How can we use digital signatures for mutual authentication between two computers?

I get the fact that we can use digital signatures for authenticating the signer (since they are using their private key to create the signature, and this is known only to the signer ). But how can the verifier also be authenticated using digital signature? I have a feeling that we could use digital certificates for this but I am confused about how such a protocol would work.

Lab for Digital Marketing, SEO and The Web

Why are you selling this site?
I do not have time to manage it anymore.

How is it monetized?
It has not been monetized yet. There is potential to start earning by asking for paid guest post submission, there have been numerous requests for that already (for free at the moment, because of DR 11)

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Yes, twitter with 712 followers.

How much time does this site take to run?

Lab for Digital Marketing, SEO and The Web

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Translating print product catalog (with 5000 products) to digital with good UX: how?

I’m currently working at a large B2B company which operates in a very traditional market (ordering happens mainly by phone, e-mail and even fax).

Since many years we are using a product catalog (print) with over 5000 products in it, but since it costs a lot of money to print and send it to our customers, we slowly want to move to digital.

The big question is: how can we translate this print manual to a digital version?

There are many PDF e-publishing tools, but that doesn’t really work with a 500 page catalog.

There are some examples like IKEA (where you can browse through pages online and download a pdf version):

What are best practices here? What is the purpose of an online version? For reading? For buying (should we link products to a webshop)?

Another question: could a digital product catalog replace a printed version when customers are still ordering by phone / e-mail?

Many thanks in advance, looking forward to your reply.

How to make digital content available for Roll20 for an adventure you published on DMsGuild?

Recently, I emailed Roll20 about optimizing an adventure for their platform so it can be released both on DMsGuild and Roll20.

Roll20 replied that they are very interested in having DMsGuild content on their platform.

However, DMsGuild states that if you publish an adventure on DMsGuild platform that you are unable to sell the adventure anywhere else.

To prevent breaking that rule, you might consider giving your digital content away for free on Roll20 – but I received an email from Roll20 that states that they do not allow digital content to be given away free – you must charge for it at a minimum of $ 4.95 (and they get a percentage of that.)

To avoid breaking the DMsGuild rule of not selling your adventure anywhere else, you might then consider creating just a digital bundle to sell on Roll20 which only has the digital assets (not the whole adventure) – but I received an email from Roll20 which states that they only want to have “complete adventures” on their platform.

These seem to be irreconcilable requirements: either you put something on DMsGuild and nothing can be made available on Roll20 or you put something on Roll20 and nothing can be on DMsGuild.

We emailed Roll20 about this and they said to contact DMsGuild about it. This didn’t seem like a viable solution as DMsGuild is unlikely to change their requirement about selling on other platforms.

Has anyone figured out how to release an adventure on DMsGuild and also provide digital content for Roll20? Has any previously published adventure accomplished this?

We are simply trying to make it easy for the people who buy the adventure and have digital content to play it on Roll20. We wanted it to be free but if Roll20 wants to charge that’s fine too. This scenario seems so common and so simply in the interest of Roll20’s platform that it seems like there would be a path to make it possible.

Anthropometrics of digital design – well known examples or case studies?

An interesting area of study in human factor and ergonomic design is anthropometry, which looks at the size and proportion of the human body.

While this has a very specific application in a wide-range of areas in the design of physical objects, I haven’t come across much of this type of analysis when it comes to the design of physical objects with digital applications (e.g. smart phones) or the design of virtual objects or interactions (e.g. AR and voice control).

I am sure that many of the IoT devices being designed at the moment will follow some of the principles involved, but I am interested to know if there are case studies of the use of anthropometrics to create a better user experiences. Are there any well known examples that has been published?

A similar question with some results is the size of buttons on screens.

Specified ExtendedPropertyKey was not found – Creating ExtendedProperty Keys on Digital Twins

After trying to create an space on Microsoft Digital Twins service, the following error is appearing when attempting to create it with custom properties: 404 Specified ExtendedPropertyKey was not found. I´ve tried several times to create the space but there´s no luck yet. Does someone have had any luck?

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