Can a mage in Body of Air cast a spell that doesn’t require gestures?

A mage PC in the play-by-post Dungeon Fantasy campaign I’m playing in cast Body of Air on herself, in order to rise above a brewing combat. She then tried to cast Stone Missile, but the GM commented that she couldn’t do that because Body of Air gives the “No Fine Manipulators” trait while in effect (hands are made of, essentially, air currents). He said she wouldn’t have trouble throwing the missile, because that’s an “innate attack” (additionally, the missile of a missile spell isn’t material according to multiple game designer clarifications I’ve read), but that she couldn’t cast the spell.

By standard rules, with skill 15 or higher, a PC caster should need to speak one or two soft words, or make a quick gesture in order to cast a spell (except for spells that specify some special movement or incantation requirement), and it’s been my understanding that the PC in question has base skill 15 or higher (not my PC, so I’m not certain, but the OOC discussion reinforces this belief).

Is there a rule I’m missing that would prevent a PC under the effect of Body of Air from casting a spell that needs only a couple words?

Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate doesn’t match domain name [on hold]

I have an issue after Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificate installation, maybe somebody can help me.

I have installed a Wildcard certificate generated by at cPanel.

The domain is and at the hosting, this is an addon domain. Certificate works for but does not work for any subdomains I have created in cPanel.

At the cPanel Certificate Details I see the certificate is generated for both subdomains and domain:

Certificate ID: _wildcard__fluidpower_pro_b5553_5b59f_1560821893_33f836cd985519af6b2aec555b1a5f0d Domains:  * Issuer: Let's Encrypt Key Size:   2,048 bits (b5553b52 …) Expiration: Jun 18, 2019 1:38:14 AM 

But when I try to go to any subdomains, for example I got an error NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

I have checked at `` and found this explanation:

Your SSL certificate does not match your domain name! Protected Domains: * 

Can somebody explain why it happened? Why certificate protects strange domains when run any subdomains, but protects well primary domain? How to fix the issue?

tcp keepalive doesn’t receive response but didn’t retry to send another keepalive

I am using linux kernel 2.6.32 with tcp keepalive enable, and normally keepalive works fine, but when the kernel send keepalive packets within 10ms send another data packet[SIP register packet], the receiver will response duplicate acks and after 60 seconds, client will send [RST, ACK] packets.

It looks like TCP congestion problem, cause peer thinks the keepalive packets dropped, and request another, but the client didn’t send that. Normally, the client should send keepalive packet with retry times but it didn’t, is it really TCP keepalive problem ?

AVCaptureOutput doesn’t capture Audio Data when Recording

I am trying to record audio on live camera, but in some cases, specially when the memory tasks are higher than usual. AVCaptureOutput doesn’t seem to capture audio data when recording is in progress. Any idea what might cause this type of behaviour?

extension ViewController: AVCaptureVideoDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate, AVCaptureAudioDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate{          func captureOutput(_ output: AVCaptureOutput, didOutput sampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer, from connection: AVCaptureConnection) {             guard let formatDesc = CMSampleBufferGetFormatDescription(sampleBuffer) else { return }             let mediaType = CMFormatDescriptionGetMediaType(formatDesc)             let time = CMSampleBufferGetPresentationTimeStamp(sampleBuffer)          if mediaType == kCMMediaType_Audio {            //THIS BLOCK DOESN't GETS CALLED SOMETIMES         } else if mediaType == kCMMediaType_Video {             //Works Okay.         }  } 

Host doesn’t support nested folder structures for deployment. How do I adjust Composer?

So, I have to deploy a drupal 8 site to a host which doesn’t provide functionality to specify an entry point for a Drupal site which is nested below the site root folder. How can I update the folder structure to have everything in the server’s site root? What I tried initially was to move the contents of the site_root/web/ folder up to the site root, but this causes 500 errors. I’m not sure since I can’t see the errors on the host server, but replicating the scenario on my dev machine points to the autoloader.php file looking in the wrong place PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/var/www/html/ab-test/../vendor/autoload.php'.

I have tried to resolve this by first following the suggestion to re-run composer install from the site root but that doesn’t seem to help. When I manually update where the autoloader.php should be looking, I then get this errorPHP Warning: require(/var/www/html/ab-test/vendor/composer/../../load.environment.php) which again suggests that the file/folder structure is being set somewhere I’m not thinking of or don’t have enough experience to check. So, my convoluted question comes down to how do I switch from a nested to a non-nested folder structure without everything freaking out?

Smiley face doesn’t work

All of my Emojis work, except one. This one ☺️. In the emoji archive it’s listed simply as “smiley face”. It works in every other application except Google messages (not to be confused with Facebook messenger), and it’s only this emoji. when I select it, it well appear in my text box as I’m typing, but it disappears from my message as soon as I hit send. It also doesn’t matter who I send it to, Android or iOS, though interestingly, I can receive this same emoji just fine. I’ve found similar problems but have no idea how to fix it. It’s starting to bug me. my android version is Android 9. my phone is the pixel 2 XL. i’m using Google keyboard.

Calling app that doesn’t require sim card and can split ring tone and voice audio on two different outputs [migrated]

I have a specific use case for an old Android phone (Samsung GT-I8190N) running Android 4.1.2.

The time of old land line phones are long gone, but I occasionally find it useful to be able to call “the house” at times when the kids and wife have all left their phones somewhere where they can’t hear them.

My plan was to utilise and old smartphone that I will attach to the wall, and a cheap “retro” phone handset with 3.5″ minijack that plugged into the headphone port. What I can’t find though is an calling/messaging app that:

  1. works without SIM card, and is not confusing or full of advertising, so that even small children can use it – preferably open source, but should at least have a simple screen where the user can select which person to “call” (over the Internet obviously, as there is no SIM card).

  2. supports directing the ringing tone to the speaker, while the voice audio goes through the phone handset

I’m OK with installing a server application on a Linux server to route all the calls go though, and would actually prefer that, but I’m also OK with going through a 3rd party server.

Does anyone have any tips about what Android app would fit this purpose?