Alt-Tech Platforms Cultivate Disinformation And Extremism

Conservatives are fleeing to social media sites like Gab, Telegram, MeWe, and BitChute that knowingly host dangerous right-wing content.

Amid bans and QAnon purges, there has been an exodus of far-right conservatives from larger social media platforms to newer “alt-tech” sites. The name “Alt-tech” is self-explanatory: these sites promote themselves as alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other mainstream labels. The “Big Tech” has, in the words of the far-right, “censored”…

Alt-Tech Platforms Cultivate Disinformation And Extremism

Deepfakes and fakenews are disinformation or misinformation hacks?

Cognitive hacking some say is a new type of hacking field and some say it is something that been there for many years. Exploring the chapters of WIKI and using projects like MisinfoSec, caused me to be confused about the differences between disinformation and misinformation to deepfakes and fakenews.

“Misinformation is misleading. Disinformation is a damn lie.” that is the best one-liner I found explaining the difference. I found it confusing that those being used interchangeably while having a very different meaning. Will you consider Deepfakes and fakenews are as disinformation or misinformation hacks?

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