Is there a way to add a featured image for the product to show in the product listings, but display another image as the product image?

I want to show a different image of products listing on the home page of the site, not the featured image but when customers click on the products then it should show the featured image on the product page. The site is on woocoommerce is there any way to do this. Thanks

how to display Sin[Subscript[\alpha,i]/2] as $s_{bar{\alpha}_2}$ using e.g., Makeboxes?

I learnt that we can use Makeboxes to display Sin[\alpha_i] as $ s_{\alpha_i}$ as follows:

  (*MakeBoxes[Sin[Subscript[\[Alpha],i_]],StandardForm]:=  MakeBoxes[Subscript[Subscript["s",\[Alpha]],i],StandardForm] 

but can’t find a way to make Sin[Subscript[[Alpha],i]/2] display as $ s_{\bar{\alpha}_2}$ , regardless of in fraction form or in $ a/b$ form. I have been looking for this for quite a long time, but with no luck. I checked the documentation, but can’t understand how Makeboxes works, especially in this context.

Could someone help to produce such a way so that it can take effect on both calculations involving fraction form or $ a/b$ form? It’d be even better if some explanation on how to do it is provided.

How to display a table based on data from a custom content type with custom fields

I have created a new content type called “casinos” with the following custom fields:

Bonus Offer Rating Score Aff Link Casino logo 

I created 10 posts of “casino” type which contains information about each casino. I now want to display a table with these details in on my homepage so that whatever I do to these 10 casinos, in terms of changes in the future, the table will always be generated from this data.

I cannot even find a plugin to do this or any information at all. Anyone know where I would start with this or this a custom code mission?

An example of how I want this to look on the front end is here:

enter image description here

What to display if user does not enable location services?

This is a continuation of a previous question.

I’m developing an app whose only purpose is to display the closest Joe's Florida Tacos locations to my current location in Florida. It will have the usual list (closest first) and a map with the markers. The app doesn’t have any use outside of Florida.

Under normal circumstances, the user enabled “current location” so the app will display a list with the closest locations to user (like this). If the user switches to the map, the map will display location of the user and several markers.

But let’s say that “current location” is disabled. What will be displayed in the initial screen, where the list should be? Will it be empty or will it display everything? And let’s say that the user switches to map, what will the map display?

Is it possible to get an approximate location even if current location is off?

I don’t want to require that the user enables current location, but I don’t know what to display if it’s disabled.

How to display an infinite ratio to best communicate that the set contains exclusively one type?

I have a reporting dashboard displaying a ratio of apples to oranges normalized to 1:x such as 10 apples and 20 oranges is “1:2”.

How would I best display 0 apples 20 oranges?

  • “1:Infinity” is an option but looks weird
  • “0:20” or “0:1” shouldn’t be options due to the requirement of normalizing it in the form of “1:x”, but really the intent is to communicate to the user that for this cell of the table there are “only oranges”

How best to display multiple data points in a single row in a list view?

enter image description here

Hey! I’m designing a list that needs to accommodate multiple data points in a single row under a single category, and I’m wondering if there are any UI patterns that are best suited for this need.

I’ve seen lists that have rows with one long chunk of text (like a paragraph), but it still represents one discrete chunk of data – whereas what I’m designing will represent many separate data points (ex. Protocol 1, Protocol 2, etc.)

The user basically needs to quickly and efficiently identify which Protocols are associated with their corresponding Rules. I’ve thought about an expanding row interaction, as well as a modal, but both seem kinda click-intensive.

Any thoughts? Thanks for taking a look, eager to hear your feedback!

Acrylic Candy Display

Acrylic cakepop & Lollipop Holder Display Stand
3, 4 or 5millimeter thick acrylic sheet
Multi-colors available for choice
Safe flame polished edges
Custom size & shapes available
Toxic free, Eco-friendly and recyclable
Product branding, custom sizes, variety of colors can be made on request
Ideal for:
The units are Ideal for wedding, birthday, exhibitions and much more
The perfect stand for securely holding cake pops firmly in place allowing you to beautifully decorate, serve and present your little treats in style. Holding up to twelve cake pops, the stand secures at the top and bottom of the cake pop stick and is also wipe clean, ideal for serving.Acrylic Candy Display

Using a modal to display a dynamic form?

So currently I am building an interface that consists of user created “Documents” which can have a variable number of “items” associated with it. The problem is that I am not sure what is the most ideal method to represent the aforementioned user workflows. Below is an early stage prototype which illustrates the issues.Would really appreciate any feedback on how I can improve the solution.

enter image description here