MacBook pro won’t stay on and has difficulties powering up

MacBook pro 13″ touchbar from 2016.

The MacBook sometimes will turn on, most of the time it won’t. When it does turn on, I can get as far as the login screen, where it will completely shut off after ~30 seconds. During that time I can see a battery icon in the top that says 1% and has a charge icon. SMC reset does not help. Getting into recovery is near to impossible with the spotty way it powers on at all.

The laptop has been stored in a cabinet for some time (at least 2 months), with unknown battery charge on storing.

Could this be a malfunctioning battery pack that no longer holds a charge and has not enough juice to power the MacBook? Shouldn’t the machine be able to run on AC power even if the battery pack is dead? Are there any solutions I can try?

Kattis Administrative Difficulties challenge

Link to the description of the problem The relevant parts starts with the 4 lines above Input.

I started to learn Python some days ago and to improve I’m solving problems on Kattis. Unfortunately my solution for this problem is giving a wrong answer to one of their hidden test case. I also have a working solution from someone else, which I use to compare my custom test cases, but so far every output is the same.

I’m looking for someone to point out my oversight or create a test case where my solution would give the wrong asnwer.

import math   class Spy:     inconsistent = False     car = ""     cost = 0      def has_car(self):         return != ""   def create_spy(name, etype, value):     spy = Spy()     spies[name] = spy     if etype == "p":         pickup(spy, value)     else:         spy.inconsistent = True   def pickup(spy, car):     if spy.has_car():         spy.inconsistent = True         return     else: = car         spy.cost += cars[car]["pickup"]   def return_car(spy, distance):     if not spy.has_car():         spy.inconsistent = True         return     else:         spy.cost += cars[]["return"] * int(distance) = ""   def accident(spy, damage_percent):     if not spy.has_car():         spy.inconsistent = True         return     else:         spy.cost += math.ceil((cars[]["accident"] * (int(damage_percent) / 100)))   for _ in range(int(input())):     line = input().split()     carAmount = int(line[0])     eventAmount = int(line[1])      cars = {}     for _ in range(carAmount):         carSplit = input().split()         carStats = {"accident": int(carSplit[1]), "pickup": int(carSplit[2]), "return": int(carSplit[3])}         cars[carSplit[0]] = carStats      spies = {}     for _ in range(eventAmount):         event = input().split()         name = event[1]         etype = event[2]         value = event[3]         if name not in spies:             create_spy(name, etype, value)         elif not spies[name].inconsistent:             spy = spies[name]             if etype == "p":                 pickup(spy, value)             elif etype == "r":                 return_car(spy, value)             elif etype == "a":                 accident(spy, value)      for i in spies:         if spies[i].has_car():             spies[i].inconsistent = True     for i in sorted(spies):         if spies[i].inconsistent:             print(i, "INCONSISTENT")         else:             print(i, spies[i].cost) 

Difficulties in exporting a PDF from

Everytime I try to export a diagram from to pdf it just gives “error saving file” or does nothing. This happens especially when I enable the mathematical typesetting feature. When I successfully export PDF file from the diagram after many trials, the exported diagram looks different from the actual diagram in Is there anything I can do fix this?

Difficulties in exporting a PDF from

Everytime I try to export a diagram from to pdf it just gives “error saving file” or does nothing. This happens especially when I enable the mathematical typesetting feature. When I successfully export PDF file from the diagram after many trials, the exported diagram looks different from the actual diagram in Is there anything I can do fix this?

Difficulties installing ubuntu server and many other linux on intel atom d2550

I’ve been trying to install any version of linux including ubuntu server on an Atom D2550 based machine.

They all basically stop working as soon as the kernel loads modules and I suspect this is the GMA500 driver as ref’ed by many others including this question: Difficulties installing ubuntu 16.04 server on intel atom d2550 I too have been through all the onward references but they don’t help. 12.04.0 does work after a fashion as long as you do nothing to bring up graphics. Has anyone got a later kernel version of Ubuntu than 12.04.0 running on these processors? I’ll take desktop or server versions as a base. If you have what steps did you take to achieve this?

