My site simply disappeared from SERPS! [on hold]

my problem is this, my site missed the rankings it had a few weeks ago, It was not because of any manual action, because I did not receive any notifications in the search console,

Some errors appeared in the search console, in directory pages.

And pages of directories began to be indexed, I do not know if that might be the problem,

But if so, how can I solve it?

Magento 2 Error: Product disappeared on frontend, one store view only

We are having a weird problem since some days after the shop running for months without trouble.

On one day (only thing we did were some backup-operations on the database which might have caused this), – suddenly all product disappeared on frontend, showing “Wir k├Ânnen keine Produkte entsprechend dieser Auswahl finden”, “we could not find any products for this selection”. – This happened on the default store view, german – the other store views, french and english are not affected

When we open and save on product in backend, it sometimes shows up in front-end for some seconds. However, they disappear again with each indexer run.

Another point: After resignating yesterday evening, the products “just” have been back this morning. I don’t know what indexer run made them disappear some time later.

Magento 2.1.13, managed server

Anyone has an idea or help for this issue -and probably broken database?

What we did until now: – reindexed many times, cleared and flushed cache – saved many products in top- and store view – saved category in top- and store view – deleted the flat tables in database, reindexed

No effect on all.

What we did not do until now is setup:upgrade and rebuild the production static files because we are experiencing a php-problem on the development site on the same server. We want to avoid that we could end up with a non-productive site after that due to the php problem.