Should I have own mobile app for .app extension domain name?

I have a plan to buy .app extension domain name ( But, I don’t have any mobile app for that website. Is that really important to have an app for .app extension website?

These success stories lists have their own mobile app also. Thats why I am asking. Is mobile app really needed for website?

My root domain is not resolving to my server, but the www. subdomain works fine

I have the DNS configured like this:

enter image description here

So, my domain is working as With www there is no problem, but with non-www like it’s not working.

As you can see, my DNS records are pointing in record to the NS Actually, is pointing to my server’s IP.

What could be the problem which is causing not to work while does work?

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Ways to transition SELinux domain / process context (securing SELinux boundaries)

(Apologies for multi-question. Theme is the same, but there are quite a few edge cases.)

Browsing the web, I come across resources (see below), but they don’t make this quite clear what the situation really is, so this is my attempt to clarify and gather info that I am missing.

Ways to transition

I gather there are at least three ways for process to transition into another domain. I will list them as rules that are displayed by sesearch:

  1. type_transition <source> <file_label>:process <target>” – process in source domain can execute a file with file_label, which will then have target domain.
  2. “allow <source> <target>:process dyntransition” – process in source domain can use /proc/self/attr/current to transition into target domain.
  3. “allow <source> <target>:process transition” – process in source domain can use /proc/self/attr/exec to transition into target domain when exec is called.

Are there any other ways?

Protections for these transitions

Besides the above rules, transitions will also require:

  • “allow <source> <file_label>:file { execute read getattr }” (is getattr really required? read?) – for type_transition and probably transition
  • “allow <target> <file_label>:file entrypoint” – for type_transition and probably transition
  • “allow <source> <target>:process setexec” – for transition
  • “allow <source> <target>:process setcurrent” – for dyntransition

Other potential problems

  • In case of memfd_create+exec(“/proc/self/fd/%d”), is the file_label same as the “symlink” label? I assume for normal /proc/self/fd/ entries symlink would be followed, so that should be fine.
  • Can a ptraced process transition to another domain? Experiments tell me exec fails with EPERM in case of type_transition, and there’s a denial logged because of missing process ptrace permission from source to target. Would this work with dyntransition?



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Would this Cleric domain be balanced?

One of my players in a new campaign decided they want to play a cleric with a gambling addiction to a god of chance. I personally loved this idea, and we worked together to create a Luck Domain for the cleric that we like. Only issue is, we have never done this before. Would it be to powerful compared to other domains/classes?

1st Level – When you make an attack roll with advantage, you can forgo the advantage in order to deal +10 damage if you hit. You can do this a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier. You regain all uses when you finish a long rest.

2nd Level – Channel Divinity – Have the DM roll a d20 in secret. Guess a number between 1 and 20. If the number is lower than what the DM rolled, nothing happens, and the Channel Divinity is lost. If the Number is higher, deal damage equal to what you guessed to all hostile creatures within 30’ of you, and you take damage equal to half of what you guessed. This damage is radiant, but cannot be reduced in any way, to either party.

6th Level – You can now use charges of your level one ability to impose disadvantage on an attack made against you. If they hit you, you take +10 damage.

8th Level – You may add your Wisdom modifier to the damage of any cleric cantrip that you cast.

17th Level – Once every month, you may conjure a card into your hand. This is a single card from a 22 card deck of many things. You have only one draw, but if you don’t like the first card you draw, you may draw another, but you are stuck with it.