Disable YouTube AutoPlay on Home Feature

I’m having trouble disabling YouTube’s “AutoPlay on Home” feature on my wife’s phone/account. I’ve followed the instructions provided on Google’s support site, but when I reach the settings for “Autoplay”, there is no “AutoPlay on Home” option to change (see below).

ex. YouTube Missing AutoPlay on Home

YouTube Missing AutoPlay on Home

I believe she is running v14.23.50 of the YouTube app for Android 9 on a Pixel 3 phone.

Can I somehow get to this setting? Should I report this to YouTube?

How Do I Permanently Disable Hot Corners on Mac?

I have a work computer, and every time I turn it on and log in, hot corners are enabled where when I move my mouse to a corner inadvertently, it locks my screen. This happens all the time in the middle of my work.

Every time, this annoys me, and I go into System Preferences and set all the hot corners options to none. But, the next day or whenever I restart my computer, they come back! I am wondering if anyone knows how to permanently disable them so I don’t need to manually disable them every time I restart my work MacBook.

Is there a terminal command or something I can set to stop Hot Corners settings from resetting back on constantly? I’m guessing my company has defaults that they apply that override the settings on restart.

pgAdmin4 disable master password

When starting pgAdmin, I’m prompted:

Please set a master password for pgAdmin

This is a new feature of pgAdmin4 4.7: https://www.pgadmin.org/docs/pgadmin4/dev/release_notes_4_7.html

How can I disable this?

The local documentation tells me to set the “configuration parameter” MASTER_PASSWORD_REQUIRED=False, but I don’t know where/how to do this:

18.04 Unable to disable screen mirrorring?

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with gnome on a Thinkpad x250 connected to two external monitors through a docking station:

Monitor 1: Dell 24″ Monitor 2: Eizo 17″, Rotated Internal: x250 LCD, Disabled

I have set them up accordingly in settings > devices > displays accordingly:

Settings Screenshot

But it seems to just act as one big display where the menubar or maximized windows extend across both screens, the 24″ display is ‘zoomed’ (seems to render the combined resolution of both monitors) so moving the mouse to the sides pans the screen, and is vertically limited by the resolution of the smaller screen.

The smaller screen is ‘anchored’ to the top-right and does not pan.

I feel like this is some kind of mirroring issue, but I’m really confused as there is no mirroring option available?

The display behaves like so: photo

xrandr --current output: https://pastebin.com/7EhJrj5C

Disable support for static key cipher suites

I have a requirement to disable in the windows 7 computers of the company the support for static key cipher suites.

I have searched and found that this registry key, holds the allowed cipher suites, in a value called Functions.


I have searched about how to identify the static suites in order to remove them from the list. but I haven’t found anything.

My question is what I need to search in the ciphers string, to remove the support for static keys.


How do I disable the message “Try the new cross-platform PowerShell” message when running Powershell after latest windows update [migrated]

Since the latest Windows 10 update, when opening POwershell I get the message “Try the new cross-platform PowerShell https://aka.ms/pscore6”.

I would like to turn that notification off. Any ideas?

Magento 2.3 disable or secure API access

In the developer docs I’ve found the option to unrestrict API access. Is there an option to restrict access to the API for everything i.e. nothing is anonymous? Or is there a way to disable the magento API?

Maybe I misunderstand but seems like bots can spam your API endpoint to retrieve a lot of information.