Comments that appear in my notifications (bell), sometimes do not appear in my videos / disappear!

When viewing comments using the notification bell, I can see the comment – but when I come to click on it to reply (the new feature that let’s you reply within the notification box) it just comes up with an empty box. I also then try to view it on the YouTube video itself, it’s not there. I check it on the creater studio comment section, it’s not there (and it’s definitely not under Spam / Held for review before I get suggested that!)

I also know for a fact it’s not the users fault, because a. I can still access their channel (so not a deleted channel case), b. it’s not a deleted comment situation by the poster (as I’ve checked with some people and they’ve said they never deleted their comment)  Any help would be appreciated! I’ve tried everything, and it’s getting incredibly frustrating now…happening for a few months now. I’ve attached a image to show the issue.enter image description here

Reducing time it takes for ‘new’ tag to disappear in Gmail upon viewing a tab

In Gmail, if I get a new email in one of the tabs (e.g. ‘Updates’), there will be a small tag that says ‘new’ next to it.

If I click the tab, and then click something else soon after, the ‘new’ tag remains. I have to stay open on that tab for a few seconds before the ‘new’ tag disappears.

Is there any way to make it so that the ‘new’ tag disappears as soon as I view the relevant tab?

OpenOffice’s maximize button makes it disappear

I quite often need to have 2 windows open at the same time, especially with a document writer like LibreOffice. Lately, whenever I try to do that, it completely makes LibreOffice disappear. It is still open but I can’t see it on my screen and have to use Cairo-dock or something to get it to be visible once again. To reiterate, I am just trying to get LibreOffice to go to half screen and whenever I hit the Maximize button all it does is make LibreOffice disappear. I am currently running Ubuntu 16.04.

Colorbox inline style=”display:none” doesn’t disappear

I am using colorbox module. I have an inline modal that works o.k, this is the code:

<a class="colorbox-inline" href="?width=310&amp;height=460&amp;inline=true#paste-data-to-lp">view content</a>  <div class="colorbox-inline" id="paste-data-to-lp" style="display: none;">   <pre>     <input name="name" type="name" />     <input name="phone" type="phone" />     <input name="email" type="email" />   </pre> </div> 

This code is an a view header.

When I click the link the modal pops but it is empty. I’ve noticed that the style="display: none;" in the div does not disappear.

What can cause this?

Any help will be great.

How to make content disappear when scrolling underneath the “header” area? Is there an example of this?

So I have a UX problem to solve –

Here’s an example of the issue:

As you can see, the message steps are nested underneath the folder. In order to view all of them, you would have to scroll from top to down and left to right.

Here’s what I was thinking of how to solve this problem: enter image description here

In the image, the first picture represents what it would look like when you have the folders collapsed. The user clicks on the first folder for a couple seconds and then is transferred to a different screen where each of the steps are larger. When the user scrolls, they would only scroll from top to bottom, and the steps would “dissapear” under the header/folder area. All the steps would be at the same length and indentation, it’s just the content that’s within them that would change. To show that the steps are scrollable, the last one would be set to a lower opacity. In order to return to the first screen, the user would simply click on the folder for a couple seconds.

What do you guys think? Is this feasible? Is there another way to workaround this problem?

Removed anniversary does not disappear from birthday calendar

I used to have my anniversary in my personal contact in my Google address book. This also showed up in the birthday calendar on Android P and also the web version. As the anniversary does not apply any more, I have removed it from my contact. It does not show up any more on the web Google calendar.

However it keeps being shown in the Android version, also on the widget of my home screen. I have tried letting the calendar app refresh twice, I have closed it via the launcher. It hurts every time I see it. Is there some way to make this calendar entry go away?