How can I prevent WiFi from disappearing again?

For the second time, my WiFi has gone AWOL.

I TRIED to reboot to older kernel versions, but was never able to get Advanced Options to show in GRUB. Then suddenly after all the reboot, GRUB loads, the WiFi would show up again. This process takes almost 2 hours, and I’d really like to know if there’s something I can do to prevent it from happening again.

My network adapter is Intel AC 9560. Ubuntu version 18.10.

How to Scale this Image Rollover CSS UL Menu? Disappearing Images when Browser Scaled Down.

Hello, I'm having issues with this dictionary menu I'm working on. They are image rollovers using one image file and a ul list. However, when I scale the browser down the letters will disappear. I would like the whole menu to just scale down smaller to fit the screen. How can this be done? After doing some searches someone said it's because of the float, what would need to be done to correct this issue from happening?

You can see my menu here to see what I mean……

How to Scale this Image Rollover CSS UL Menu? Disappearing Images when Browser Scaled Down.

Gsa ser target urls disappearing

Been using ser for last 6 years and it used to work very well .

I am doing tier 1 with rankerx or money robot or manual links. then I use ser on tier2. So I expect ser to make atleast 5k-15k atleast in tier 2 which it used to do easily.

I have run ser for a month and got about 1500k verified contextual links from its own engines. So Now I create 40-50 projects. Split add my tier 1 urls in it . and then import the 1500k target urls to all these 50 projects and split to them and expect ser to make atleast 15k links out of it. I am using a powerful vps with 4 cores and using 100 dedicated proxies and working new 2000+ emails. So I have gathered every thing. After running  ser, links start building and I close the vps and wait till next day. Next morning, what I see is that ser has only made 1k-2k links and there are no target urls left. I mean where all the target urls went or how ser was not able to make links on already verified links
I have multiple servers running 24/7 from months and verifying lists. So what makes no sense is that the links that are already recently verified by ser and ser is not able to make links on them. Actually ser is not even getting a chance to make links on them and the target urls are getting disappeared .

Lets suppose urls are having errors like download failed? no form at all? submission failed? are coming but still how come 1.5 Million recently verified links not able to get new 5k links.

Ser starts making links in the start but the next day you open ser and all target urls are gone.
There should be an option here for urls that were skipped or failed or not verified. It might help

I am really worried about what is happening. I hope someone might give me a clue. Thanks

Files disappearing after mv command

I trying to learn how to move files around. I made some test files and directories to practice with. When I try to move a file from one directory to the other, the file just completely disappears.

I use “sudo mv testfile2.txt /Jupiter

Jupiter is one of my directories. It leaves the one its in but never shows up in Jupiter. I am at a loss of what to do. I have been using my Linux plus study guide and have already hit a brick wall with this. thank you.

how to print an invoice without disappearing controls

I’m trying to print multiple controls in my java program by adding them into a pane then insert this pane into my printer job page, the page is printing but when i click on print all the printed controls disappear from my scene

PrinterJob job = PrinterJob.createPrinterJob();  BorderPane bpToPrint = new BorderPane(); bpToPrint.setCenter(tvGuestInvoiceOptionalServices); bpToPrint.setLeft(txtPaymentAmount); bpToPrint.setRight(dpGuestInvoiceCheckOutDate); bpToPrint.setTop(cmbGuestInvoiceGuestName); bpToPrint.setBottom(txtReportsTotalRevenu);   if(job.showPrintDialog(OntBill.stage.getOwner()) &&    job.printPage(bpToPrint))         job.endJob(); 

Website disappearing from SERP but shows as positioned in Search Console

I am confused that a site I have recently (about a month ago) disappeared from the search engine rankings. I made a change to my page that should have increased the ranking because I had items not sizing in mobile aspects and a lot of placeholder content.

Since improving the part on the page my site does not appear on many of the queries it once placed on. I caught a structured data issue and fixed it, but it was for a sub page that was not placing for these queries.

In search console the position is showing 35 for 5/18. It has been around that position since I made the page changes. However, I go from page 1-12 of Google for that query and my site does not show at all.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

HTML button not disappearing?

I’m trying to get the result button to disappear on press but i cannot. I’m not understanding what the problem is here?

Also how would i pass arguments entered into n1 and n2 fields into my jQuery script?

<!DOCTYPE html>  <html>     <head>          <title>javascript: calculate two numbers</title>         <meta charset="windows-1252">         <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">     </head>     <h1> A Basic Calculator</h1>     <script src="jquery-3.3.1.min.js"></script>     <script type="text/javascript">        $  (document).ready(function(){          $  ("#result").click(function(){            $  ("#result").hide();           });          });      </script>      <body>         <b>Enter Number 1:</b>         <input type="text" id="n1"/><br/><br/>         <b>Enter Number 2:</b>         <input type="text" id="n2" name="n2"/><br/><br/>          <select id="operators">             <option value="+">+</option>             <option value="-">-</option>             <option value="/">/</option>             <option value="X">X</option>         </select>          <button id="result">=</button>         <input type="text" id="result"/>      </body>  </html> 

Contacts disappearing under ‘Speed dial’ in my OnePlus6

The speed dial section in my One Plus 6, until now had a list of contacts who I used to call recently and/or contacts who I used to call on a frequent basis, never used to be a speed dial contact that I had manually added.

But now, all of a sudden, it’s empty. What can be the reason? Is there a good chance my phone is hacked?

Can someone please me

enter image description here