View count for documents across all document libraries with timeframe

I am trying to get view counts across document libraries for all the documents (pdf/docs/docx/pttx/xslx/etc) not the web pages. What I am trying to do is getting the count for the total documents in each document libraries and select the highest view count for the last 7 days.


However the above query only gives ViewsLifeTime for the document library (I need document) and also it shows over all counts not the last 7 days. How do I get this programmaticly or is there a way I can query it.

Missing middle name in travel documents

I know I do have a middle name as it is listed in my birth certificate and I have many documents from my childhood that include it (e.g. school records), it is also used for elections but it was never included in my national identity card or passport.

I’m an Austrian citizen and actually have travelled around many countries where it could have caused problems, but I didn’t have any trouble so far, not even in the US. However, I’m planning to travel to Russia and Belarus soon, and I don’t know about those countries.

I have a valid national identity card and passport that both show my name without the middle name.

Can this affect any travel, specifically to Russia or Belarus? Do other countries know or care about my middle name?

Supporting documents to convince “can not submit original invitation/accommodation”

I am an Indian citizen applying for UK standard visitor visa.

In supporting documents guide for visitor visa, it is mentioned that, All documents must be originals and not photocopies (I am attaching the screenshot).

enter image description here

I am going for a conference in UK, I have got invitation letter and accommodation letter in email as a scanned copy. It will take at least 10 days to get original shipped from UK to my place, assuming the organisers are kind enough to send original immediately.

What supporting documents should I attach to convince the Visa officer to say that I can not submit originals for invitation letter and accommodation?

Search REST API for documents modified by logged in user

I am working on a query to get the documents modifies by logged in user. I am able to get the documents with the specific file extension.

var myurl = _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + '/_api/search/query?'+ "Querytext='* AND " +     "(FileExtension:doc OR FileExtension:docx OR FileExtension:ppt OR FileExtension:pptx OR FileExtension:xls OR FileExtension:xlsx OR FileExtension:pdf OR ContentTypeId:0x010100F3754F12A9B6490D9622A01FE9D8F012*)'"+ '&sortlist=\'LastModifiedTime:descending\'&RowLimit=10';  function onQuerySuccess2(data) {     var results = data.d.query.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.Table.Rows.results;      $  .each(results, function (index, result) {             var modifiedTime = result.Cells.results[9].Value;             console.log(modifiedTime);      }); }  function onQueryError(error){     console.log(error); }  $  .ajax({ url: myurl, method: "GET", headers: { "Accept": "application/json; odata=verbose" }, success: onQuerySuccess2, error: onQueryError }); 

The above piece of code is working properly. The only thing pending is to show the modified by currently logged in user. For this, I am adding the


So my query becomes:

var myurl = _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + '/_api/search/query?'+ "Querytext='* AND " +     "(FileExtension:doc OR FileExtension:docx OR FileExtension:ppt OR FileExtension:pptx OR FileExtension:xls OR FileExtension:xlsx OR FileExtension:pdf OR ContentTypeId:0x010100F3754F12A9B6490D9622A01FE9D8F012*)'"+ '&sortlist=\'LastModifiedTime:descending\'&RowLimit=10&querytemplate=\'modifiedby:{User}\''; 

But then specific file extension filtering stops working. What am I doing wrong? any guess.?

hrefs to PDF documents do not load PDF document but copy-pasting the link in a new tab does [on hold]

I have created a website using godaddy website builder. On it I host a few PDFs using their file upload system.

Opening files from their links works as expected.

I have wrote some HTML content and use exact same link to the hosted PDFs. When link is clicked new tab opens (“target: _blank”) but the screen is white, there’s nothing on it. However if I take that link, open a new tab, paste & go, then PDF loads.

Originally I though this was due to a javascript event attached to links on their file system that made it work but there are none.

Funny thing is, with some time, day or two, my links started working on their own. Broke again after a site update, so I don’t know whats happening

Documents showing that another person can pay for your visit – UK VISA

I am an Indian citizen, applying for UK visa from India.

In document checklist for UK Visa there is the following column

Documents showing that another person can pay for your visit, such as : Bank statements of the person paying for your visit

I am being paid by my institute to attend a conference. Host institute is providing accommodation.

What should i attach in this case?

User cannot check-out documents – gets into auth loop

I have a user, who works remotely who cannot check out any documents from the project site he’s working with in SharePoint 2013. He has not been able to since day 1. The particular site is purposely set for check in’s/out’s.

When he clicks on a link, it downloads the file, and if he clicks on Check-Out, it prompts for username / password. The box just endlessly keeps coming back when he puts his credentials in. If he edits the document online, it obviously will not allow him to make changes yet.

User has Windows 10, and office 2016 installed on their machine. Here are the things we have tried so far:

  • Ensured he has read/write permissions on the site.
  • Added site as trusted.
  • Set user logon to “Prompt for user name and password”.
  • Logged into our organizations account in Office (specifically Excel) – User was logged into his parent company account prior.
  • Mocked up a new site with some documents just to make sure there was nothing happening on the current project site (where every other user can do this fine).

The only thing left that I know of is to do an office repair. As mentioned, he is off-site and I gave him simple instructions to do this, but I have not been updated on its progress. I am looking for any more ideas on what could be causing it.