Discussion replies via E-mail creates new thread

I have a Community site which contains a Discussion List, I have configured In-coming emails for this list and subscribed the alerts for the same list. When i send a email to the configured list email id for first time it creates a new Discussion post as expected, but after that if i try sending email to same post for reply via mail received from alert it creates a new Post insted of reply to discussion. Has anyone faced similiar situation ? please help me to fix this.

How to trigger SharePoint workflow with Like/Unlike clicks for Team Discussion

I created a workflow for a team discussion list, and enabled the rating system. I set the WF to be triggered when Item is changed. Since users could like Like/Unlike the items, it in turn changes the “Number of Likes” field. I assume the item is changed so it should trigger the WF. However this doesn’t seem to be the case, the WF is only triggered when I change some other fields like Title for example.

Is Like/Unlike (Number of Likes) a separate algorithm when SP checking if an item is “Changed”. If so, any way I could have the WF be trigger on the item if someone “Liked” it?

How i can remove views from my discussion board List name “Answered Questions” & “Unanwered questions”

I have added a discussion board list inside my team site. but I want to remove some views such as: Answered question, unanswered questions, etc… I am not sure if these are standard view or just a filters:-

enter image description here

But I can not find a way to hide these views/filters "Unanswered questions" , "Answered Questions" & "Featured"

SharePoint 2013 Discussion Board problems

I have a SharePoint discussion board for my company where we solicited questions for a large CEO meeting. The basic discussion board template was changed to include the following fields: Question short text; full question; submitter, #likes.

enter image description here

This is NOT my discussion board as it is on a proprietary intranet but will serve to ask my questions as the view is pretty similar.

1) How to add back in the reply feature?
– when I modified the original discussion board fields and created my own view to add likes, I somehow lost the ability to ‘reply’ to the questions. I added a column for ‘reply’ to the view but that just adds a blank column to the right of the table. I would like the ability to add the official answer to the questions.

2) Hyperlinked titles not working – My board looks similar with the title in hyperlinked blue font and the three ellipsis. When you click the hyperlink it doesn’t take you to the full question. It goes to a blank main discussion board page instead. Not sure what is going on with that feature but it is confusing. Since the page itself truncates the full question body to two lines, I was hoping users could click the hyperlink to read the full text. If I change the view to show the full question I lose the ability to ‘like’ the question. I can only pick one option for some reason. (you can click the ellipsis and view the full question but why doesn’t the hyperlink do the same thing?)

  1. I would like the ability for the official answer to be displayed below the question but as I stated above, if I change to a newsfeed type view I lose the ability to ‘like’ the question.

  2. I’d also like to add the ability to ‘like’ the answer but since I can’t even figure out how to add the ‘reply’ to the question, I can’t get that far.

Is this all possible?

Thank you, Brian

SharePoint 2013: Discussion Board reply Alerts

I’m wondering if there is a way to set up an alert that lets me know if someone has added a reply to one MY posts on a discussion board.

I can set alerts for the discussion board in general (new item added, item modified, etc), but can’t seem to find a way to do this.

Is there an OOTB solution for this? If not, can I configure a workflow instead?

Note: I’m looking to avoid using Event Receivers if possible.

Implementing discussion board in modern sites using SPFx

Consider we have a page on which list items details are being rendered, one at a time using list item ID passed as query string parameter. I understand that we have the comments section feature available at page level, but that does not help as the comments then would be stored specific to the page and not to the items. The discussions needs to be stored w.r.t each list item ID.

One approach which I was thinking of was using yammer webpart with hashtag property being set on page render. I believe that’s not possible as we cannot extend that webpart and set the property then. Please suggest what would be the correct way to achieve it. Feature wise, I’m looking to have 1-2 level of replies alongwith @mention functionality.

P.S. I’m using SPFx webparts with ReactJS in modern communication site.

Notifications on Discussion Forum

I am using SharePoint 2013 and the notifications for the discussion forum don’t seem to be working properly. I do get notified if I reply to myself but not if someone else does!

Is there not an automatic notification for someone else replying to your posts or your replies? I’m pretty sure this was the case in SP2010. I don’t want to have to set up alerts EVERY time.


How to make discussion board management view link to response thread?

From subject view:

enter image description here

If I click the title hyperlink it takes me to the response thread here:

enter image description here

But I created a new view based off the management view, and I want it to be simple to click the item and have it take you to the response thread.

Right now it looks like this:

enter image description here

But if you click those titles it takes you to a list view of the responses, not the reply thread. To get to the reply thread you need to right-click, click view item, then in the dialog that opens, click open.

Under the settings for Modify View, there are the column options:

  • Subject (linked to item with edit menu)
  • Subject (linked to item with edit menu) (old)
  • Subject (linked to item)
  • Type (icon linked to document)

But unfortunately none of them link where I want to go.

Is there a way to streamline this to link directly to the response thread?

Internship Rant + Discussion

I know all internships for any major, job, and field is competitive, but I feel like marketing internships want you to know how to design, code for websites and UX, know how to film and animate, pull/read data, analyze data, write blogs, and know SEO!

It feels like they want an art major, a business major, a statistic major, cs major, and an English major! Feeling like I need to find another major lol