how do I find an AOL email that disappeared, due to an AOL error message, while I was saving it as a draft

How do I find very important AOL email that disappeared, due to an AOL error message, while I was saving it as a draft? I had worked many hours on it, and cannot possibly remember and rewrite the whole thing again. It was ready to send it, but I was worried if I pressed SEND, something might happen, and I would lose it–so at the last second, I pressed SAVE DRAFT, and it just hung there and the page froze, and never finished loading. There was the ERROR OCCURED message, and the words in my email disappeared, went blank. The attachements were still there, for awhile, but then the whole thing disappeared. I tried to bring it up on a new page, and new browsers, but the draft was completely gone. I contacted AOL, who investigated, but could not help. For awhile, the thumbnail of the page, which looked to be like a tiny, partial view of my email, showed up when I clicked on a new page in the “Most Visited Sites” section, but it was too tiny, and unreadable when I tried to enlarge it. I saved it in different forms on my computer. I downloaded the ChromeCacheViewer, and it opened up my DNS cache on my computer, but I have no idea what kind of file to look for, and how to read it (if by miracle it somehow survived) in the form in which I wrote it? Seeing the Google thumbnail picture of what appeared to be my email, gave me hope to keep trying! Thank You for your help (& hopefully, Good Luck).

“Missing” file disappeared from Garageband iOS and from my iCloud and my phone…?

I was working on a song on Garageband on my phone, saved it on my phone, went to find it and it had suddenly disappeared!

I was unhappy about this but luckily, it was easy-ish to remake so I did that. I saved it as the exact name as the original file but it said that name was already a file. From this, I know it wasn’t deleted. I even checked my Recently Deleted file, I searched in the Files app. I used iTunes for Windows, iCloud for Windows, lots of File Transfer apps and…

No luck.

I really want to get the original file back as I wasn’t happy with the remade version and I haven’t much time to get a lot of songs done.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Why is it happening? Is the file gone for good? (I hope not.) How do I get the file back?

I’m using an iPhone 6 on iOS 12.0.1. I don’t use a Mac. I’m a Windows person.

Thanks 🙂

2.2.6 New product form fields disappeared

The problem is I am unable to reproduce this. Suddenly the product entry fields disappeared which resulted in inability to create products. Only thing that I did was install Wyomind Elastic Search which required me to execute composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle and guzzlehttp/ring.

But I disable and remove the extension and the composer packages as well and also disabled and removed all of the installed extensions. Couldn’t solve this issue. Only thing I did was restore from previous day backup. I am still not sure what could have caused this issue.

Any pointers to this issues would be appreciated. enter image description here

All my automatically created Google Calendar events corresponding to flight booking disappeared: what could explain it?

All my automatically created Google Calendar events corresponding to flight bookings disappeared a few days ago. What could explain it? (E.g., did Google Calendar change the way it works? Is it possible for a user to remove all automatically created Google Calendar events?)

My site simply disappeared from SERPS! [on hold]

my problem is this, my site missed the rankings it had a few weeks ago, It was not because of any manual action, because I did not receive any notifications in the search console,

Some errors appeared in the search console, in directory pages.

And pages of directories began to be indexed, I do not know if that might be the problem,

But if so, how can I solve it?

Magento 2 Error: Product disappeared on frontend, one store view only

We are having a weird problem since some days after the shop running for months without trouble.

On one day (only thing we did were some backup-operations on the database which might have caused this), – suddenly all product disappeared on frontend, showing “Wir können keine Produkte entsprechend dieser Auswahl finden”, “we could not find any products for this selection”. – This happened on the default store view, german – the other store views, french and english are not affected

When we open and save on product in backend, it sometimes shows up in front-end for some seconds. However, they disappear again with each indexer run.

Another point: After resignating yesterday evening, the products “just” have been back this morning. I don’t know what indexer run made them disappear some time later.

Magento 2.1.13, managed server

Anyone has an idea or help for this issue -and probably broken database?

What we did until now: – reindexed many times, cleared and flushed cache – saved many products in top- and store view – saved category in top- and store view – deleted the flat tables in database, reindexed

No effect on all.

What we did not do until now is setup:upgrade and rebuild the production static files because we are experiencing a php-problem on the development site on the same server. We want to avoid that we could end up with a non-productive site after that due to the php problem.