I don’t like a fellow player, what should I do?

We’re playing online.

I don’t like the player, not the PC, the PC themselves is fine, which kinda makes this worse, if it was the PC, I could chalk it up to good RP.

This player also isn’t unlikable/overtly terrible like in rpghorrorstories where I can call them out that what they’re doing is wrong or something. They just make annoying jokes a lot of the time, making fun of everything happening in game (though tbf and respectfully, their own character is also the butt of the joke sometimes) and are weirdly specieist to certain things in D&D (mostly to monstrous races believing all of them to be evil), not the PC is specieist, the player. (and the DM has established that as objectively not true in this campaign world)

I think this is mostly a difference of opinion rather than outright them being a bad player (though I certainly think so, since I’m biased)

The campaign is reaching a point where I and my character could leave without causing a problem (i.e. not during combat and stuff), so I’ve been thinking of just leaving, though I’ve also thought of telling the DM that I won’t leave if the other player is kicked out, but I don’t want to pseudo-blackmail my DM. I also don’t think talking would just solve this (we’ve already tried talking with them about the specieist point, and they haven’t changed, and I think I’m really the only one that finds their jokes annoying)

I think the best thing that would happen is if they leave of their own volition, which I don’t want to instigate by antagonizing the character in game and stuff because I don’t want to be a terrible person/player, and ruin everyone’s fun

[ Politics ] Open Question : I don’t really care about conspiracy theories but now that the Jeffrey Epstein portion of the pizzagate theory turned out to be true why…?

Has no one since this enlightenment brought any of that back up? The pizzagate thing was swept under the rug as lies, and then a big portion of the conspiracy theory involving Epstein turned out to be true. But the theory has never come back. Why?

I’m a DM and I want a hiatus but don’t know how to tell my players

So I started DMing before this pandemic and I loved it, however the swap to online has been extremely rough and every session I am extremely stressed out to the point where I lose sleep and am picking up some of my old bad habits.

I want to put the campaign on hiatus, but all the players have put effort into their characters and are my friends and I don’t want to disappoint them.

How do I step down from being DM and put the game on hold until we’re back in-person.

Why certain sites don’t send newsletters to “anonymous” mail addresses?

I use an “anonymous” mail address (cock.li provider in my case). I have found that mainstream news sites in particular don’t send their newsletters to such an addresses. It looks like the domains blacklisted.

What is the reason? I can understand that they don’t want you writing comments from anonymous mail addresses, but passive reading of a newsletter is also prohibited?

Why this behavior? Why this behavior only with traditional mainstream news?

These newsletters usually have a lot of advertising and tracking, why they don’t wish to deliver them to “anonymous” addresses?

In SQL injection why don’t we use OR 1 or OR 2>1 instead of OR 1=1?

I read everywhere regarding SQL injection where it is said that if SQL query is SELECT * FROM table_name where username=’xxxxx’ AND password =’xxxx’ and if you want to enter always true condition then you will have to use ‘OR 1=1– then the query will be SELECT * FROM table_name where username=”OR 1=1–‘ AND password =’xxxx’. The logic behind the SQL query is simple since OR 1=1 is always true that is why it has been executed. However 2>1, 3>2 will always be considered true but why don’t we use ‘OR 2>1,’OR 1 expression in SQL injection?

What can you do in combat if you don’t have initiative?

Losing initiative is described as:

When your foe has initiative against you, they are forcing you to react. … Some moves are inherently proactive or offensive and can only be made when you have initiative. Others are reactive or defensive and are made when your foe has initiative.

Reading the rules, I only see two moves are specifically described as reactive: Face Danger and Clash. The rules, however, also list other moves in other category than combat, but I’m having difficulty in deciding which can be used when my character doesn’t have initiative.

Other than Face Danger and Clash, what other moves can be triggered when I don’t have initiative?

Why don’t services like Have I Been Pwned send email if you haven’t signed up?

When a database is breached and my password and email have been leaked I can go onto have I been pwned? and I can see that my password has been leaked. But why wouldn’t the service send out an email notifying me of my leaked password WITHOUT signing up for getting notified?

In my experience, a lot of senior people find out that their password management is poor (same password everywhere) after they’ve been hacked and potentially lost money. Now they could’ve received an email notifying them of all their hacked passwords and the shock could force them to use a password manager.

I think the main reason this doesn’t exist is that there are way too many emails to send. If you sum up a list of leaked services for every user, you’d have to send millions or billions of emails (even if spread out over multiple years) and this would probably get you blocked on every mail service.

What are the other reasons that this service doesn’t exist?

Decrypt a text I don’t know how was encrypted

I have already looked around and didn’t find anything so I thought I could ask here. I have these 2 different encrypted texts +j+hnQx9Wl83MWeM92tyZA== and E4NEi092gWbppbpNR0JUAw==
They should both be long numbers, like 19732832, but I don’t know how to decrypt them. Does anyone know how to help me? I would be very glad if anyone could tell me either the encryption method or just the decrypted text. Thanks in advance

If it can help somehow, this is another examples: lJsFziTUF4LtFzww7d2tVw==

XEvil Captcha Service don’t work in GSA SER


I used to use XEvil Captcha Service connected to GSA SER. Then I’ve reinstaled a new Windows on my PC and as a result can’t make GSA SER working now. I’ve been testing GSA with XEvil for connection (responding) and correct work – everything seems good. But when I start the project – captcha service don’t resolve (there is no resolved or failed result, nothing changes in “captcha cell”).

XEvil Captcha Service is working correctly with Xrumer. Proxies in GSA are also working (private ones).
Log is running, but no submissions are done.

What could be the problem?