My Mac keeps adding double spaces randomly when I type

I’m running Mac Version 10.14.3 on a 15-inch 2018 model.

I’m not sure if I received a new update but over that last few days it keeps adding random double spaces as I type.

I tried turning off key repeat as suggested on some websites but that hasn’t corrected the issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I’ve had this Mac for several months and I never had this issue until a few days ago. I’m not sure if it’s software or hardware related.

When I double click a folder in Windows Explorer it opens Visual Studio

Windows 10 x64. When I double click a folder in Windows Explorer it opens Visual Studio.

It doesn’t happen all the time and not always for a given folder.

It happens usually like this.

I am working away in Windows Explorer, then when I double click a given folder I get an error message dialog “An internal error occurred”.

Then I double click the folder again and nothing happens.

Then I click off the folder and on it and can go in.

Then I back out and with the same original folder if I right click several times in a row, the context menu changes each time. Sometimes it has the default action for that folder as 7Zip, then Visual Studio, then no default action, just copy and paste options on the context menu.


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Javascript: Leave quotation marks in double assignment

I got certain variables like this

var x = "1.234";

that I want to parse to a double value. Doing things like Number(x) or +x etc. would work of course, but is there a way to do it extra efficiently? Thing is, I can assume that the string is always in such a form that for

var x = "s";

s is a valid JS double, i.e.

var x = s;

would be a valid double assignment.

So can I somehow “leave the quotation marks” in the assignment. What I’m thinking of is something like a Regex.match that extracts the double value s from '("s")'.

I hope this makes any sense to you.

Approximate a double integral

I am struggling to approximate the following integral

$ $ \int_0^\infty \int_0^\infty (1 + n x^2)^{-1}(1 + y^2)^{-1} \Phi\left(\frac{a}{\sqrt{1 + b + x^2y^2}}\right) \text{d}x \text{d}y,$ $ where $ \Phi(u) = \frac{1}{2} \left\{1 + \text{erf}\left(\frac{u}{\sqrt2}\right)\right\}$ is the standard normal cumulative distribution function (and $ \text{erf}$ is the error function). I also know that:

  • $ n$ is a large natural number (so studying the integral in the asymptotic regime $ n\rightarrow \infty$ can be sensible/useful);

  • $ -4<a < -2$ ;

  • $ b> 0$ (and it is close to $ 0$ ).

So far, I have been considering two directions to approximate this integral (but have been unsuccessful). I started by approximating the integral with respect to $ x$ :

  1. using the series representation of the $ \text{erf}$ function, but a) I feel that I would have to use many terms for the approximation to be accurate, and b) the integral is not much (?) simpler to compute when replacing $ \Phi(\cdot)$ by the truncated series.

  2. integrating by parts: an $ \tan^{-1}$ term appears as well as the normal density function $ \phi(\cdot)$ , and there I am stuck again…

Any idea to help me? In particular, I feel that using the fact that $ n$ is large may help.


While using Screen Sharing, a double click to the remote Mac acts like a single click

I’m using Apple’s Screen Sharing to control a headless Mac mini from an iMac. Things mostly work, except when I try to double click anything on the Mac mini, it acts like a single click.

I’ve tried adjusting double click speed using System Preferences on both the Mac mini and the iMac with no success.

As a test, I plugged a mouse into the Mac mini and I can double click items normally.

Any suggestions on how to make double clicking work?

Name of double sided search algorithms

I modeled the function double_sided_breadth_first_search after the ideas in “improving Dijkstra” in Cormen et al, and the OCW course on algorithms. Note that I expand the smaller boundary, in an effort to improve efficiency. I have not seen this applied to bfs before. Does anyone know the name of this algorithm? Does it have a name? I saw the technique for doing a double sided Dijkstra algorithm, doing the iteration on the smaller vertex with smaller degree described online but can’t find the page now. Does anyone know of a references for the Dijkstra style algorithm I just described? Here is my code:

Reversing the order of integration to solve the double integral

I am trying to solve the double integral:

$ \int_{0}^1\int_{1-x}^{\sqrt(1-x)}$ $ e^{{y^2/2}-{y^3/3}}$ $ dydx$

by reversing the order of integration, however, I am unsure how to go about doing it. Is it right to say that initially:

$ \sqrt(1-x)$ $ ≤y≤(1-x)$ and $ 0≤x≤1$ . After reversing the order, we get $ 1-y^2≤x≤1-y$ and $ 0≤y≤1$ , hence the reversed order of integration will be:

$ \int_{0}^1\int_{1-y}^{1-y^2}$ $ e^{{y^2/2}-{y^3/3}}$ $ dxdy$ ?