Is it safe to disable SATA ports in the BIOS to isolate the corresponding hard drives from malware?

I have three SATA hard drives that I use every day. Suppose I disable the corresponding SATA ports of these hard drives through my BIOS, add another storage device to my PC, install another instance of Windows 10 and run unsafe executables on it – would my three SATA hard drives be completely isolated and safe?

As I understand it, unmounted partitions are at risk, but not partitions that I exclude by disabling the corresponding SATA ports.

Is this correct?

Disable Cloudflare Rocket Loader for jQuery javascript and make it load first

I use Cloudflare Rocket Loader to speed up Javascript on my site.

The problem is, it loads certain scripts that need jQuery before loading jQuery itself making them not working correctly.

As soon as it is possible to disable Rocket Loader for specific script adding data-cfasync="false" to the <script src=""> I would like to know how can I add it to jQuery scripts as WordPress doesn’t simply load the jQuery via the script tag I guess.

At the moment my website loads jquery-migrate.min.js and jquery.js

PS there is a similar question but it’s almost 7yrs ago so, it may be outdated at this point Cloudflare's Rocket Loader + WordPress -> Ignore scripts?

Disable Fields in Custom Meta Boxes inside Custom Post Type

I want to create an Options page for my plugin.

I have two custom post types. Both habe metaboxes with fields inside. They are perfectly saving now (thanks to you guys on stackexchange).

Now, I want to create an Options Page (already done) and want to allow the admin to disable or enable every single field of every metabox

For example

Post Type: np-food Metabox: nutrition-info fields: energy_kcal, energy_kilojoule, etc


Enable energy_kcal yes/no dropdown Enable energy_kilojoule yes/no dropdown

Saving removes them if disabled and let them appear if enabled.

Glad for any help 🙂

Have a great Day


Completly disable and remove Thumbnails?

this is my first question, so forgive me if it is not perfect 😅

I am asking, if there is a way, to completely disable and remove the thumbnail functionality from WordPress. (I am using an image CDN plugin, which is taking care of resizing, optimizing, etc. So, no need for the extra size and file count consumption by thumbnails)

I already know how to prevent WordPress from generating thumbnails, good so far. I also know how to delete all thumbnails (from the filesystem). But doing this on my staging environment brought up 2 obvious issues I forgot about.

To prevent the issues, I would need functions, that:

Removes all thumbnail information from the WordPress database (i guess postmeta?)

“Replaces” the image size Settings, of all images used in Blog-posts or Pages, by “Full Size”

enter image description here

“Replaces” the thumbnails, used by the media library, with the full-sized image (since I want to delete all thumbnails)

Meida Library Thumbnail Link

Thanks in advance

Disable vulnerable cipher suites

Pardon this question because I’m fairly new as a security analyst. As a part of my learning I installed OpenVAS into one of our Ubuntu test server and scan the said server. I have the results and I wanted to re-mediate the findings as part of my learning the Linux system.

I solve some of it but I’m stuck with this vulnerability: SSL/TLS: Report Vulnerable Cipher Suites for HTTPS

‘Vulnerable’ cipher suites accepted by this service via the TLSv1.0 protocol: TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA (SWEET32)

‘Vulnerable’ cipher suites accepted by this service via the TLSv1.1 protocol: TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA (SWEET32)

‘Vulnerable’ cipher suites accepted by this service via the TLSv1.2 protocol: TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA (SWEET32)

I modified my sshd_config based on this thread. Using the same values provided. I also modified my /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl.conf with these values I got from this.

SSLProtocol all -SSLv3 -SSLv2 -TLSv1
SSLHonorCipherOrder on
SSLCompression off
SSLSessionTickets off

This is also the value of my /etc/apache2/mods-available/ssl.conf
After a re-scan the vulnerability is still detected.
How can I remediate this? a step-by-step would be helpful.
Obviously, I’m on a trial and error right now. Can’t find as of now a proper resource how to understand this directories/where should I put the cipher suites/etc.. I still have a lot of learning on Linux systems. If you can provide a reference it will be also a great help.

disable (read only) a field if within a custom post type name

I have two bidirectional fields ‘album_band’ in two different custom post types ‘album’ and ‘band’.

this field allow multiple selection and is mandatory in ‘album’

I’ve been trying to disable or set it as ‘read only’ this field in one custom type ‘band’ (backend side) to avoid empty value in ‘album’ but without success

many thanks for your help

Is it safe to disable the bare/naked/root domain and use only?

This is Making a DNS setup for 20+ domains hosted on the same IP-address more manageable continued.

We’re already using the www version as primary. Each www is a CNAME to @, and it’s @ resolves to an IP address.

For convenience, I consider resolving each www to a common, shared CNAME, and dropping @ altogether because the it can’t be a CNAME.

Provided the website doesn’t link to anywhere internally, is it a good idea to only keep I figured if someone types and it does not exist, the browser will auto-try, right?

How to disable vBulletin birthday emails?

Another year, another inbox full of birthday messages from random vBulletin forums I signed up for once and have not visited in years:

Happy Birthday from FORUM_NAME Forums


We at FORUM_NAME Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

As a vBulletin user, can I disable these birthday emails?

As a vBulletin forum administrator, how can I stop sending birthday emails to all of my members?

How to disable all emojis, gifs, stickers, animations and so forth (with exceptions) in all my computer systems?

I have two computer systems: PC and Smartphone.

I hold a minimalist philosophy in regards to web applications thus generally I use only two applications for written communication: Gmail and Line.

I don’t use FaceBook/WhatsApp/Instagram/AirBnb.

And yet even with the quite “minimal” general environment of Gmail and Line I often feel frustrated or annoyed from getting emojis/gifs/stickers/animations and so forth.

Being late in maybe 10 years, I asked myself why should I even consent to use these forms of communication – I think I should be given the option to decide if I want only letters or these symbols as well which I very much (yet not necessarily totally), don’t.

How to disable all emojis, gifs, stickers, animations and so forth (with exceptions) in all my computer systems?