How to disable/ hide delete button for column in list in SharePoint Online?

I have a calculated field in my custom list. I want to disable or hide delete button on this field edit page. I want specific users not able delete this column in a list but still be able to edit/ delete other columns in the same list. Please see below screenshot for field:

field edit

I have tried below things:

  • Checked adding column as site column and added in content type. Then associate content type in list. But it is not restricting delete.
  • Checked SharePoint Online Powershell. But not able to set sealed property for this column.

Is there any other way that we can do this? Is PNP-Powershell has any cmdlets that can help me achieve this?

MAgento 2: I need to disable tier price using catalog rule instead of remove from product

I have already added some tier price on product for specific customer group but for some reason i need to disable this tier price ( using catalog rule if possible ) but not delete that tier price from product edit page.

Please share if anyone have any idea.