Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx7 vs dmc-lx15

So I’ve been using the Lumix lx7 in the past and was quite happy with it. I don’t have a dedicated digital camera right now but I was recently thinking to get one again mainly for shooting fashion.

Back then I did often use the lx7 as a DSLR replacement when I didn’t have an actual DSLR with me. I picked this specific one because it has a dial for pretty much any function, every setting can be set manually and most importantly because of the unusally fast lens for a compact camera as whenever I am doing more “artsy” shots they are mostly in low light conditions and handheld.

So I was looking around and as far as I can see the only newer compact camera that can compete with its fast lens is the lx15. I looked at a direct comparison here and it seems like the biggest difference is just the image sensor being a few years newer, having a higher resolution and being bigger. I know that’s quita a quality difference. I just wonder if it really matters that much. The lx7 seems to be on par with the lx15 if not better in a few categories (for example the lens). So does not having an annoying lens cap, wireless functionality and the newer image sensor justify the more than double price it costs right now? Is future proofing a big factor here?

Can someone maybe put this into perspective for me? Maybe I’m just not good at imagining what those numbers really mean when it comes to the sensor.

I also gladly take recommendations for different cameras with a competitive lens and functionality.