Custom Ribbon Button is Disabled Once I Move Solution to Production Server from Dev VM

I recently deployed a wsp file for a SharePoint 2013 custom solution from my local development VM to a staging server. The solution was created using the empty SharePoint 2013 project template to which I added a custom ribbon button. Once the feature is activated the ribbon button appears but is disabled unlike the VM where it is enabled and functioning. The button is defined to display in the Document Set “Manage” tab. The button works on my VM but not on the staging environment. I’ve seen questions that are similar but the answers have not resolved the problem and have not been exactly the same scenario. I have included the Elements file so that someone might know what the issue is.

Elements XML:

<Elements xmlns="">   <CustomAction    Id="Ribbon.ManageDocumentSet.MDS.Manage.CustomRibbonButton"    Location="CommandUI.Ribbon"    RegistrationId="0x01"    RegistrationType="ContentType"    Title="Custom Ribbon Button">     <CommandUIExtension>       <CommandUIDefinitions>         <CommandUIDefinition           Location="Ribbon.ManageDocumentSet.MDS.Manage.Controls._children">           <Button Id="Ribbon.ManageDocumentSet.MDS.Manage.CustomRibbonButton"                   Command="CustomRibbonButtonCommand"                   Image16by16="/_layouts/15/GetMetaData/Export16_16.jpg"                   Image32by32="/_layouts/15/GetMetaData/Export32_32.jpg"                   LabelText="Get MetaData"                   TemplateAlias="o1"/>         </CommandUIDefinition>       </CommandUIDefinitions>       <CommandUIHandlers>         <CommandUIHandler           Command="CustomRibbonButtonCommand"           CommandAction="/_layouts/GetMetaData/MetaDataPage.aspx" />       </CommandUIHandlers>     </CommandUIExtension>   </CustomAction> </Elements> 

Thanks in advance.