is a scam .. they dont pay ..Stay away


I was a publisher of from December 2018 .
They have a fake agent named "Olga Morozova" which is a scammer .
She collects invoices each month , and from more than 12 months she give excuses ..
Checked their facebook page and i found aother publishers complaining about the same issue "Payment" .

I contacted theme many times by email , so no reply .

They are scammers , so please be careful from MOXTV.


HDD partition now read-only, don’t know why

I am new to Ubuntu and primarily home user. I have 100GB partition to store my files. My OS has recently upgraded to 18.04. Not sure what has happened but this 100GB partition has become readonly. Using explorer, I am unable to create new folder or file.

I have tried with MKDIR command on terminal but it returned with

dp-ubuntu@dpubuntu:/media/ubuntuhost/Ubuntu-Files$ sudo mkdir test [sudo] password for dp-ubuntu:
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘test’: Read-only file system

please help me with permanent solution.

I don’t see why the array[1..3, 1…2] is faster to index than array[1…2, 1…3]?

In my programming concept class we learned that for the array type it’s faster to index in memory if the length of an element is = $ 2^n$ . This case make us only need to offset instead of actually doing multiplication.

We also learned about the representation of multivariable arrays with row major. It was then said that the array[1…3, 1…2] is faster to index compared to array[1…2, 1…3] because we have the length of an element being = $ 2^n$ . I don’t understand why you can determine this?

Find a row by primary key, when you don’t know in which table it is?

I’m the (inofficial) DBA responsible for a proprietary OODBMS. Management wants us to move to Postgres, to reduce license costs. The move should be progressive, therefore we should also keep the same data-structure as in the OODBMS. Luckily, with the support for ARRAYs, and table inheritance, we can literally create an identical schema in Postgres. All tables will use bigint as primary key, and all (indirectly) inherit from the same base table.

The biggest issue is this: Our bigint key are (and must be) unique across all tables, and we must be able to quickly load a set of rows, based on their primary key, without knowing in which table they are. The rows will be spread over any and all tables. The primary concern here is speed, rather than disk or memory usage.

Expressed differently, what we need is a unique index across all tables. AFAIK, this is not possible in Postgres. What is the “next best” option? I’m open to any solution, including using, or maybe even coding, some “Postgres extension”.

To give some hints about the actual DB, we are talking about 300 tables, 130M rows, and about 300GB in size (OODBMS size).

Edited. How can I install a software on an user computer in Linux (ub? Every time I try to install it, it says that I don’t have autorisation [on hold]

No it’s not my computer, I tried to install a software on a user computer in my university, but I couldn’t. So is there any way to do it. (put in mind that I’m a beginner.) PS: not sure if it’s a 18.04

X Server error on a console app when I don’t have any X Server

I have Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo on the Windows Subsystem for Linux. I have a command line app called screenfetch (I use the dev version of it because the original displayed an awk error). When I launch it, I get a bunch of errors:

xdpyinfo:  unable to open display ":0.0". xprop:  unable to open display ':0.0' xprop:  unable to open display ':0.0' xprop:  unable to open display ':0.0' xprop:  unable to open display ':0.0'                                                                                                                                                         


Please note that I do NOT have any X-Server apps and I am really disappointed. Could you find a solution to this weird bug?

trying to install ubuntu on windows with usb, welcome page don”t show

i try to download Ubuntu with a usb stick. i did all the things required and now was trying to boot, hoping to have the option to choose to start with Ubuntu and not windows but that never happen. instead windows start as regular. its windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 what could be the problem? thank you

I don’t know how to identify the password behind the hash

so I am total noob at this , just starting out. I found online an web app that is vulnerable to blind sql injection, I manage to get in users table and I looked at my password, in the table was the hased version, this one->57b0fcbe39b9336d, now I know that my password is dinamo, knowing the hashed version and the original password how I can use this informations to find out the hashed method?