what color scheme to choose for background color of diffrent section in one page website?

I have a one page website, that’s one page have different sections like about and contact us sections so I was learning about color wheel schemes but it is still unclear for if I should use complementary or analogue scheme for successive sections of the website. would you please guide me with some explanation? although I noticed that many pages uses only white and gray background for different successive pages, why?

Suitable UX for diffing data from two diffrent table

I have a requirement to create report merging web application. Users will be able to upload 2 identical reports, and they should be able to see the differences, and select the data from which report they will use to generate a final integrated document.

I am planning to store data from both report into database tables (each has its own table) before displaying on the UI.

I am looking for a UX/UI solution/idea to display the differences, and an option for user to select data from which report, and there is a possibility that user will be able to modify the value.

Tech stacks that we will use: Spring Boot, Thymeleaf + JS + jQuery, Bootstrap, Hibernate

Please advice..

Regards, Hendry

how to compare files with diffrent extensions and delete extra files?

I have 2 folders one contains images files and the second contains text files each text file have the same name as the image file and contains information about the image.eg:

   -Labels:      -1.txt      -2.txt      -3.txt      -6.txt    -Images:      -1.jpg      -2.jpg      -3.jpg      -4.jpg      -5.jpg      -6.jpg 

I want to delete images who has not a text file(in this example:4.jpg,5.jpg), I found a method how to determinate the different files but I can’t delete them.

   diff <(ls -1 ./Images | sed s/.jpg//g) <( ls -1 ./Labels | sed s/.txt//g) 

Commerce Product with diffrent prices for different shops

Working with Drupal 7 on a comparison site where a product is sold at different price rates at different physical shops. Now there about 300 of these shops. Going by Commerce default setup, I would have to create 300 product types or products and also create 300 product display nodes, which will be insane.

Since the product name, image, (and other attribute is going to be the same, I thought to create a single product display content type that has a price field and create a single product type with all the default fields except price. So with the content type, several product display nodes can be created that then references the single product type. Great right? But the price field in the product type is locked (you cannot delete it).

What other more civilized process is available to achieve my goal, as I need the Add to cart button on each product so as to be able to add to cart and compare the prices onwards.

I have seen a similar question (Drupal Commerce: How to handle billions of product combinations?) go unanswered, hopefully commerce has matured these past three years. Thank you.

Apache2 page is diffrent when accessed out side of the network

Hi im new here i hope you can help me with this issue
so i have a no-ip domain lets say its "test.ddns.net" and i have the no-ip client on my linux (kali)
i started apache2 service, when i go to "localhost or the test.ddns.net " i get my website which is in /var/www/html/index.html
but when im trying to access it from a device out side the network im getting 403 Forbidden nginx