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After I install Discord (0.0.5 stable) on Ubuntu 18.04 I can’t create a shortcut for the app because when I create a launcher for discord with the path to the executable file, Discord starts but freezes after a second,showing its start-up black screen.

How do I call a file (named truth.txt or similar) and call that file from the “messages” line in Discord bot?

So, here’s the more clarified version of the question: I am building a truth or dare bot for my Discord channel. Instead of adding multiple case commands, how would i call a file (with multiple questions already inside it) and call it from bot.js?

Here is my bot.js:

var Discord = require(''); var logger = require('winston'); var auth = require('./auth.json'); // Configure logger settings logger.remove(logger.transports.Console); logger.add(new logger.transports.Console, {     colorize: true }); logger.level = 'debug'; // Initialize Discord Bot var bot = new Discord.Client({    token: auth.token,    autorun: true }); bot.on('ready', function (evt) {'Connected');'Logged in as: '); + ' - (' + + ')'); }); bot.on('message', function (user, userID, channelID, message, evt) {     // Our bot needs to know if it will execute a command     // It will listen for messages that will start with `!`     if (message.substring(0, 1) == '!') {         var args = message.substring(1).split(' ');         var cmd = args[0];                 args = args.splice(1);         switch(cmd) {             // !truth             case 'Truth':                 bot.sendMessage({                     to: channelID,                     message: 'What is the most wholesome thing you have ever done'                 });             break;             // !dare 	    case 'Dare': 		bot.sendMessage({ 		    to: channelID, 		    message: 'I dare you to yell yeet at the top of your voice' 		}); 	    break;	          }      } });

Instead of listing the messages as so, is there a way I can call a file with multiple questions already in it and make the bot choose them at random?

How do I make my site show a preview box on Discord?

When you have a link to a site on discord like a discord invite link, it shows up with a box preview thing. In the same way, linking to or or other sites like that preview the gif without you even needing to click on the link.

I was wondering if there was something I needed to do to set this up to work on my website. I would like it to show a specific image and show some specific text, as it does with discord links, but I have no idea how to achieve this, and I can’t find anything on in from surfing the web.

Can anyone help me with this please?

Can’t hear others (Skype and Discord) and other programs but they can hear me

I recently switched to Linux and I’m having an issue with audio when calling people on Skype and Discord. My audio works for both recording and playing sounds but if i’m calling my friends on Skype or Discord they can hear me but I can’t hear any sounds. I tried force restarting pulseaudio and keeping the settings to ‘Default Device’ on Skype/Discord but they don’t work.

Crackling/static in Discord with default audio output port (PulseAudio)

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 less than a week ago and 99% of what I need to work has been no problem. When I first installed Discord, from the instructions on their website, everything was fine. The Snap package had problems starting and refused to go past the update sequence, as if it had no internet connection. However, the first time I join a voice chat after a reboot, I get loud crackling anytime someone speaks. It fixes itself if I change the output of my headphones from Line Out to Headphones or vice versa (headphones setting sounds better to me).

I initially thought it was the Line Out setting being the issue, so I changed it using this as a guide. That did not fix it and no matter which one I set as default, the crackling returns equally as bad in Discord until I change it. After that, either port sounds just fine. I’m trying to figure out how I can have it sound good without having to flip the setting in PulseAudio, but I’m clueless.

All other audio seems fine. Even in games like CSGO there isn’t this problem with voice chat, and I’m able to play other games, watch video, and listen to spotify just fine. It only seems to be affecting discord.

If it matters, the exact settings are “Line Out (plugged in)” and “Headphones (unplugged)” although despite the forum in the link above, I was able to set the Headphones as default anyway and it recognizes that port. I’m using the PulseAudio Volume Control (pavucontrol) app from Ubuntu Software to change these settings, and the terminal to set the default port.

My only connected audio devices are my headphones for output, plugged into the motherboard port; my mixer and headphones are listed in input (headphone mic muted), both also plugged into the motherboard. Mixer is a USB interface. My webcam was listed at one point, but I’m not sure where it has gone and if that can affect things somehow.

If anyone knows of a fix, please let me know! Thank you

Discord mass DM advertisement bot for $15

As you may have heard about Discord, it is a huge social networking chat where millions of user join guilds and do whatever they want. However, this script could be used to your advantage. With this script you could join these guilds and advertise users and direct them to your chat, website or whatever that may attract them. I am selling a Discord mass DM bot which will mass DM every member in the guild within a specific interval, except staff members or bots and have a really low chance of getting banned especially on phone verified accounts. Below are the features which might actually remove your doubt about whether it is worth buying or not: Easy to useFast and cheapIt has a really minimal risk of getting banned and can bypass the rate-limiting process of DiscordUses time intterval to DM usersIt won’t DM the same user over and over again unless you edit the list and remove the specific userSupport foreverScript is updated often and you will be added to a client Group chatHas the ability to ignore staff members and bots, no configurations necessaryYou can ignore users to prevent the bot from direct messaging that userThe bot will be able to detect if it got kicked out of the guild and then stop the DM process.The bot will DM the active members first and then DM the offline ones.The bot will notify you in-case it hits the rate limit or gets kicked out of a guild.Supports emoji and easy to setup your advertisement messageEasy to configureI will also provide support

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