How to get the content of a specific document version

I am trying to retrieve the content of a specific version with Sharepoint API. I can get metadata like this :

{ "d": {     "results": [         {             "__metadata": {                 "id": "https://sharepointtest/_api/SP.FileVersionIDVERSION",                 "uri": "https://sharepointtest/_api/SP.FileVersionIDVERSION",                 "type": "SP.FileVersion"             },             "CreatedBy": {                 "__deferred": {                     "uri": "https://sharepointtest/_api/SP.FileVersionIDVERSION/CreatedBy"                 }             },             "CheckInComment": "",             "Created": "2019-05-14T07:45:15Z",             "ID": 512,             "IsCurrentVersion": false,             "Length": "4560528",             "Size": 4560528,             "Url": "_vti_history/512/Shared documents/sampleversion.odt",             "VersionLabel": "1.0"         }     ] } 

Using this, does anyone know how to get it as an InputStream with Java? My function in Java is

public ContentReturn getContent() {     InputStream content = null;     HttpGet httpGet = new HttpGet();     try {         httpGet =  new HttpGet("I DON'T KNOW WHAT I SHOULD PUT HERE THIS IS THE QUESTION :)" );                  content = client.execute(httpGet).getEntity().getContent();         content.close();     } catch (Exception e) {         e.printStackTrace();     }     return new ContentReturn(content, httpGet); } 


Thanks by advance!!

I would like to use the Content Search Web Part to only display Document Libraries

So I been using advanced query builder to accomplish to only display document libraries because I have a workflow that generates numerous packages.

path:”Site URL” (contentclass:STS_List_DocumentLibrary)

This only displays a couple of libraries, but also includes the general document libraries, how can I narrow my query to search only “FY” in the title of the document libraries thanks.

SharePoint Online button to create a new folder structure in a document library

I would like to add a button that appears on a SPO Modern Document Library that states “Create a new folder structure”. (see below image).

enter image description here

When clicked I would like that button to:

  1. Prompt the user to enter a Name and hit OK.
  2. Create a pre-defined folder structure of multiple sub-folders where the top-most folder is the name they entered in the above step.

E.g. the end outcome is a folder structure as below.

  • “My Folder Name I entered”
    • Sub-Folder 1
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 1.1
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 1.2
    • Sub-Folder 2
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 2.1
    • Sub-Folder 3

I’m not quite sure where to even start…How might I go about achieving this from a no-code and code perspective..?

Could this be achieved with a combination of Flow + PowerApps?


If I go down the path of SPFx, is there any good starting point examples that someone could point me to build from?

p.s: I’m aware of Document Sets and creating a Folder that is copy and pasted as solutions, however I’m more interested in something custom.


Add Digital signature in Customer Document Template

I added 3-4 types of document template under a document library in SharePoint online.

Now I have a requirement that Whenever any user create a Online Document using any of these template, copy of digital signature, of the respective user got added in the footer or in last page of that document automatically.

Any suggestion would be appreciated…

How to change the size of an embedded Google Docs document?


By embedding a Google Docs document into a web page using the provided iFrame data

<iframe src=""></iframe> 

the document will be displayed. Also adding the width and height parameters, changes the size of the iFrame.


When changing the size of the iFrame the Google Doc changes its size as well. So instead of being displayed as the usual A4 paper (like in the editor) its width will be reduced. This can be a hassle when working with small spaces, because the formatting is really weird:

  • Images as well as tables are still as wide as in the original document
  • The padding from the original document is also kept
  • All normal text will now be squished


Is there any way to add a parameter to the iFrame or style it with css so that the embedded document will always stay at “A4-size” no matter the size of the iFrame itself? Please understand that in my case it won’t be possible to make the iFrame itself bigger.

Or is there something that can be added to the src-URL?

Changing the URL of “Name” column in document library

Is there any way to rewrite the URL of “Name” column in a document library’s modern view?

“Field Customizer” is an option but then I will have to hide/delete “Name” column, which is not a good idea as this will be SPFx extension I need in whole tenant and I cannot remove Name column from the tenant.

Besides that, in search results also, I need to redirect to other page so its better I can rewrite the URL instead.

Unable to upload a file to out of box Document library Sharepoint online Classic experience using IPad with safari or chrome browser

I am trying to upload a document to the standard document library (shared documents) on a classic teams SharePoint online site.

I am unable to do so as the upload button is disabled.

When using Sharepoint 2013 classic experience on windows everything is OK

However the upload button is disabled on the iPad in the safari and Chrome browser???

On an iPhone, the upload button is enabled and I can upload a file and it is OK – works as expected

IPad and iPhone are both using ios 12.3.1

If I edit the page > web part properties > change the current view

Change the style from default to Newsletter no lines and save I get the 2010 classic interface and I can upload file via add document on the iPad

Can anybody confirm what I experience

How Restrict user to upload document to SharePoint

In my case i have 20 country and in 20 country many company i want to restrict users on the basis of country and company.

  1. if the user from India and there are 5 company(a,b,c,d) in India and user company is c so user upload the document inside Document Library/India/a ,only that particular folder .if user login from India and any xyz company(User) so he see only his company folder