Reference dynamic text from another document within Google Docs

I want to create a document that has ten pages in it (ten pages, each page a new set of unique information). I want that document to pull from ten unique, single page documents that users can update. I want the updates in the unique documents to populate in the conglomerate document.

Is this possible with Google Docs?

I have seen that dynamic text can be linked between Google Sheets, or between Google Sheets and Google Docs but I want to do dynamic text from Google Doc to Google Doc.

Force download of Word Document external shared link

I am working with a member of HR that is attempting to share a Word Document file with applicants.

I have genereated them a externally shareable link and it works great for opening in Word Online. However, these applicants need to be able to edit their own copy of this document and return it via email.

I found this article that explains how to do it in my-sharepoint, by I need to do it for actual SharePoint Online.

How can I share a document externally and force a download of the file rather than it attempting to open in Word Online?

What countries in the Schengen area accept US travel document (form I-571)

I’m planning a trip to Europe this summer (Italy, Spain and Portugal) and will be using my travel document (Form I-571) that I have based on asylum from Syria. I had a visa appointment at the Spanish consulate today and was not able to submit the application as the officer mentioned that Spain does not recognize refugee/asylee travel documents.

This wikipedia page mentions that Spain accepts U.S. travel documents, however, I’ve read other sources that site the opposite such as this thread. Do you know which countries accept a travel document (with a Schengen visa) in 2019? I’d appreciate if you can include an official website, I’m having a hard time finding any.

vimrc and finding errors in latex document [migrated]

To find errors in a latex document, I open vim on the .log file. Then I type manually

/^l\.\|[Ee]rr\|[Ww]ar followed by RETURN 

This extended regular expression works well. It matches a line starting with ell followed by a fullstop (period) OR the word “error”, possibly capitalized OR the word “warning”, possibly capitalized.

I would like to put this command into my .vimrc with the line

:map % "what should I put here?" 

I made various attempts, including doubling some of the backslashes, but couldn’t get it to work. I want vim to look for a match for my extended regular expression when I type “%”

Can France embassy ask for additional document

Need some help in calling a bluff.

I’m trying to call a bluff but cannot find enough evidence to support my logical reasoning. Goal – (Delay my travel) I’m trying to delay my travel to France and would like to travel in Mid MAY so the bluff

Is anyone aware of french embassy asking for additional supporting document after we have applied for visa… lets say after a week. If yes, what sort of document could it be?

Type of visa – business

Funds? Stay? or something else?

Thanks for the help!

Q: Document Library File Permissions – Manager vs Members

I’ve been asked to make a library / repository of resumes from team members. So basically, permissions should be as follows:

Members – Can upload resume and edit their submissions but not view other files in the same folder.

Managers – Can view and download all items in the folder.

Can anyone help how to accomplish this? I’m new to SharePoint development and it would really be a great help. If anyone can send me links to similar topics, that would be great as well. Thank you.

Alert me How to display word document in browser window?

We need to display a word document inside the browser as part of our SharePoint application. But when we tried to achieve this, it is always showing a popup with options like Open, Save and Save As. We don’t want this popup and directly want to show the document in browser window itself (not in corresponding applications like MS Word ).

We have a SharePoint application and document (Word) will be Stored at document library on SharePoint Server we want to display it in browser window on Client machine. We are able to achieve this for PDF file but for Word (.doc or .docx) files, same code is showing a popup with options Open, Save, Save As.

Cannot open document library in Explorer View- Access Denied

We are working on SharePoint 2013 On perm. When I am trying to open a SharePoint Document Library in ‘Explorer View’ (Open with Explorer button), I am getting a message. This behavior is the same for all the users.

\sitename\DavWWWRoot\LibraryName is not accessible. You might not have permissions to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

A device attached to the system is not functioning.

I am the site collection administrator. The Library has 57000 items in it.