How Different is Dogs in the Vineyard from more “Traditional” RPGs?

Our gaming group has got a lot of experience in playing more mainstream/traditional RPGs; we’ve played D&D (3.0,3.5,4.0) World of Darkness, Rogue Trader, and even a little L5R. However, after the recent implosion of a WoD campaign, we’ve decided to try going for a more ‘rules light’ system, and we’re going to try out “Dogs in the Vineyard” (the rules at least; the setting itself is bothering some).

I understand that the game itself has a very different approach to things; what are some of the core ‘gotchas’ that we should be watching out for? Things that are so different that it’d never occur to us to check how we ‘should’ be doing it?

[ Dogs ] Open Question : My girlfriend kicked my dog. How should I proceed?

My girlfriend and I were about to go out to dinner. My dog walked past her and touched her dress. She got angry and kicked him very hard, he started crying. She said she had a bad day and didn’t want fur on her dress. I went to my dog to check if he was okay and found a big bruise on his belly. I got really angry and began to yell. She promised to never hurt my dog again. I kept yelling to the point she started to cry. I feel very bad now. Should I forgive her? I took him to the vet yesterday just to make sure. The vet told me he was okay and there were no serious injuries. I forgave her, but I told her I would break up with her if she did it again.

Homemade food for dogs

Homemade food for dogs

It’s important homemade food for dogs is “balanced and complete,” meaning it foods all of the dog’s nutritional needs. It’s not important, however, that every food be complete and balanced, unless you feed the same meal every day with little or no difference.

Home- produce dog diets that incorporate a wide variety of food fed at different meals rely on balance above time, not at every meal. Similar to the way humans eat, as long as your dog acquire everything he require spread out over each week or two, his diet will be balanced and complete.

Homemade food for dogs

  • Homemade food for dogs

Home Made Dog Food. So many people would wonderment why anyone would make food for their dogs at home, while there are so many food products at the city pet store. There are natural foods, diet formulas and a multitude of other products on the store. So one of them is perfect for your dog right?

To answer that let me pose this question to you. Would you purchase food for your children in a big bag, feed them the same thing each day, knowing it was…

Homemade food for dogs

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[ Dogs ] Open Question : How much pet insurances cost? Are thy worth it?

Hello everyone, I am planning on getting a rough collie puppy. This is my first pet and I’m not very familiar with how the pet insurances work(for example what is the difference between copay, deductible and vet costs)? I read some mixed opinions on having a pet insurance(some prefer saving accounts some the insurance). I would like to know how much do they usually cost for a puppy(who is going to be a large dog), and what kind of things do they cover? Do they cover the vet visits for checkup? Specially the first couple of months where they need to get their vaccines. Or do they just cover incidents like illnesses and other stuff? Thanks in advance

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