Promoting and getting submissions to a new directory

I recently started a web directory and I'm trying to find people to fill it because it's basically empty. I myself can't start adding sites to it because alongside the directory my new site has 2 more services to manage and I don't want to get rid of them because I find potential in them. I managed to convince 2 businesses on facebook to add their sites to my directory and I have put the link to it in my signature in another forum. What other strategies can help to get submissions to a…

Promoting and getting submissions to a new directory

What is the best solution for directory service for a medium size company (80 users), with heterogenous OS environment? [on hold]

I’m trying to figure out the best solution for directory service (Centralized user management) for a medium sized company,(right now 60 users but growing fast), which has different OS (Windows, Mac, Linux). Right now they are using mostly cloud services (Github, Tresorit, G suite) and all with different credentials. I would prefer for the directory service to be on premises. Any suggestions?

How to set custom directory for installation of R packages

How do I set a custom directory to install R packages? Is it simply the following?

install.packages(c("data.table", "tidyverse"), destdir = "C:/Users/stackinator/Documents/R-libraries") 

I’m not sure if my slashes are in the right direction (Windows 7) and does my destination directory need to be in quotes?

I know I can setup this in my .Renviron file, but I’m more concerend with individual package(s) for this question.

Professional Directory submission service

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Professional Directory submission service

How to create a virtual directory based on search results?

I have projects completed by 100+ employees (pictures, videos, etc). I want to be able to have a virtual directory that shows any pictures changed in the last 7 days from those directories. Or any video, or any document.

It needs to be browsable like a regular directory as the software we use to browse and markup each file that is in a directory. This saves me browsing each directory, one at a time.