Created Domain Accounts in WHM/Cpanel but are not Working?

Recently I created an EC2 instance to install WHM/cPanel in Amazon Web Services. After going through all installations and configurations, managed to run it perfectly. Though I haven’t purchased a license for using WHM/cPanel Software, am still running on trial version, so I have created two domain accounts for testing but whenever I try to run the domain in different browsers, I get this error;

Hmmm… can’t reach this page
Check if there is a typo in
If spelling is correct, try running Network Diagnostics.

Could this be as a result of running a trial version of WHM/cPanel or all domain accounts I register nor create in whm are not being considered.

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Will it be a high quality backlink when we get backlinks from two subdomains of a same domain?

My question is that will I get high quality backlinks if we get baclinks from two subdomains of a same domain. For example if there are two subdomains of a same domain – and and they both gives a backlink to a site so will get two high quality backlinks from that two subdomains or not or there will be different criteria applied by the search engines? If a different criteria will be applied what will be that criteria?


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Capturing variable after slash in domain

I’m developing an ecommerce website with WordPress / Shopify API. I’d like to be able to capture discount codes through the URL.

So if the discount code was code40, I’d like the enduser to be able to go to and have that discount code automatically feed into the checkout. I’ve tried a few different methods, but I’m struggling to get a working solution. I have a good idea on how I’m going to feed the variable into checkout, but I’m struggling with capturing the data after the URL. Is this something I should do through HTACCESS/PHP or maybe JavaScript and a cookie? Any suggestions?

Purchasing a high Domain Rating domain for a 301 redirect

I’m considering purchasing a domain that has a high Domain Rating (78) by ahrefs (

The domain is a good domain in terms of not just its domain rating but also its name. It’s short, and has good keywords in it.

The domain was owned by a company which does essentially what my company does. The competitor’s company went out of business a few months ago.They were a much larger and much more successful company than mine at this point. I’m just starting out with sales.

I am considering purchasing the domain but it is quite expensive. If I were to purchase the domain, I would want to make sure I could turn the positive aspects of this domain into something positive for my business.

My intention was to do a 301 redirect, but I’m not sure how that will help me. I don’t want to assume the other company’s name, I just want to point potential visitors to MY company’s domain and also am hoping to catch a bump in authority or rating myself. That said, I’m not sure that is how that works.

Is it possible to do what I mentioned above and have it be of significant value to my company?

Do you have any other suggestions or alternative angles to best benefit from the purchase of a domain like I’ve described above.

Case Converter site lower, UPPER, Capitalized, 11 years domain

I'm selling my website change text case
This website will help you easily convert text between different cases, maybe you Accidentally left the caps lock on and typed a text , you can use this tool instead of retyping the text again

Text conversion cases?
you can choose between:
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Additional Features:
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• It…

Case Converter site lower, UPPER, Capitalized, 11 years domain

How does the following script manage to pull data from an external domain without requiring CORS headers?

Script in Question:

You can click "view source" at the bottom to pull up the exact PHP and Javascript being used.

I used part of this script to extract images on a site of mine from another on separate domains and servers. I had to go to the one being scraped and add a CORS header "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" to allow my specific domain to do the AJAX $ .post and actually receive data.

The script above does not require any site to have the CORS header for security. As far as I can tell I’m doing nothing different.

I have an HTML form then I’m grabbing the field data with jQuery and doing a $ .post where the action is a PHP file that uses DomDocument to grab the HTML. The PHP then sorts through the data and echoes a JSON object. Then the jQuery sorts it all out and displays it on the page. Same thing they’re doing.

I can’t see how they’re getting around the need for a "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header on the site they’re grabbing images from?

Thanks for your time and energy in this!

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