Why doesn’t FilterOp work with Inplview?

I am trying to pass a URL into a SharePoint listview with parameters for filtering. The FilterOp paramter doesn’t work with inplview for me.

If I pass the parameters in normal query string format (?key1=value1&key2=value2), the FilterOp parameter is honored. For example, if I do this:


The FilterOp (Gt – greater than) is honored and I only get rows where Date1 is greater than 12/31/2015. However, if the user clicks the paging button to advance to the next page (or modifies a filter or sorts), the syntax switches to the format used by inplview (key1%3Dvalue1-key2%3Dvalue2). But in this format, FilterOp is not honored. For example, if I do this:


The FilterOp is ignored. FYI, the hyphens in the date get double encoded to %252D since a hyphen is a parameter separator in this syntax.

Other values for FilterOp are ignored as well. The date encoding complication is not relevant. You can reproduce this filtering issue on a single line of text column.

I need to be able to pass a URL with parameters that filter using FilterOp that will work with inplview to properly support paging, sorting, and filter modification. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

GRUB2 doesn’t display menu but command prompt instead

I had previously ubuntu and windows 10 installed on my computer. GRUB2 was my boot loader, and on startup I had the grub menu from which I could choose to boot on ubuntu or Windows.

Recently I decided to replace Ubuntu by KDE Neon. I installed it on my previous Ubuntu partitions after formatting them. Installation went successful but now when I restart my computer, GRUB doesn’t display the menu as before but only shows the command prompt. If I want the menu to appear I have to execute the following command:

grub> set root=(hd1,gpt6) grub> set prefix=(hd1,gpt6)/boot/grub grub> insmod normal grub> normal 

After this, the menu is displayed and I can see all the kernels installed.

I tried to run the Boot Repair tool, but without success. Here is the output of Boot Repair

I have no clue of what is wrong. Thank you for helping

Replacement doesnt work

i have matrix 8*8 and determinant of matrix is long output. i want to some replacement to simplify the determinant but it doesnt work.

B = Det[M]; V = B /. {a1^k_ /; k > 1 -> 0,a2^k_ /; k > 1 -> 0}; T = Expand[V] 

it works other example but not this one. Result has $ a1^n$ and $ a2^n$ terms.

-1024 s^12 + 8 a1^2 s^12 + (3 a1^4 s^12)/4 + 8 a2^2 s^12 +...  

i added screenshot. screenshot


I deleted the etc/X11 folder and now the UI doesn’t work when I log with nvidia drivers installed

I was trying to change some configs of my GPU (Nvidia MX150) and I did something that made the screen freezes after login screen, so I deleted the folder with one of the files that I edited (xorg.conf), I thought if I delete this folder it was going to be rebuild somehow, but it doesn’t happen. Now I’m only able to use the UI when I purge nvidia drivers. How can I recover this folder?

I know that I did something really stupid, but I appreciate any tips you can give me.

Delete column from content type doesn’t work

This is the code I use:

Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" $  web = Get-SPWeb "Myshareointsite/Projects/Test" $  list = $  web.Lists["Risks"] $  ContentType = $  list.ContentTypes["Item"] $  ColumnName = "Comment"     if($  ContentType -ne $  null)     {  Write-host $  ContentType.Fields         if($  ContentType.Fields.ContainsField($  ColumnName))         {          $  ContentType.FieldLinks.Delete($  ColumnName)         $  ContentType.Update()         Write-Host "Field removed from the Content Type!" -ForegroundColor Green         }         else         {         Write-Host "Field Doesn't Exists in the Content Type!" -ForegroundColor Red         }     }     else     {     Write-Host "Content type not found!" -ForegroundColor Red      } 

at the end of the execution, I get the message: Field removed from the content type but when I check in the column, the field is still there any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

Thank for your help

Wifi adapter doesn’t come on after suspend on 18.04

I have been searching through the forums for a general solution to this problem for 18.04 (such as this one or this one).

The first example was originally posted for 14.04 and tells me to add a script to the /etc/pm/sleep.d. I tried two different scripts:

#!/bin/bash case "$  1" in thaw|resume) sudo nmcli nm sleep false sudo pkill -f wpa_supplicant ;; *) ;; esac exit $  ? 


#!/bin/sh  case "$  {1}" in   resume|thaw)     nmcli r wifi off && nmcli r wifi on ;; esac 

but neither of them worked. I’m not proficient enough in Linux to understand exactly what the scripts are doing but I do get that this should run when resuming from suspend (I did make it executable using sudo chmod +x). In fact just running

nmcli nm sleep false 

in a terminal gave me “Error: argument ‘nm’ not understood”

An answer on this post says that sleep.d is no longer active as of 16.04 and that the script should be put in /lib/systemd/systemd-sleep.

The second post seems to be specific to Lenovo laptops as it says to run:

sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ideapad.conf <<< "blacklist ideapad_laptop" 

but I have an HP Pavilion with an Intel Corporation Wireless 3160[8086:08b3] rev (83), as per lspci | grep Network, and there is no “blacklist-ideapad.conf” file in /etc/modprobe.d

There is no hard switch on my laptop for the Wifi adapter so I was hoping someone could help me tweak these answers for my situation. How would I add a similar script to the systemd-sleep since its not a folder or script (that I can read anyway)?

Thanks for the help! Jeremy

TexMaths BASIC doesn’t open in Libre Office – BASIC runtime error

Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS LibreOffice TexMaths 0.48

When I click on the TexMaths icon in LibreOffice Writer, I get the error:

enter image description here

Interestingly, if I write some Latex, I can select it and click on the TexMaths icon and it does turn my Latex into an image of the equation, but it’s not editable.

More of the error message whenever I click on the icon (if I haven’t selected Latex in the document first):

enter image description here