Difficulties during trip from Poland to Russia via Belarus

I have an EU citizenship and I want to travel by train from Warsaw, Poland to Moscow, Russia. I know that I need both Russian and Belarussian visas, but I have heard from some people that a few months ago there was a difficulties during crossing BY-RU border by train, and some people had even got entry refusal.

Has anyone heard of such problems? Are now everything okay or not?

Difficulties installing Ubuntu – freezes during installation

The current state of my computer, after all of my tweaking, experimenting and attempts to fix my Ubuntu installation problem, is that I have Windows 10 installed on my HP Pavilion laptop on a 500GB partition. The rest of it is partitioned as unassigned in EXT4 format.

My problem started when I was trying to do some development on a fully Ubuntu system (no Windows). Ubuntu was running fine, and I was developing and playing around with OpenCV (Python) code. For some reason, OpenCV was unable to open video files (it could stream the webcam just fine). I looked online and determined that what I should do is re-install OpenCV with FFMPEG enabled. Well, that’s when my problems started.

I couldn’t figure out how to just update OpenCV, and I wasn’t confident or sure how to remake it, so I decided to just totally remove it and re-install it with anaconda since I had read it would solve the FFMPEG problem. I tried using different ways to uninstall, including pip, etc., but what I ended up doing (I know, I know, bad idea) was using a device wide rm command looking for anything with “opencv” in the title. After that, Ubuntu kept occasionally giving me errors, and OpenCV didn’t seem to work correctly after installing it.

So from there, I decided ‘forget it, I’m just going to start from scratch’, wipe my system, and reinstall Ubuntu, then reinstall OpenCV. I made myself a USB stick with Ubuntu-18.04 (which I was already running) and tried to install it. It kept freezing during the install, no matter which option I’d choose, from “do something else” to “erase Ubuntu and install”. I think it tried so many times and got to different stages of installation that I corrupted something important, so I decided to seriously wipe it all.

I tried a separate memory repair tool that I downloaded onto a USB drive, and now I’ve tried installing Windows 10 (which did finally succeed, hooray!) and have tried modifying the partition tables and formatting them, etc. within Windows, but my Ubuntu install still freezes during installation. It usually freezes during the install itself, after all the selections have been made, or if I try to go in and edit the partitions inside the “something else” installation method. I’ve tried recreating my Ubuntu image on the USB, and I’ve also let it run for a good 18 hours just in case it was going slow, with no luck.

Have I just corrupted part of my memory beyond repair? Is there something wrong with the boot manager? Any help is appreciated.

difficulties using composer to install drupal 8

composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev *dir-name* --no-interaction causes issues on a remote cloud server on LiquidWeb. They provide composer via this latest WHM update: WHM now provides Composer by default. Composer version 1.7.2 2018-08-16 16:57:12.

The first problem is the folder structure, created at /home/myname/mywebroot level it is

*dir-name* /drush /scripts /vendor /web   /core   /modules   /profiles   /sites   /themes 

The installation reports errors about not being able to download the all of the associated files. .csslintrc, .editorconifg, .eslintignore, .eslintrc.json, .gitattributes, .htaccess, .ht.router.php, index.php, robots.txt, update.php, web.confing and internal files to /site

If I do the composer create on my local machine and then upload only the contents of /web into /public_html the site complains about autoloader.php trying to get things from non-knowable places on the remote machine.

I have read a couple of Geerling’s articles and the official Drupal docs several times, what documentation have I missed reading for this situation? Am I only missing one part of this or the whole thing?

I prefer using Composer exclusively, if possible, to be able to use all of the new and efficient tools that come baked in.

In response to the question:

[Exception]                                                                                                                                                                                   Failed to download,,     lain/web.config,,,     p,,,     ttings.local.php 

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Difficulties with libc6

I have a Debian i386 system, recently updated to 9.8 strech. I need to install libc6_2.28 for an application, but the system doesn’t. If I run

sudo apt-get -f install libc6, the result is: 2.24-11+deb9u4

even though when I check the version

cat /etc/debian_version the answer is 9.8

Can someone help an absolute beginner to solve this please