I have disabled position always for Google Maps, but still says “maps is using your position”

So basically, here’s my settings for google maps:

enter image description here

As you can see position is set to “only when used”, and background update is “off”.

But still when i exit from google maps I get the message that is still using my position:

enter image description here

I remeber few iOS update ago this didn’t happen. I have iphone 6s with 12.2

How to stop headphones activating Voice Control (even though it’s disabled) when unpausing music?

I use a pair of in-ear, noise-cancelling Sennheiser headphones with my iPhone 6S. I don’t know exactly which model they are, but something like the CX 5.00i isn’t far off. The headphones have a little inline remote control which I use a lot to pause and play songs.

The trouble is that about half the time I do so – particularly if a song has been paused for more than about 30 seconds, and particularly if I’m moving rather than standing still – hitting the button on the remote doesn’t restart the music like it’s supposed to, but instead activates Voice Control (with that VERY loud ‘dun-dun’ sound rendering me half deaf every time).

I have Voice Control disabled as described in the answer to this question, and long-clicking the home button on the actual phone doesn’t activate it. I also have Siri completely disabled.

It seems to be a fairly common issue that Voice Control randomly activates itself while music is playing, but in my case, of course, music isn’t playing when this happens. I’ve only been able to find a few other cases where unpausing is specifically mentioned: there’s a post in a MacRumors thread (no answer in the thread) and a previous question here (which doesn’t mention whether Voice Control has been disabled and also has no answers).

I’ve tried changing to the standard Apple headphones – no change. Unpausing using the headphone remote still activates Voice Control if I wait more than 30 or so seconds or neglect to stand completely still.

Why/how does this happen? How do my headphones manage to activate Voice Control when it is otherwise disabled as much as it can be? And more importantly, is there a way to stop it?

Directorylisting are only disabled if i remove the index.php file from wordpress

I disabled directory listing for my apache setup by removing the Indexes from my /var/www/html directory in httpd.conf, and that works.. as long as i also remove the index.php file from these directories.

Is that how it is supposed to work ?

Seeing wordpress has quite a few of these empty files to prevent the same thing, it’s not really sustainable to do this (and every upgrade will put them back again).

Wifi is disabled

My wifi is disabled and I can not find anything to help me with the problem.

The output of sudo rfkill list is:

0: ideapad_wlan: Wireless LAN         Soft blocked: no         Hard blocked: yes 1: ideapad_3g: Wireless WAN         Soft blocked: no         Hard blocked: yes 2: phy0: Wireless LAN         Soft blocked: no         Hard blocked: no 

Disabled and Enabled Media Storage on Note 3, files are gone! What can I do?

So today, I downloaded two photos (normal photos taken from another Samsung phone) using Gmail on my Note 3. Then, the “android.process.media has stopped” popup kept on popping up, to the point where it was popping up every 2 seconds and wouldn’t stop. I looked up how to fix it, and multiple sources told me to disable then enable the “Media Storage” application in Settings. So I did. I disabled it and restarted. The popups stopped, and I thought I fixed the problem. Until.. I enabled it, then the popups started popping up again. Just as constant, if not even worse, than before. And worse, ALL THE PHOTOS IN MY PHONE DISAPPEARED.

Thankfully, I believe this is just a visual thing. The storage space seems equally full, which probably means that the photos weren’t deleted….

But how in the world can I fix this? This is so frustrating……

The Note 3 is running android 5.0, SM-N900S.

Alarm is disabled when device is switched off

I have a Lenovo A6020a46 3 GB phone android version 5.1.1. It has the feature that allows me to set an alarm and shut down the phone and it will power itself on at the set time of alarm. But recently, the feature seems to not working, the phone is powered on but on booting I find the alarm is disabled.
I thought this is because the phone has become slow over time (using it for 2 years now) and that is why the phone boot cannot complete in time for the alarm to work. So, I rooted the phone and edited the build file with the following command for a quick boot


But nothing has changed with the alarm. Is there a way I could set it to power on may be 2-3 mins before the set time so it has enough time to boot (my redmi device boots up around 2-3 mins before the set time) ? Or if anything else is the issue?