Disable / Remove link to Product

By default, when you go to the Cart, you see all the products you purchased on the left hand columm and also all the products are linked to their individual product page. I’d like to remove that link as some of the products in our store are not supposed to link out to their individual product pages. Been trying to locate that in my theme and store, but on luck. Any idea what file I can locate it to disable the link?

How to disable system sounds in Ubuntu 19.04?

I am wandering how to disable system sounds in Ubuntu 19.04. Although I have them muted in system settings, as you can clearly see in the screenshot below, they keep annoying me:

enter image description here

When ever a system sound enriches my calm a new entry under system sounds appears briefly with full volume and before I can change the volume to mute it, it’s gone:

enter image description here

Can somebody enlighten me, please, how to mute all system sounds in Ubuntu 19.04 or Gnome 3.32 respectively.

Automatically disable mobile hotspot when no device is connected, using Tasker

I am trying to create a task which automatically disables mobile hotspot (tethering) when no device is connected. I successfully created similar tasks for bluetooth and wifi, however wifi mobile hotspot I seem not to able to get information on how to check if there are clients currently connected or when no client is connected. I researched a bit, a got a hint that this code :

ip neigh show dev wlan0  | grep -i -e reachable -e delay | grep  

can give information on clients currently connected to hotspot.

This was the output in terminal:

u0_a209@hws8701:/ $   su  -i -e reachable -e delay | grep -o' ..\:..\:..'                              < unknown option --  usage: grep [-abcDEFGHhIiJLlmnOoPqRSsUVvwxZz] [-A num] [-B num] [-C[num]]         [-e pattern] [-f file] [--binary-files=value] [--color=when]         [-e pattern] [-f file] [--binary-files=value] [--color=when]         [--context[=num]] [--directories=action] [--label] [--line-buffered]         [pattern] [file ...] [1] + Done                 ip neigh show dev wlan0 |       Stopped (signal)     grep -i -e reachable -e delay |       Done (2)             grep -o" ..\:..\:.." 2|root@hws8701:/ # 

however I don’t know how to manipulate this code to get more useful information to create a variable for zero clients connected.

How can I disable ability to make outgoing call, messages but keep incoming calls?

Is there some Android app, which could be installed while enabling a password – that blocks ability to bring up Dialler, Addressbook/Contacts, Messaging application screen, but still allows incoming calls to be answered ?

The idea is to provide the phone to someone who is not authorized to make outgoing calls using this phone, but should be able to answer calls made to this phone.

If similar restrictions can be put on messaging, that’d be great, but if not — it is something that I could live with.

The password is to something that’d be known by me, but not by the person who will usually be using the phone.

Would be best if this doesn’t require rooting the phone, but in worst-case, I’m willing to root the phone.

disable global app menu in Ubuntu 19.04

In Ubuntu 18.x, the global app menu could be disabled with this command:

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides '@a{sv} {"Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu":<0>}' 

Or, using gnome-tweaks, I would turn it off by clicking on Top Bar -> Application Menu.

However, neither of these seems to work anymore in Ubuntu 19.04. What is the new correct way to disable the global app menu?

Disable accent functionality from backtick button

I often type backticks (`) in various situations (Markdown, Github, SO, etc), and since the button used to type them also is used to modify letters (é/è/ú), writing backticks is generally a pain. On a scandinavian keyboard you also have to add the shift modifier, which doesn’t help.

Currently, I feel like shift+backtick+space is the most predictable way of typing backticks.

But! I realized that I never use that key for anything other than backticks, and figured that it would be neat to modify the key to simply always output a single backtick. I can totally live with losing the accent functionality, but I guess it could potentially be kept accessible through modifiers.

I looked into Karabiner to achieve this, and while it’s possible to rebind the key, it doesn’t seem possible to map its output to a single backtick character.

And ideas?