Are there any any public synchronous discussion forums (slack, discord, etc.) for Theoretical CS

I’m a 2nd year masters student studying theoretical CS (algorithms to be precise). I would like to know if there are any public synchronous discussion groups (slack, discord, etc.) on TCS. CSTheory StackExchange works well when someone has a specific question/query. I felt it would be awesome to have an online forum of people interested in TCS to discuss about various developments of the field and also talk about interesting papers and concepts.

Theoretical CS broadly encompass algorithms, complexity theory, applications of logic in CS, automata theory and also discrete math in general.

If enough people are interested we could create one in discord.

What to do about a GM that does not allow for out of character discussion?

My GM tries to keep the game moving by not allowing for in-party discussion or out-of-character questions or remarks.

For example, our party travels across town to an NPC’s place with the intention of interrogating and intimidating them once we arrive. The GM skips over our travel or any preparation we may have needed and states that we are now gathered in front of the NPC’s door. We voice to hold on a second and discuss among ourselves what tactics we’re going to employ before we enter, including out-of-character discussion such as the mechanics of how abilities or equipment work. The GM then states that the NPC heard our discussion on the other side of the door and took actions.

I feel very frustrated that the opportunity to plan is being taken away and that we can’t even have, obviously, out-of-character discussions without time continuing to pass in game. I understand wanting to keep the game moving and staying immersed, but there’s literally no opportunities to pause even for rules clarifications. What can I do to have the GM allow us time to talk?

Loading thread from SharePoint Discussion Board into Smart Alert

We have set up Infowise Smart Alert on our SP 2016 site to alert users when new discussion items or replies are added to a discussion board. Right now, Infowise Smart Alert currently only sends the text of a new discussion reply. However, we want these alerts to also contain the rest of the thread that is part of that discussion.

The best approach we have come up with is to dynamically load that thread data into the post/reply, so that when Smart Alert Pro pulls the post/object object into that alert, the rest of the thread is also included.

How can we pull this data and add it to each discussion reply? I see several SP.Utilities.Utility methods for creating new discussion items or replies (createNewDiscussion and createNewDicussionReply), but none of getting that data.

Can we allow the comment section inside the “Discussion Board” list to show more than 20 replies

We have added a Discussion Board list to our sharepoint online classic team site. enter image description here

Currently when we click on a discussion item, the main view for each discussion will show maximum of 20 replies, and then it will show a paging link as follow:-

enter image description here

but most users miss this paging and think that the discussion only contain 20 replies. so can i expand the replies section to show more than 20? using the UI or using PnP script to?

Threaded discussion UI for my app

In the system I am developing, I need to create a UI for managing customer notes. A customer note is a textual note related to a customer that a customer service representative writes. For example, a note might look like:

Please note that this customer does not like to be called early in the morning. If callback is required, do it in the afternoon.

Also, a note can be “replied to”, for example:

Note 1 (written by customer service rep a):

The customer didn’t receive her order, what happened?

Note 2 (written by customer service rep b):

It turns out that the customer entered the wrong address

Note 3 (written by customer service rep a):

I have called the customer and asked her for her address. It should be all good now.

A response can only be one level deep, as in the example above.

My idea to present this is as follows:

Have one big grid that displays all the notes (including metadata about each note). Notes that are part of the same reply chain, as in the above example, will appear next to each other in the grid, with the most recent note in the reply chain appearing at the top. To convey that each note in a reply chain is”connected”, I want each note in the reply chain to have the same colour in its leftmost column, as in the image below. Is this a good idea? So as you scroll through the grid, you will quickly get a sense of which notes are related, and which are not. enter image description here

By the way, this is a desktop application written in a legacy framework that can’t do very much. So please don’t suggest anything too fancy.