News terminals digital television installation in filling stations

Do you recommend News terminals digital television installed in filling stations?

Create a mail server w/ CyberPanel on Digital Ocean [closed]

I’m trying to create a mail server on Digital Ocean w/ CyberPanel. My idea is to host all my email accounts there while having websites on a different server.

I was trying to google how to set up this however there’s little to no information on how to do it w/ CyberPanel.

Any advise on how to do this would be appreciated. I do have a limited knowledge on this one so I would appreciate also advice on how to redirect my DNS records with my domain registrar (Porkbun).

Many thanks!

Digital Products Web Store

Why are you selling this site?
As a webdeveloper i setup and develop custom sites, i set this up for interested clients who would like to use it to build their own online store

How is it monetized?
Via selling products on the websites the ones of your choice

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Not currently, but i can setup the required accounts for you

How much time does this site take to run?
It should be as much as you want, from 30 minutes…

Digital Products Web Store

control digital signing

Here is the use case:

  1. Router vendor to support 3rd party app hosting on their Routers with apps digitally signed by Router vendor only.
  2. Router to support skipping signature verification for App developers/vendors during Dev phase.
  3. Router to enforce signature verification in production mode.
  4. Router vendor to build this solution on a production router image so that they don’t need to provide separate Dev/Test router image to app vendors during Dev phase.

What is the secure way to support this on embedded systems like Routers without having to create 2 separate sets of images for Dev and Production from the router vendor?

Why does my digital bank need my phone date and hour to be correct?

I’m not from Information Security or any IT related area. But I want to know if there is any security reason for my digital bank to demand my phone to be on "Automatic Date & Time"?

For example, if I’m abroad, i cannot transfer some money to a friend for because it says my date & time is incorrect.

Is that a badly programmed software or does it have a purpose?

How is the digital certificate sent alongside digital signatures?

Most tutorials on the net only mention sending the digital signature attached to the document, but without the digital signature certificate, it’ll be impossible for receivers to verify the signature. I’m assuming that the digital certificate is somehow sent alongside the signature but I can’t seem to find any source mentioning that.

What is the scene depicted in the second “Waterdeep Digital Background” art?

In the Free Remote D&D Resources archive that Wizards of the Coast is providing, for April 30, 2020 there is a “Waterdeep Digital Backgrounds” zip file that includes artwork that one might be able to use as a background while videoconferencing. The second file (named “DnD_Video_bg-WDDH2”) looks to be a scene outside of Waterdeep proper, with people along a path, a building (maybe some kind of temple), and the wall of Waterdeep in the background. I’m presuming putting a smaller version here counts as fair use:

Waterdeep scene 2

What is that building, and more generally where is this scene set? Is it part of the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist book or storyline? (I don’t remember seeing it in there, though probably I just missed it, but the filename saying “WDDH” makes me think it’s related.)

Books for learning about Digital logic, circuits, logic design etc

I am a computer science student and I have some courses names “Fundamental of electronics and digital systems, Logic design and switching circuits, System analysis and design “. I searched for books that may help me for these course and I found one named ” Digital logic and computer design by Mano”. I was wondering if anyone could suggest me some more books that will help me to master these topics. Thanks