Office 365 Document library Sync option not enabled

I had a team site owner contact me wondering why they can’t sync to a new file library that they’ve created. (See image.)

enter image description here

So I went and did some exploring. They added a bunch of content types, and changed the default content type to a visio file and changed the default template to a visio. I got the document content type to be default and added a word document to be the template. Didn’t make any difference.

They have content approval turned on, I thought that might cause it. It doesn’t.

They have check out turned on to edit, that didn’t matter either.

I thought it might be an Asset Library, it isn’t.

You can still connect to Windows File Explorer up on the Library ribbon. When I copy the library and create a template of it, it still retains the same behaviour.

When I create a new document library in that site, it works fine.

I must be missing something, but I’m running out of ideas. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Document Properties Under Quick Parts Don’t Update When A New Column Is Created

I have a SharePoint 2013 site that contains a document set with multiple content types. Each content type has its own document template. When I open a document template in Word, and then select Quick Parts -> Document Property, I can see all the properties related to the content type. However, if I add a new column to the content type and then open the template again in Word, I don’t see the new column in the list of properties when I select Quick Parts -> Document Property. Is there an additional step that needs to be taken after a new column is added, in order for it to show up under Quick Parts?

Microsoft Office URI Scheme Create Word Document Does not Save to SharePoint Location using |s|

I got inspiration from this question. I was trying to find a way to create a link for users to create a new Document using a template, and save it to a SharePoint Online document library using Modern UI.

I came across the Office URI scheme which has some function to do this. I managed to create a part of the link which allows me to create a new document using a document template I am storing in a SPO Document library.

I managed to create this so far


If I read the instructions here correctly, the save location is the bit after “|s|”. However, when I go to save the file, it prompts me with a dialog box and defaults to my OneDrive.

The expected result is when I hit save, the document should save in the document library I specified, which in this case is “checklists”. Or at the very least, the dialog box should have the default save location as what is specified.

The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized: While uploading file in document library using App Based Token Authentication

I am trying to upload a document to the document library using App Based Token authentication in SharePoint Online.

I have referred following link to set up the App Based token and the token successfull worked when I try to read any thing from the site.

But when I try to upload a file using following code,

string file = @"Path Of the file"; System.IO.FileStream fs = new System.IO.FileStream(file, System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read); using (var ctx = new AuthenticationManager().GetAppOnlyAuthenticatedContext(siteUrl, "CLIENTID","CLIENTSECRET")) {     try     {         ctx.Load(ctx.Web, p => p.Title);                      ctx.ExecuteQuery();                         Console.WriteLine(ctx.Web.Title);                      Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.File.SaveBinaryDirect(ctx, "RelativePathToDocumentLibrary" + "/test.docx", fs, false);                 }                 catch (Exception ex)                 {                 } } 

It gives me error of

{“The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.”}

Any suggestion or reference link is most welcome.

SPO PowerShell – How to add AD Group as permission on a Document Library Folder

I am writing a PS script to create a site with a doc library. The doc library will have many folders, each of which need its permissions set via an AD Group. I have been using PNP PowerShell, but see no way to do this. I can assign SharePoint Groups to the folders, but I need to assign Domain Groups (AD groups). Been searching for hours, any help is appreciated!

Name and url of document library

I’m using an OOTB Disposition workflow for expired documents. I have already defined Information Management Policy Settings on my publishing site.

It is working fine, x years after a document is created, the policy is creating a task. The link to the file name is fine, but there is no link to the actual document library! I tried to create a workflow to extract this from the document url, then found that it’s impossible to make a workflow on this kind of list!

Any suggestions please?

Disposition Expired Documents

Sharepoint 2013 Document last modified date code snippet

I am using sharepoint 2013. I have a page that does not show the document library itself, but has links to documents within it. Next to the link I would like to show the date the document was last modified for each file. See imageScreenshot of the links

The text is not a link, just the PDF is a link to a file with in a document library. They are not all in the same library though, some are on other sharepoint 2013 sites, that I own as well.

Is this even possible? I have been searching for a few days, but have not found anything close to what I am looking to do. Most of what I am finding is related to getting the date in applications outside of sharepoint.

Co-Authoring for Office documents inside sharepoint document libraries, can we do it when opening the documents using desktop applications

One of the features end-users always use, is the co-authoring of Office documents mainly excel sheet, where they open the excel sheet inside the browser, and 2 or more users can edit the document at the same time. but i am not sure if we can still have the co-authoring capabilities, in those cases:-

  1. if 2 users edit the excel sheet using their desktop excel applications?
  2. one user edit the excel sheet using the browser while the other edit the document using the desktop app?

Now i tested the above 2 scenarios, and they did not work out-of-the-box, as when i try to edit the document using the second user, i will get the document as read-only and if i try to edit it, i will get an error message that the docuemnt is locked by the first user. so can i say that co-authoring for the documents inside sharepoint will only work if all users edit the excel sheet using the browsers?

How can I use the Quick Chart Web Part with data from a Document Library?

I would like to use the Quick Chart Web Part with data from a Document Library not a list.

When I try to place a Quick Chart Web Part onto my page it only seems to be able to connect to a LIST or for values to be manually input.

I wish for the content to be taken from certain documents, tagged as Process Maps in my library and using column values from a column called FPMO

Connect a Sharepoint List to a SharePoint Document Library

Im using SharePoint Online. I currently have a document library called “Documents” containing circa 500 files. Each file has a column (Description Type) denoting what the document is.

eg Process Map, Geographical Map, Keynote, SOP etc….

I have created a List called “Process Sigma Level”

What I want to achieve is for this list to be connected to the document Library.

So that the list is populated only for “Process Maps”

I can then enter values such as “Current operating performance” into the list.

I don’t want this to be done of the document library, as by using the list I can separate the content and then use the SharePoint Chart option to create visual graphs of performance.

Any thoughts and suggestions?

Think the first challenge is how can I populate the list and for the content to remain up to date based on a filtered list from the document library