Will my NYC Learner’s Permit allow me to travel domestically without a passport?

I’m travelling from NYC to Oregon on the 20th of June, and just now I checked my passport and realized it had expired in April. If I want to renew my passport, I either have to wait 8 weeks or more to get it done without paying, or pay over 100 dollars to get it expedited.

My question is: I have a learner’s permit issued by the state of New York. Can I use that in place of a passport when travelling?

I have an L2 visa but it expired Feb 2019, can I travel domestically?

I have applied for a green card and travel document which is in process. Now I want to travel domestically in the US. Is it possible to travel with the expired visa? I attended my interview for the green card and I did not receive my travel document yet. So is it possible to travel domestically?

Can anyone advise me on this?

Will a USA no-fly blacklist prevent Canada passengers from flying domestically?

Related to this question, apparently someone who is on a USA no-fly list will not be allowed on international flights between other countries, if they have a chance of overflying or diverting to the US. And it’s understandable that airlines would check this as part of the immigration prescreening, since they have to do that anyway.

So several people suggested he fly from Europe to Canadian airports nowhere near the US, such as Gander, Halifax or St. John’s. That’s great, but if you flew internationally into St. John’s, the only sane way to travel onward is flight.

They don’t do immigration prescreening on domestic flights. So would he still get flagged/blocked if he attempted a St. John’s-Toronto or Halifax-Vancouver domestic flight?

What forms of ID do I need to fly domestically from Massachusetts after October, 2018?

I am planning to fly to Texas in a few weeks, but I do not have a Read ID. I have a standard Massachusetts license and a passport, and the passport is going to expire within 6 months.

To fly domestically would I need to renew my passport (even though it is technically still valid)? Do I even need my passport at this time — would my standard license still work?

Am I able to fly domestically within the US with just a B1/B2 Visa/Border Crossing Card without a passport?

I am a Mexican citizen in Mexico on the US border and cross almost weekly, so I am legally able to visit. My passport is currently expired and it takes some time to renew it. I am afraid TSA might not be able to except my B1/B2 even though it is an American issued form of ID. I have been looking around the internet and haven’t been able to find a similar situation. I have a valid I-94 form as well that grants me permission to travel pass the 100 or miles allowed in the state I travel in.