Domain Models with complex properties construction

According to this article: Using Ids in Domain Models is not a good practice. We should reference the entire domain model instead.

In this case, when we want to provide only Getters for our properties, we have no choice but to use the constructor parameters to pass all the data.

example :

class Car {      public Car(string name, Model model, Engine engine){         Name = name;         Model model = model;         Engine = engine;     }      public string Name {get;}     public Model Model {get;}     public Engine Engine {get} } 

In a case where we receive a DTO from the front end for example:

class CarDto {     public string Name {get;set;}     public long ModelId {get;set;}     public long EngineId {get;set;} } 

How to construct the domain model from this?

  • Should we fetch the Engine and Model from the database by their ids before building the domain model ?

Also in the case when in our Domain Model we have some complex properties that are not always set, is it enough to just pass null as a parameter, or they shouldn’t appear at all in the constructor, and give them a Setter ?

Any other suggestion is welcome.

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A delivery loop was detected which causes this email to be undeliverable when using a domain alias with Google Apps

This is a follow-on to the question “How can I add an email alias to a domain alias in Google Apps?”

A primary domain has been successfully set-up with Google Apps (not G Suite) e.g.

A secondary domain alias to the primary domain has also been setup. It has been verified e.g.

Although I successfully receive an email that is sent to, the error message “A delivery loop was detected which causes this email to be undeliverable” is received when an email is sent to

It has been 24 hours since the domain alias was added.

Is there any additional step that must be completed?

I have a question about domain transfer

this may seem a newbie question but this is confusing for me.
If anyone can explain this, I would be greatful.

I have this website (domain+hosting) with a company. registered on Sep 18, 2018 for one year.
The hosting package + domain is going to expire on Sep 17, 2019.
I want to keep this domain but not with this company.
So do I have to transfer this domain or renew with another company?
And when?
If I transfer this domain to new company, today on June 23, 2019.
Will it be…

I have a question about domain transfer

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Yahoo mail domain change issues

I have a friend’s facebook account which was connected to domain. For password recovery, the password reset mail is sent to mail.

However, I came to know that yahoo mail has stopped providing .in domain now and only use .com domain. Upon creation of a new id, a mail with is created. And we are not able to fetch mails that are sent to account. Also, fb does not allow to change password without mail. Is there any way we can log in to the fb account and get out of this loop?

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