How to prevent Directory Enumeration Attacks (DirB or Directory Buster)

I am dabbling in pen testing (OWASP Juice Shop) and I realized many web application attacks start from enumeration where the attacker uses DirB to find vulnerable Web Objects or Directories to attack or access. So what i want to know is how to prevent such things from happening, to stop the attack before it can occur.

Because in OWASP Juice Shop, it is seen that the ftp directory of the site can be enumerated via DirB, so what are some recommendations to take to prevent such things from happening? And what are the risks of such attacks?

Is any key signing party directory – or a mean to facilitate such meetings, exists?

I need to develop my web of trust. I don’t live in or near a metropolitan area and as such it is a bit difficult to find possible local people to sign. I assume I must not be alone in that context.

My question: is there any directory/listings of upcoming gpg-signing party per area, or any existing infrastructure to facilitate such meetings? Or alternative ways to find / meet people who can sign?

Well established Templates Directory Website, 10 Years Old

I am here to sell my business that fed me for about 3 years. I am into a new business by Dec 2012 and I need to sell this website for the investment for my new business. I have not ever thought of selling this website as I trusted a person to finance my new business and at last moment he failed. I have no way, other than selling this site. I need to sell this site as soon as possible (I need money before dec 10th).

Currently, This site earns from affiliate programs. I have never used any…

Well established Templates Directory Website, 10 Years Old

Get data from Active Directory when a field in custom list is changed in SharePoint 2013

I’m having a list with the following columns that have relation in the Active Directory: employee name, employee charge, department, extension number, employee’s boss, and other text columns.

I’m trying to do 2 different things:

  1. Get in the employee’s name column a list of employee from the Active Directoy, and with that selected employee name, automatically fill the fields charge, department, extension number, employee’s boss, with the data registered in the Active Directory.


  1. Fill the column fields charge, department, extension number, employee’s boss using the “Created by” column, getting the information from the Active Directory of the user who is creating the √≠tem.


Exploiting Weak Permissions on OU in Active Directory?

I created an environment, where I allowed a user named demop with these four permissions


on an OU named VulnerableOU? And, I have Meterpreter access to the user’s PC, so how can I exploit this behavior? Or in other words how this can be exploitable in real scenarios?

By these permissions it looks like we can create an object inside an OU but How? What tool should I use or maybe what PowerShell cmdlet should I use?

Making the contents of a Sub Directory appear more prominent

Lets assume that you own a number of zines or small blogs that are all different in theme, and all rest on seperate domains: . .

Visitors to these sites would assume they are all completely independent of each other, and that none are related (unless you specified it).

But lets assume that you own a single domain and place each blog inside of a dedicated sub-directory: . .

In this case, /x/ is a really a sort of fake directory, containing an index page that automatically redirects back to

Now the problem is that visitors to the site will make the assumption that you own more than one blog, and doing a search for may result in them finding the contents of your other online blogs.

So, without registering multiple domains, is there a way to make it appear that the blog a visitor is looking at is the only one you own?

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