Wildcard redirects for paths in Google Domains

The Goal: redirect www.example.com/product/* to www.example.com/product using Google Domains

Background: I’m using github pages to host my site so I cannot add an htaccess file like a more traditional site. Also I had some issues with emails from my domain going to spam when I used Cloudflare.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to simply set up wildcard redirects for paths. it’s just subdomain.

Google Domains won’t redirect `http` to `https` when Bluehost handles the DNS and website

I have a website hosted on bluehost, but using a domain from Google domains. I am trying to force it to always redirect http://example.io -> https://example.io from the google domains site.

However, when I add the redirect, I get the following error:

This synthetic record has an error and will not function correctly: We had a temporary issue creating your SSL certificate. We will automatically keep trying to resolve this issue. 

enter image description here

We have it setup to redirect permanently using SSL: enter image description here

We are using bluehost name servers. Are we missing something here?

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How does the timing of Order Domain’s Voice of Authority work?

The Order Domain cleric from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything has the Voice of Authority feature. Part of that feature states:

If you cast a spell with a spell slot of 1st level or higher and target an ally with the spell, that ally can use their reaction immediately after the spell to make one weapon attack against a creature of your choice that you can see.

Immediately after the spell _____ ? Is cast? Targets the ally? Affects the ally? Ends?

For spells like healing word, the intent seems simple. The spell is instantaneous, so:

  1. You cast healing word, targeting your ally.
  2. Your ally is healed.
  3. You use Voice of Authority. Your ally uses their reaction to make an attack.

For spells like dawn, things get a little more complicated. For simplicity, I’ll assume that all creatures within the area count as targets. It seems like the initial cast of a duration spell would work like this:

  1. You cast dawn, which includes one ally in the area.
  2. Your ally rolls their save and takes damage.
  3. You use Voice of Authority. Your ally uses their reaction to make an attack.

But if you maintain concentration, the spell continues:

  1. Your ally (the same one as above) takes their normal turn in initiative.
  2. Your ally ends their turn.
  3. Your ally is still within dawn, so they are targeted/affected (?) by the spell again.
  4. Your ally rolls their save and takes damage.
  5. (?) You use Voice of Authority. Your ally uses their reaction to make an attack.

Voice of Authority restricts you to only one ally affected, but (potentially?) doesn’t restrict that one ally to more than one attack.

For some additional weirdness, allies could be targeted/affected only on subsequent turns:

  1. You cast dawn, which includes no allies in the area.
  2. Your ally takes their normal turn in initiative, during which they enter the area.
  3. Your ally ends their turn in the area.
  4. Your ally is targeted/affected (?) by the spell for the first time.
  5. Your ally rolls their save and takes damage.
  6. (?) You now use Voice of Authority. Your ally uses their reaction to make an attack.

My question is: how does the timing of Order Domain’s Voice of Authority work, particularly for area spells with a duration? I expect to be using this class feature at a table that sticks closely to RAW, so it would be helpful to know what the rules say precisely. If the rules are unclear or undesirable, then tested rulings are also welcome.

Can a cleric “multi class” between domains? [duplicate]

I have a player asking me if there is a mechanic that would allow them to take on a second domain, much in the same way a player can multi class. My gut here is no and I am contemplating instead finding out which 2 domains they wish to combine and then forming my own homebrew deity and domain that takes aspects of each, but not everything. But is there a RAW way that a player could take on multiple domains as a cleric?

Lore help sought: how might my players change a deity’s domains?

The short setup: my players believe they’ve angered a major deity and want to atone for their actions. Since the deity in question is Desna, who wants to reclaim the Beasts domain from Lamashtu, one of the "obvious" options is to help her achieve that goal.

I’ve been looking for lore about how PCs (and mythic ones at that) might be able to even nudge the cosmic balance such that one deity might take a domain from another.

I know the ultimate answer is "whatever the GM says works works". I’m hoping that there’s some obscure bit of lore that I’ve overlooked that might point in a helpful direction.

So: what, if any, precedent/lore/… is there in Golarion for mortals to change – or aid in a change to – a deity’s domains when there’s no chance of a negotiated transfer?

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Prevent search engines from crawling and indexing all domains and subdomains set up under an Apache server

My company is renting a CentOS server, with one main domain and ~30 subdomains (the number varies, but it’s usually around 30) hosted on it. The subdomains themselves are used for various purposes (mostly development), and are usually deleted once they outlive their use.

Recently it has come to our attention that some of the search engines have indexed some of our defunct and some of our active subdomains.

What would be the best way of preventing search engines and crawlers from crawling and indexing the main site and its subdomains?

I am aware that it’s possible to create a robots.txt file with noindex, nofollow, etc directives, but I’d like to avoid it, if possible (going through ~30 subdomains, setting up a new robots.txt when a new subdomain is created, etc).

I’m also aware that it’s possible to use:

<IfModule mod_headers.c>   Header set X-Robots-Tag "noindex, noarchive, nosnippet, nofollow, noodp, noydir" </IfModule> 

in .htaccess. What I’m unsure of is whether I could place this directive inside of main domain’s .htaccess, in hopes of preventing crawling for both the main domain and its subdomains.

Is there a better way of doing this? I’ve come across a StackOverflow answer that Alias can be used in httpd.conf for robots.txt. Can this be used for .htaccess as well?

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Prestige classes that grant domains – Effective cleric level

For a prestige class that grants domains and increases caster level for a previous class, if it grants an extra domain, what is the effective cleric level for that domain? For example, if you are a sorcerer, and you take four levels of Rainbow Servant, you gain access to the Air domain. What is your effective cleric level when you turn/rebuke Air/Earth creatures? Is it your level in Rainbow Servant only? Or is it your effective Sorcerer caster level? Or is it your total character level?

Edit: this came up when the Rainbow Servant came across a wyrmling Green dragon, and she remembered she had access to the Air domain, so she turned Air creatures. She is Sorcerer 6/Rainbow Servant 4. If the effective cleric level is 4, she can roll to turn the 5 HD Air creature. If the effective cleric level is Sorcerer Caster Level, then it is 8. If it is Sorcerer + Rainbow Servant levels, then it is 10, and in the last one, it is possible that the little dragon goes pop (I said it was 4 = Rainbow Servant level).