Can one use a certificate directly from Microsoft Azure Key Vault for LDAP/S?

The only method I can seem to find to add a certificate for secure LDAP (LDAP/S) for Azure Active Directory Domain Services is to upload the certificate from my local computer. This seems like a very poor key management solution when Microsoft Azure Key Vaults is available for creating and storing key pairs and certificates. Am I missing something? Is there a way to directly use a certificate and key pair from a Key Vault or must I download these from a Key Vault and then upload them for LDAP/S? Best PKI practices dictate that I never access the private key directly.

Can a Changeling shift directly from one temporary form to another?

In the Eberron: Rising from the Last War book the Changeling “Shapechanger” ability (page 18) begins by stating that:

As an action, you can change your appearance and your voice.

However it ends by stating that:

You stay in the new form until you use an action to revert to your true form or until you die.

Were one to be in an adopted form and wish to use an action to change into another a literal reading of these two quotes seems contradictory. At the very least it seems ambiguous whether the latter rule is intended to limit the prior.

On the one hand it seems obvious that at least one of the intentions of the second passage is to make it clear that only death can undo your “disguise”. On the other hand it may also imply that shapechanging from an adopted form requires turning to your true form (“pale, with colorless eyes and silver white hair” as per the description on page 18 of the same book), and then turning into a new form.

Since this would require briefly being in a distinctly changeling form (giving away to observers the source of your shifting ability) and require an extra action, it would be a slight limitation on what is obviously a rather strong racial ability. Also it seems like the second quote could easily have been written “you stay in the new form until you use an action to change into another form” rather than “to revert to your true form”. But once again, it also just seems like the concern might be about whether you can be forced to revert or whether you do when you fall unconscious or some such, and the first thing the ability says is that you can shift “[a]s an action”. Basically I’m stumped.

My personal interest is that I have a Changeling character who identifies primarily as human, keeps roughly the same human form unless there is a specific reason to do otherwise, at which point I’ve always had her shift directly to a new form rather than into a pale changeling “true form”. I’ve played the character for about four months but am trying to follow the published E:RftLW rules now that they have been published.

When choosing payment options during checkout, should the Paypal option go directly to Paypal, or show a “continue to Paypal” link?

I currently have 2 payment options during checkout: Credit Card and Paypal. Currently, clicking on the Credit Card option will reveal a credit card form, and clicking on the Paypal option will take the user to Paypal checkout (on the Paypal site).

I have also seen it where sites such as Netflix, will show a “continue to paypal” link after selecting the Paypal payment method, instead of going straight to Paypal (shown below)

Payment Options

Paypal option selected

Is the “continue to paypal” link helpful to the user, or does it just add an extra step/confusion (because the user isn’t taken straight to Paypal after selecting the Paypal option)?

Do compilers of high programming languages always compile them directly to machine code?

As an amateur Bash/JavaScript scripter who never wrote one sentence in Assembly, I ask:

Do compilers of high programming languages always compile them directly to machine code, or are there cases when a compiler of some high programming language compiles it to assembly (and then assembler will assemble input to machine code output)?

Open SharePoint Library file directly through hyperlink

I need to open the first pdf file in a library through a hyperlink on my homepage. Currently I have set the URL to the Library view so that the end user can see the file in library and open it, however I need to open the first file directly rather then going to library and clicking it.

In the library there will be multiple files, I have created a view to get only the last uploaded file.

Now how do I get the URL for the file to open directly since the file name can change.

Working on Sharepoint online

If current time in milliseconds is considered good enough random seed for a pseudorandom number generator, why not just use that time directly?

I was reading about pseudorandom number generators and how they need a seed and how that seed is usually current system time in milliseconds. One of the most common algorithms is the linear congruential generator, which is an algorithm that based on some fixed constants and this seed through some mathematical computations gives the final pseudorandom output.

But what are the disadvantages of using this time directly as a pseudorandom number?

SPSecurityEventReceiver – when user is added directly to the site

Thanks for your help. I am trying to implement a notification mechanism where in an email is sent to the site owner when a user is added. This works great with SPSecurityEventReceiver. However, the problem is that it only works when adding to a SPGroup. Is there an event for when the users are added to the site directly without any SPGroup?


Adding fields directly to a library – recommended practices

I remember when I started doing development it was considered bad practise adding fields to the the default Document content type. In the modern experience is is now very easy to add new fields by click add new column. If you just want to add a single field to all sites, is there any recommended practice around this? I can see according to flows and retention policies it could add benefits having custom content types. But on the other hand when uploading documents in the modern experience it will ask you to choose from multiple content types. So the question in short what is you thougts on just adding fields directly to the list?