” results, which we generally take to mean whether a problem has already been solved. On the other hand, we know that mathematics is always a work in progress, including instances of “known” facts that have turned out to be wrong.

The proofs of some results are quite esoteric, requiring extreme specialization in the topic to be able to understand. It is feasible that a paper might be peer reviewed, accepted by the community, and its theorems entered into mathematical canon, only for everyone capable of following the arguments to then pass away leaving no apt descendants to maintain the knowledge. My question is whether those results are still considered “known.” The deeper question is about the value of finding new and more accessible proofs for such results, such that they may be more widely known in the literal sense.

To make the question less subjective, let’s focus on the etiquette of using this terminology. For a mathematician to publicly proclaim that something is “known,” does it require them to have read and understood the proof, to know of someone who has read and understood the proof, and if the latter, must that person be alive? On the other hand, does “known” merely mean that a proof has been published in a peer-reviewed journal at some time in history, no matter how long ago?

What happens if you dispel a “permanent” True Polymorph after the target has died?

With the errata (no longer so recent), it is clear that true polymorph can be dispelled, even after it has been concentrated on for the full hour. On page 185 of the SRD, the spell description now says:

The transformation lasts for the duration, or until the target drops to 0 hit points or dies. If you concentrate on this spell for the full duration, the transformation lasts until it is dispelled.

It doesn’t appear that the “drops to 0 hp” counts as a form of “dispel”, though. That would be the result of something like dispel magic. Instead, it looks like it’s part of the duration rules that are changed when you concentrate for the duration: “lasts for the duration or until the target drops to 0 hit points or dies” changes to “lasts until it is dispelled”.

Given that, it appears that it becomes possible to have a situation where someone living has been transformed into a monster, killed, and then not immediately transformed back. Under those circumstances, what would the result be if you dispelled the transformation on the dead body in question? Would it be the old body and back to life? Would it be the old body but dead?

(Interesting side question: what happens if the polymorphed-and-then-killed person receives a reincarnate effect before the dispel?)

I would also accept an answer that can prove (most likely by including additional rules information that I had not been aware of) that my earlier interpretation of the errataed rule was incorrect and that dropping to 0 HP or death will immediately dispel the polymorph effect.

Pertinent earlier question: When true polymorphed creature dies, does it revert to its original form?

If I’m playing a game where one of my characters died and then that character is revived how would that be handled/what do I do? [on hold]

So I was playing dnd and I was on my second character it was heading toward the end of the game and then an my first characters wife got a wish and wished my first character back to life and that was where we left off now I don’t know what I should do or how this will work. does anyone have some advice?

Can I decrypt my SD card as phone died

mainboard of my s7 passed away and i need decrypt my sd card. Is samsung store keys in cloud? Is there any way to decrypt card? i cant believe that once phone die (mb, whatever) user lost immediately whole sd card.

there was some discussion without any solution. Can I decrypt my SD card with another phone?

thank you

My friend who died secure files on Truecrypt and we , Help please

I hope i can find someone to help me with this problem My friend is a Palestinian actor and theater director ,we work together in Yarmouk camp in syria ,this place was under the siege, when my friend decided to go out the Syrian regime arrest him,and after 2 months they’d told his family that’s your son’s died from heart attack With his wife was his hard disk he secured files on Truecrypt, i am trying to open it 3 years and nothing, can anyone help me with this?

Thank you

Apple Pencil died and was reborn?

Something very strange happened and I’m trying to figure out the reason.

I discovered that the Apple Pencil comes with a lightening connector. I had never used it and I tried to charge my Apple Pencil using the wall charger and the lightening connector.

After the charging I connected my Apple Pencil to my iPad and it was dead. My iPad (2018) refused to even observe that pencil is connected to it. I tried all the things like rebooting iPad with pencil connected to it.

I tried charging again, and nothing worked.

Next I connected the Apple Pencil to my son’s iPad (10.5 pro) and it immediately asked me to pair.

Next I connected the Apple Pencil to my iPad and it again asked to pair and showed its 100% charged.

So this is very funny and I’m trying to figure out what happened. Why was it dead when I connected to my iPad (multiple times with various intensities).

but worked immediately when connected to 10.5 pro and then subsequently worked when connected to my iPad.

I rolled a natural 20 to sacrifice my life to kill the boss. I died, she didn’t. Is that fair?

Okay, so I know it seems like a no-brainer, but to be fair, there is more to it than that. My character was in a dungeon that for some reason gave off magical radiation because it was made of ice with magic, and this radiation made casting spells have dangerous side effects. I cast message, and thus the radiation broke my arms from the hands to the elbows, and made me mute. These results were supposed to last a month and a week in game, respectively. We then got to the boss fight. There were cliffs that we had already established that jumping off meant instant death. I ran up, pushed the boss, a halfling woman, off a cliff, no rope, tackled her off the cliff, ROLLED A NATURAL 20, and the DM said that I died, she didn’t. No saving throws for me, just death. No chances to grab on, but she did? His logic is that I tackled her off the cliff, but couldn’t hold on. Who’s wrong here?

iPhone 5s screen faded to white, then to black, then died

I was using my iPhone 5s 16 GB housed in a rubber and plastic case on a metal shelf running IOS 12 to play some music off the YouTube website (not app). I looked down and noticed that the screen was fading to white, such that the content displayed on the screen eventually disappeared. As a reaction, I pressed the home button, which resulted in the screen showing the home screen, yet whilst fading to black, similar to this video of an LG G3 (until 1:40). After this, the iPhone never turned on again.

I have since tried to charge the phone for hours at a time, without the phone showing any life. I have noticed however that the device does get warm in the top right when charing. In addition, I did connect a power monitor between the official Apple power adapter and lightning cable and saw that the voltage is approximately at 5 V and the current is at 1 A.

The following do not work after charging the device:

  • Vibrate button
  • Any combination of buttons that cause safe mode, DFU mode, etc.
  • macOS detecting the iPhone
  • Windows 10 detecting the iPhone

The fading to the white seems to be similar to the infamous “White Screen of Death” experienced by others, as documented here, but the fact that the black fade occurred seems to indicate something else is at fault. I did call Apple for support, but they provided no additional advice other than bringing it to an Apple store.

The phone has never had water damage and no component on the device has been replaced (including the battery). The phone itself was purchased in early 2016 and has never had a problem prior to this.

Any suggestions regarding the cause of this and/or possible advice on fixing it would be great. Do note that it is not vital that I recover any data, nor need to get this phone working as I have since replaced it.