What events are depicted in these frescos from the “Shield of the Hidden Lord” DMsGuild module (which expands on the Descent into Avernus adventure)?

There is an unofficial module on DMsGuild named "Shield of the Hidden Lord" by M.T. Black – who is one of the writers on the official adventure Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, so I assume its lore is correct.

Pages 7-8 of the "Shield of the Hidden Lord" PDF include the descriptions of 4 frescos on the walls of area T2. These paintings reportedly depict Gargauth (presumably different key aspects or events relating to Gargauth).

What events or aspects exactly are depicted in each of the following frescos?

First Fresco. A handsome sage in amber robes sits on a throne with a pile of scrolls next to him. He is speaking to a group of kings and queens, who listen to him with interest and respect.

  • I suppose this is just an illustration of Gargauth’s charming abilities. Is that the only meaning?

Second Fresco. The sage in amber robes looks at a city in the background. The city is burning, and soldiers fight in its streets. In the foreground are two snakes, twisted together.

  • What city is depicted here?
  • Who are the soldiers, and what organisations do they belong to? Why do they fight?
  • What is the meaning of these snakes?

Third Fresco. The sage in amber robes rides a blue dragon over a dark forest. In a clearing in the forest is a unicorn with a broken, twisted horn.

  • I found this dragon’s name: Rathguul. Is that right?
  • Why is there a unicorn?
  • A twisted horn is Gargauth’s holy symbol. But the module says that Gargauth’s holy symbol is a Knight of the Shield badge. What is right here?

Fourth Fresco. The sage in amber robes wields a rapier and fights a shadowy figure in dark armor. The shadowy figure wears a jeweled gauntlet.

  • Why a rapier?
  • Who is the figure? Bhaal?

Question about DMsGuild adepts

I was just wondering if there was a list on the wizards site or something that showed which DMsGuild adepts works are AL legal? Or are they all AL legal? I could only find this list: https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/news/dms-guild-adept-news?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter and it’s old and small.

Looking at other DMsGuild Adepts works, it doesn’t seem they are all AL legal, but maybe I’m wrong?

Is there any more rigourous testing for DSguild Adepts AL-legal works, than non DMGA AL-legal works like this: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/244431/The-Border-Kingdoms-A-Forgotten-Realms-Campaign-Supplement?src=hottest_filtered&filters=45470_0_0_0_0_0_0_0 ? (I assume all AL-Legal works have some testing right?)

I’m running Tomb of Anihillation, and was thinking of adding some bonus content. I thought that DMsGA works becoming AL legal would mean that they had been playtested, and declared "official", so I could rely on their quality, but maybe not?

I dont know… but a complete list of DMsGuild Adepts works that are AL legal would be great, if WotC has made one, thanks!

How can Forgotten Realms maps be used in DMsGuild adventures?

JVC Parry’s recent intriguing DMsGuild adventure Call from the Deep includes a hex map of an area of the Sword Coast from Forgotten Realms.

As JVC Parry is a third-party author outside of WotC, this suggests that DMsGuild allows use or recreation of their maps.

As I understand the DMsGuild guidelines, textual content from books and adventures can be used but not images outside of those that DMsGuild has published specifically for that use.

What DMsGuild allowed path are authors using to publish Forgotten Realms(FR) maps? Do authors have to recreate them with their own cartographers? Or is there a bank of map images somewhere that DMsGuild has provided?

Note: As opposed to this question which asks about the copyright issues of using Forgotten Realms maps – this question is asking for DMsGuild approved sources of FR maps allowed to DMsGuid authors or approaches that previous authors have taken that DMsGuild allows or states that they allow.

How to make digital content available for Roll20 for an adventure you published on DMsGuild?

Recently, I emailed Roll20 about optimizing an adventure for their platform so it can be released both on DMsGuild and Roll20.

Roll20 replied that they are very interested in having DMsGuild content on their platform.

However, DMsGuild states that if you publish an adventure on DMsGuild platform that you are unable to sell the adventure anywhere else.

To prevent breaking that rule, you might consider giving your digital content away for free on Roll20 – but I received an email from Roll20 that states that they do not allow digital content to be given away free – you must charge for it at a minimum of $ 4.95 (and they get a percentage of that.)

To avoid breaking the DMsGuild rule of not selling your adventure anywhere else, you might then consider creating just a digital bundle to sell on Roll20 which only has the digital assets (not the whole adventure) – but I received an email from Roll20 which states that they only want to have “complete adventures” on their platform.

These seem to be irreconcilable requirements: either you put something on DMsGuild and nothing can be made available on Roll20 or you put something on Roll20 and nothing can be on DMsGuild.

We emailed Roll20 about this and they said to contact DMsGuild about it. This didn’t seem like a viable solution as DMsGuild is unlikely to change their requirement about selling on other platforms.

Has anyone figured out how to release an adventure on DMsGuild and also provide digital content for Roll20? Has any previously published adventure accomplished this?

We are simply trying to make it easy for the people who buy the adventure and have digital content to play it on Roll20. We wanted it to be free but if Roll20 wants to charge that’s fine too. This scenario seems so common and so simply in the interest of Roll20’s platform that it seems like there would be a path to make it possible.