The difference between content writing and copywriting.

I have been asked this a few times. It seems some on here do not fully comprehend the difference. One for sure are the rates between the two. A copywriter can easily make $ 100,000 U.S. per annum while the article (content) writer usually accepts $ 25,000 per annum, perhaps up to $ 35,000 if experienced with a large, regular clientele.

So what is the difference and why the large disparity between the earnings? Well simply put a copywriter writes for the sake of promotional advertising or…

The difference between content writing and copywriting.

Difference in Results: a Query to DuckDuckGo and the Same Query to

Why? FAQ does not adequately cover:

Result based on “Amanpour and friends Brexit:”

Using DuckDuckGo:

—————— #1 Result From DuckDuckGo: “Leftist Shill TRAITOR WITCH, Christiane Amanpour on BREXIT” (Propaganda)[2016]

—————— Using within 5 seconds and same search:

#1 Result From First Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans tells Christiane Amanpour that after a …

Search for: How much does Christiane Amanpour make?

Is Amanpour still on CNN? Amanpour is the Chief International Anchor for CNN and host [&&&&ETC]

Magento 2 – Difference Between “Separately” and “Together” in Bundle Products

As I created a bundle product and checked the difference between “Separately” and “Together” by visiting/ordering this product in both condition but didn’t find any difference.

Please visit here for more understanding:- 

When I changed to “Separately” then I expected that on the cart/checkout page I’ll get the option to choose individual shipping for each item( e.g- “1st T-shirt”, “2nd T-shirt” etc) but not getting like that.both option seems same for me.

Here is the definition for both option:-

1- Together

Shipping together means that you can create one shipment for entire bundle items.


if you choose to ship bundle items separately, you need to notice when creating the shipment for each bundle item.

Please explain in detail so that I can understand well.


The Difference Between UX and UI Design

We’ve all overheard conversations, walking down hip streets of the world’s tech capitals, discussions about the great ‘UX’ of a product, or the poor ‘UI’ of a website. Is it a secret language you will never be privy to? Are these people just using slang to look cool?

Well, ok probably yes to the latter, but a determinate NO to the rest. Read on to learn what these terms mean, which jobs are better paid, and how to become a UX designer or UI designer.

Scroll to the middle of the post to…

The Difference Between UX and UI Design

How can I set up azure active directory for azure devops? what is the difference between IAM and Active Directory?

Currently I am trying to establish Azure Devops pipeline to deploy into Azure App service. While Creating Pipeline it is looking for Azure Subscription. After selecting Azure Subscription it is telling that need to set up active directory.

My Question is For Authorization IAM is not enough? Why am I need to set up active directory in Azure?

What is the difference in ROI, KPIs, OKRs metrics? how and when to get them?

So I have decided this year that I would like to learn more about data informed design and I have been hearing and reading a lot about the following ways of measuring: ROI, KPIs, OKRs and I’m confused with the 3 of them. I also read about the UX metrics frameworks like the HEART from google.

So my questions are:

  • What is the difference among these 3 (ROI, KPIs and OKRs)?
  • WHEN and HOW to get the data for each one in a project?

  • should we get the 3 of them in a project or choose 1?

  • Finally, does the HEART framework from google helps defining one of them? if not, what is the difference in between those metrics and ROI, KPIs and OKRs?

Thank you in advance,