My internet domain expired because the website owner died [closed]

I purchased a domain name that I was intending to use. I paid for its renewal twice. However, I just found out that the owner of the webspace ( died – cancer – and he was apparently too sick to get around to renewing.

I try now to renew the domain through someone else, but I am repeatedly told that the domain name is taken. I think Chuck originally was sending the domains to someone else for renewal.

How long will it be before the domain expires, and then can be reused? The domain is mine.

Meterpreter Session died [Bwapp]

I just set up a lab with bwapp and wanted to jump straight into webshell. I used Unrestricted file upload vuln –> uploaded my perfect shell created with msfvenom.

My only problem is that my session doesn’t seem persistent as I’m getting Meterpreter session opened and then died.

For more context, bwapp is on a bridged network vbox and my kali is also bridged.

php/meterpreter_reverse_tcp etc etc.

Any ideas…

I need persistence (RCE)

[ Politics ] Open Question : Experts in Epidemiology on Covid19, say Deaths have been under counted by 20,000 and 100,000 have actually died. Is Trump Under-Counting?

ACtually over 100k have died according to them. In every pandemic to date they were undercounted deaths, this one no different. Some because they died at home and were never tested. But could there be some political reason Trump is not reporting the actual numbers? Either that or America suddenly has had a huge jump in mortality rate.  Dr Rafael Irizarry, chair of the Department of Data Science at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and a, statistician,  professor of applied statistics at Harvard University.  They compared death rates during Spring 2020 with the rates of previous springs. Because many who die do not get an autopsy, let a lone a coronavirus deaths, they looked at ‘excess deaths’. Excess deaths are defined as over and above the number of people who would have died anyway – the typical mortality rate of a population. Results showed that by 4/ 25, 70,000 more Americans died than what is considered normal for those weeks. At the time, the official figure for coronavirus deaths sat at 52,422, which means fatalities were undercounted by nearly 20,000. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : About 3,000 people have died in China from the virus yet flu kills 50,000 Chinese each year so why is this virus seen as something worse?

If I’m not mistaken , China already has the situation almost under control.. so far around 3,000 Chinese have died from Coronavirus yet every year around 50,000 Chinese people die from flu .. So why is this virus as something worse than the flu ? Do you think governments aren’t releasing the real number of people who have died from this virus ?  Thank you 

NPC died a meaningful death, would You let the players to ressurect him? What is Your expirience?

I’m DMing for a group of six people.

On last session we had an NPC sacrifice himself to save the people he was entrusted to defend. I don’t want to go into details here but after he killed himself, sacrificing his gift and curse of immortality, for every other soul he cared for, his duty….. me and my players were crying.

On the final scene my voice almost failed me.

After the session they said they loved and hated the end at the same time; it was beautiful and horrifying. After the session they asked me if there was any way they could saved him and how. We talked through all of what happened for over 2 hours, it was 4 am, we started at 4 pm. One of the players whose character was a best friend with an NPC, he saved him from a death sentence (NPC was innocent) said he was heartbroken.

They said that they were so happy for him (an NPC) to find a closure, and they were happy for him to be free at last, and at the same time they so much wanted him to live and be happy.

I loved him too, but I know what he would have wanted, and it was so meaningful for everyone, I don’t want to ruin it.

They want to resurrect him even and give all they have to let him live free. In our world a soul must be willing to return.

I have no idea what to do… I want him back for them to see him again in the future, to see him happy, and at the same time I want this moment to remain powerful for all of them.

Any advice, guys?

RTL8812au Driver was idle all night, died this morning

New upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04. The 16.04 is a new DVD install too. After install, decided to upgrade to 18.04. Quad core ASUS + AMD tower computer. 8GB RAM. Newer 1TB HDD.

Downloaded the 8812au drivers yesterday using my RaLink wifi adapter which worked fine as soon as plugged into a USB port, installed it, connected the Realtek USB adapter (RT) and it worked all day. Even worked in tandem with the RaLink adapter. Downloaded and installed my favorite apps and programs. Everything went well.

Then late in the day installed KiCAD CAD software, V4. Discovered an issue and upgraded to V5. Went to bed with it still downloading.

This morning, discovered that the RT wifi adapter wasn’t shown and wasn’t connected. Checked Network Connections and it showed that it had been connected 11 minutes prior. Rebooted. Network manager still did not show the adapter.

Reinstalled the drivers…that went well no errors. Still not shown in Network manager. Rebooted. Still not shown.

Moved the adapter over to my Win7 machine. Hardware discovered, drivers installed, got online. Moved adapter back to Ubuntu machine, not discovered. Tried different USB ports, not discovered. Plugged the RaLink adapter into the same USB port, online in seconds.

Any advice???

dkms status rtl8812au, 4.3.14, 4.15.0-52-generic, x86_64: installed (WARNING! Diff between built and installed module!) rtl8812au,, 4.15.0-51-generic, x86_64: installed rtl8812au,, 4.15.0-52-generic, x86_64: built 

What could be the cause? I/O completely died. Constant spinning, even logging in takes forever

Owner of an iMac 5K, late 2014 model here. The weirdest thing happened yesterday. This machine is usually very performant — 8GB ram, 3TB Fusion drive. I dual-boot Windows on it using Boot Camp.

As of now, I still have 980GB free — this issue therefore cannot be due to low storage.


The Mac ran perfectly fine until I used to browse some photos (the app did a “library permissions repair”). Shortly after, I began experiencing frequent macOS user interface freezes (all apps, spinning beachball) for sometimes minutes on end.

Activity Monitor showed very low RAM pressure and barely any CPU stress at the time. Because I couldn’t isolate the issue, I rebooted the Mac.

Now, even clicking the login picture hangs the computer for around 4-5 minutes. Yes, it takes that long to show the password field. After entering the password, the wallpaper appears 2 minutes in, the Dock appears in another 3 minutes, and menu bar widgets take around 2 minutes to appear each. Opening Launchpad hangs on “Loading applications…” for minutes on end, and each individual app icon loads in its own time.

More symptoms

  1. Opening anything – System Preferences, About this Mac, Spotlight, Finder takes ages, and freezes the whole interface while it’s waiting. In this frozen state, only the cursor moves and nothing else responds whatsoever.
  2. If not clicking on anything, the whole interface freezes periodically for 2-3 minutes anyway.
  3. For whatever reason, opened apps work completely fine — you can drag them around, and select list items in them. It appears that doing anything that requires any I/O, like switching Finder folders or System Preference panes, however, takes forever.
  4. When I am able to open Activity Monitor, there are 0 culprits. No apps using the disk, RAM pressure is super low—although, perhaps normally, swap usage it at 0 bytes—and the CPU is virtually idle. Strange.
  5. SSHing into the Mac from another box exhibits these same symptoms, suggesting it’s not loginwindow. SSH takes about a minute to log in and every command takes forever to execute.

What I tried

  • I ran Apple Hardware Diagnostics (Cmd+D on startup). No hardware issues found.
  • I ran First Aid on the APFS volume in Recovery OS (Cmd+R on startup). No major issues found, and it seemed OK.
  • I removed /var/db/.applesetupdone in Single User Mode to force macOS to create a new admin account. The admin account suffers from the same symptoms.

System info

I’m running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Beta. Yes, I’m aware it’s beta software, but it worked fine for ages until yesterday. I’m not keen on reinstalling macOS, and doing a backup is impossible as I do not own an external hard drive of the Mac’s capacity. In fact, the Mac sort of was my back-up hard drive in a sense.

What can I do? Do these symptoms ring a bell? It seems like I/O to me, but I’m honestly quite lost.