How can we protect encrypted files and directories from being fingerprinted when stored on online storage services?

Assuming that online storage providers are considered untrusted, if files and directories are encrypted, how can these be protected against fingerprinting?

The files are encrypted using rclone’s implementation of Poly1305 and XSalsa20 before being backed up to the cloud provider.

According to rclone’s documentation, the available metadata is file length, file modification date and directory structure.

  • What can be identified?
  • What can be inferred?
  • What attack vectors are there against the encrypted files and directories if the online storage provider is compromised assuming the passphrase is at least 24 characters long and is a combination of alphanumeric and special characters (uppercase and lowercase) as well as salted with similar entropy?

The encrypted data is considered to be sensitive.

How can I protect those files from being fingerprinted and the contents inferred such as ownership, source and the like?

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No thumbnails for directories in Nautilus, in Ubuntu 18.04

Nautilus file manager fails to show the icon for a directory as a folder. Instead, Nautilus shows the icon of a generic file, making it hard to navigate through the contents of directories. Also, I want to implement, if possible, an add-on to preview the contents of a directory, as the file explorer in Micro$ oft does. Thanks