Why drupal 7.63 update disabled my custom module?

I have a strange problem: I created custom module, named Media Track, that creates a field type. It worked fine since drupal 7.56 version. Now, I updated to drupal 7.63, all other modules I created are visible in module list, but this module disappeared. Field tuype is still in database, but is not active ’cause the module doesn’t exists in module list. The module as located in sites/all/modules. What can I try to do?

Activate and Deactivate buttons in SharePoint Online solution gallery are disabled

I have created a site template based on Team Site (Classic), made some changes and took the site template.

I have another SharePoint Online tenancy and I am trying to use my custom site template, but in this tenancy “Activate” and “Deactivate” buttons in the solution gallery is disabled in the site collection. I can upload the site template to solution gallery but since I cannot activate, I can no longer use this site template to create new site. Please note that publishing feature is activated in the site collection.

I could not find which configuration needs to be changed to enable using my custom site template in my SharePoint Online site collection. Any help could be appreciated.


What is the impact of leaving disabled root key on AWS instance?

I have a user which, when asked to create an IAM root user account, left the now disabled root key on the instance.

When asked to remove the root key, he said it’s disabled now so what’s the difference.

I don’t want to get into a argument with this guy but was wondering if the community had any cogent thoughts about the impact of leaving a root key on the system when it’s disabled?


Facebook Disabled

I've had my Facebook page disabled. I was creating a business page and the next time I logged in, it said it had been disabled and I needed to send them a photo, which I did, but I had no acknowledgement and have since heard nothing for four days. I tried the Help Centre which had an 'Appeals Form' which the system said I'd successfully completed and that I would shortly receive an email from them, but nothing arrived.
The business page was as commonplace and uncontentious as it's possible…

Facebook Disabled

Programmatically added field disabled

I’m adding field to my content type programmatically but for some reason they end up being disabled in the Manage form display and Manage display settings page.

I’m using a yml file to create the fieldstorage:

langcode: en status: true dependencies:   module:     - node     - text id: node.seo_page_title field_name: seo_page_title entity_type: node type: string settings: {  } module: text locked: false cardinality: 1 translatable: true indexes: {  } persist_with_no_fields: true custom_storage: false 

Then I use the following to add the field:

$  fieldName = 'seo_page_title'; $  label = t('Page title'); $  field_type = 'string'; $  description = 'Description'; $  entityTypemanager = \Drupal::entityTypeManager();  $  field = FieldConfig::loadByName('node', $  bundle, $  fieldName); if (empty($  field)) {     FieldConfig::create(         [             'field_name'   => $  fieldName,             'entity_type'  => 'node',             'bundle'       => $  bundle,             'label'        => $  label,             'required'     => TRUE,             'translatable' => TRUE,             'description'  => t($  description),         ]     )->save();      // Assign widget settings for the 'default' form mode.     /** @var TYPE_NAME $  entityTypemanager */     $  displayForm = $  entityTypemanager         ->getStorage('entity_form_display')         ->load('node.' . $  bundle . '.default')         ->setComponent($  fieldName, [             'type'   => $  field_type,             'weight' => 100,         ]);      unset($  displayForm);      // Assign display settings for the 'default' and 'teaser' view modes.     /** @var TYPE_NAME $  entityTypemanager */     $  displayDefault = $  entityTypemanager         ->getStorage('entity_view_display')         ->load('node.' . $  bundle . '.default')         ->removeComponent($  fieldName);      unset($  displayDefault);      // The teaser view mode is created by the Standard profile and therefore     // might not exist.     $  viewModes = \Drupal::service('entity_display.repository')         ->getViewModes('node');     if (isset($  viewModes['teaser'])) {         /** @var TYPE_NAME $  entityTypemanager */         $  displayTeaser = $  entityTypemanager             ->getStorage('entity_view_display')             ->load('node.' . $  bundle . '.teaser')             ->removeComponent($  fieldName);          unset($  displayTeaser);     } } 

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.