Why don’t digital cameras have better dynamic ranges?

ISO in digital cameras is a digital amplification of the signal. If your camera’s native ISO is 100, setting the ISO to 400 would make the sensor amplify the brightness 4x.

So if ISO is digital, does that mean cameras artificially limit the dynamic range?

Let’s say you shoot a photo at f/8.0, 1/500th sec, and ISO 200. The shadows are clipped. Now you shoot a photo at f/8.0, 1/500th sec, and ISO 400. The highlights are blown out. But ISO 400 just amplifies the signal, and the highlights are well below the absolute maximum limit of the sensor since they look good at ISO 200. Why does the camera cut off the whites early then?

What’s stopping camera manufacturers from mapping a wider range of sensor values to RGB(0-255)?

Check if digital picture was taken today?

We’re working on an app that registers the gasoline price at a gas station. We enter that information through digital pictures our clients send us; for example, Bob sent us a picture taken today from his iphone saying that the Shell at Jefferson Street is selling regular gas at $ 2.20 so we enter that information in the app.

We’re having two issues:

  1. some of the pictures we receive aren’t from today although they say it is

  2. some users take a screenshot of an old picture and send it to us saying that it was taken today.

From what I’ve read, with the EXIF data, we can check if the digital picture was taken today. But if the image they send us is an iphone or android screenshot of an old picture, would that affect the EXIF data?

I guess my question is: Is there a way to check if the picture was taken today and/or it was a screenshot of an old photo?


How to regain access to my coins? (unknown digital location)

I transferred some bitcoin from my wallet in HitBTC to my wallet at Bittrex. Block Explorer shows the transfer completed. and so does Hit BTC. Bittrex claims they never got the crypto and there’s no documentation on their end to prove that it was ever initiated. How do I prove where the coins actually ended up, just looking at an address? How do I prove that the address is a Bittrex address attached to my wallet? My Litecoins also didn’t transfer over. Same deal. The coins are all located at two documented addresses, but I don’t know how to access them or prove where they went, despite having the addresses. I am not new to this and have completed over 50 transfers successfully with never a glitch.

How to pay on Digital Ocean for next month?

Hallo all,
I use Digital Ocean and in billing section of my account I see which sum I owe to the Digital Ocean.
I click to pay and payment is done.
1) But I did not find if there is possibility to pay for the next month? I just want to ecapce the situation when I forget
to pay for some time and my hosting would be closed.
2) Who have expierence in which period of time Digital Ocean close the host in case of unpayment ?
Thanks in advance!

Listed makes daily shopping easy with digital flyers, coupons and gift cards.

Why are you selling this site?
I've developed this website for a client and he couldn't pay for it

How is it monetized?
Advertiser pay to have there products on the website

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
No, but it's optimized to work with social media accounts, and you also get a special landing page with it.

How much time does this site take to run?
No time at all I can assist you if you need any help to get started

What challenges…

Listed makes daily shopping easy with digital flyers, coupons and gift cards.

Automate the process of adding digital signature to PDF and email to the next responsible person to sign

Can you please let me know, what is the best way to automating this process with javaScript? To better understand what is going on, current work flow is:

1-Generate PDF.

2-Manually add digital signature.

3-Save PDF (Locally).

4-Email PDF to next responsible Person to get the 2nd and 3rd digital signatures (e.g repeat steps two to four).

Our customer is currently wanting to automate this process where possible, and add the digital signatures automatically (avoid steps two to four). Their preferred method would be:

1- Generate/Save PDF

2- Apply Signature. Possibly through a button click.

3- Digital Signature would be added to specified area in the PDF (three digital signatures are required)

4- PDF would be saved or updated (in System)

5- Email would be sent to the next person responsible. Here the user can click on a link to open the necessary web page and add their signature with a button click.