Google Drive connected via GNOME failing to display files

I have 2 Google accounts connected via GNOME Online Accounts, one of them is working properly and loading quickly and the second one after around 30 seconds timeouts and throws the error below:

Cannot display this location. Error code 500 while polling: InternalError

The error code 500 suggests that it’s a server issue, but the other account is working and I’ve had this issue since last week, so I doubt it’s caused by Google.

How can I fix this? I’ve already tried unlinking and linking the account again.

Display current post position in Elementor Posts widget

I’m using Elementor 2.6.8 + Elementor Pro 2.6.2

I’m designing an Archive template to display a list of Custom Post Types filtered by custom taxonomy terms. I’m using Posts Widget from Elementor Pro to do this without a line of code.

Also, thanks to Ele Custom Skin plugin (1.2.0), I can design each post skin in a custom way (hopefully Elementor Pro will provide this in the future)/

Now, I want to display, in each post, the post’s current position in the list (=in the WP loop).

I tried with this code snippet that I added to each post with the ShortCode Widget.

add_shortcode( 'current_post_count', function () {     global $  wp_query;     $  out = $  wp_query->current_post;     return $  out; } ); 

But this always return -1.

I suppose the reason is that, in the context of the Posts Widget, the global $ wp_query is not the one to get the info from. I suppose the widget use another variable. But thenm I don’t know how to achieve this. Maybe if I could get the actual $ query variable in use ? Or maybe use the Query ID parameter offered by the Posts Widget?

I don’t know how to get this to work.

Anything to point me towards the right direction guys? thanks!

Making RewriteRule display content

I’m trying to learn Apache but a lot of the documentation and tutorials assume more knowledge than a newbie like me has.

I have a directory structure that looks like this:

In the directory mrtest I have a .htaccess file that contains:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^go$ gstyle/mini/cooper/$ 1 [L]

In the directory mrtest\gstyle\mini\cooper have the following files:

So when I…

Making RewriteRule display content

Display customer reviews on mobile, technique?

I’m displaying several items on the same mobile page. each of them has its own reviews (about 30).

What is a good technique to display the reviews? for example, have a link/button on each item box that will says “see X reviews”, and then where would the reviews be shown? they need to appear somewhere, maybe a scroll-able modal window, and then have some close button?

Display more information about nodes

I have a visual graph that represents connections between nodes. User can find connection between two nodes by typing names of both ends and they get all possible paths from start node to end node like this:

enter image description here

I want to find a way to display information such as Parents, Children etc. in a pleasant way. How can I rearrange or change this to be more suitable for users?

Each option in a tree has action associated with it, for example clicking Children -> V2 will take them to that node in a graph.

VLC Player does not display bold subtitles/font (regardless which font is selected)

When I was using Windows, VLC was able to display any font properly: Regular and bold. But when I started using Ubuntu and used the pre-installed VLC player, only the normal font variant was displayed all the time. Changing the settings did not work and reinstalling VLC made no difference.

Other programs like gedit and Libre Office and even TeX, however, work perfectly fine. They can deal with all the installed fonts properly.

What might be the problem?

Ecommerce – Effectively display sale on a product swatch

Is there an effective way of displaying a sale on a product swatch which is universally recognisable?

I have read the following NN article, which suggests icon and colour are the best way of displaying this on a product grid such as a listing page.

My initial thoughts were a percentage symbol within a circle, but my concern is this is to obtrusive?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

enter image description here

Sustituir Display en javafx

estoy pasando un proyecto de awt/swt a javafx. Mi duda, cuando yo tenia puesto la condición de display. En “fx”, tengo que usar el anchorpanel, el stage, panel o scene para poner condiciones o actuar sobre él.

Por ejemplo, para algo asi: Tengo el problema del display y del synExec.

Display.getDefault().syncExec(new Runnable() 

O cosas asi: en cuanto a lo de usar entiendo que mejor stage o panel?¿

                if (display != null && !display.isDisposed()) {                 display.sendPostEvent(SWT.None);