Why did most of my Drush commands disappear?

Drush 9.5.2 with Drupal 8.6.3 (updating to 8.6.6 once I get Drush working again). We manage a lot of Drupal 8 sites, but for some reason, Drush stopped working properly on just one of them.

Most commands are now “not defined.” This includes cr (cache rebuild), updb (update database), status, and anything normally listed under core, entity, role, user, etc. When I run “drush list” it only gives me the following categories: _global, config, pm, sql, theme, and webform. The rest have just disappeared.

Everything else about the site seems to work fine. Normally, I would run “drush status” to see if it was seeing the site properly. But just like the other commands, running it just returns a big red “Command ‘status’ is not defined.”

Where should I start looking to figure out how Drush broke and how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

Does a fluid substance (a beer), created with Minor Conjuration, disappear from one’s body after drinking it when this class feature is used again?


In our game my wizard frequently casts Minor Conjuration to create a beer (in a mug) for our dwarf barbarian, as a friendly gesture. Every six seconds I would do the same thing, and he would chug it, offering our bulky frontliner a cycle of countless beers.

The DM asked me, “is this an illusion?” I said, “No, the real deal but it’s visibly magical.” DM, laughing: *”Does the fluid disappear after consumption?” Me, quoting the feature:

The object disappears after 1 hour, when you use this feature again, or if it takes any damage.

“So do you count drinking it as damaging the object? And what does ‘disappearing’ mean to you?”


The DM ruled that the dwarf could drink countless conjured (though tasteless) beers but would never get drunk for it, since the toxins that create that mental state also leave his body whenever I conjure another one. The dwarf would fully believe it works though, due to the Placebo effect. I’m happy with this interpretation, and it led to some fun times.

I’m still curious though if someone can give me a clear answer on this question, on how it’s written to work. Or will the interpretation of such wording always be at DM’s discretion?


In other words, could the dwarf get physically drunk on conjured beers? Placebo is sort of a way, but I’m mostly interested in whether the substance actually has enough time to influence a body. The same answer could be applied if I would conjure a poison for someone else instead, for example. Would that poison still work if I conjure something else, after injection of mentioned poison.

  • How I see it:

The class feature does what it says it does, and nothing more. Meaning, drinking a conjured beer would look visibly magical but other than that, it would behave like a real beer. And drinking a substance would move it (not destroy it) and change the beer’s chemical properties once the body takes them in, so the original object can’t disappear anymore when I cast Minor Conjuration again after he drank the first one. However, I can’t find anything to back up my interpretation (nor his).

If you can clarify, that would be very helpful.


  • Limitations on the Conjurer's Minor Conjuration ability

  • Can "Minor Conjuration" be used as often as a wizard wants?

where did my music disappear to after I stopped payment for the “free” trial itunes????

Everything has disappeared off my computer and even talking with apple associates does not resolve the problem. I am attempting to retrieve all the CD’s that was on my computer, they have vanished or been incorporated onto I tunes. They are stealing our music and wont give it back!!!

Google Docs Voice Typing Places a Microphone Icon that Doesn’t Disappear until Chrome is Closed Ubuntu 18.04

When using the Google Docs voice typing function a microphone appears in the top right corner. It gets replicated the more times you use it. The only way to make them disappear is to close chrome. Does anybody else have this problem? Can I pkill anything to make it disappear? The only option I have is to restart the chrome browser.