What is the way to know that the endpoint is down if there is an L4 / L7 balancer?

I’m writing an API-fuzzer and I want to detect if a sequence cause falling down of an endpoint of some service. Of course I can get 500 response code, but it’s may be called from code of an endpoint. And there are any exact way to find out if a server is down?

I don’t know in advance what kind of balancing is on the service side. So I will be glad to know a universal solution, or some particular one.

Can you shrink down then teleport inside an enemy using alter size and then Again to expand yourself and explode the creature?

So my party is playing a god campaign and my character has divine rank 1. I’ve chose alter size as my divine ability, but one of the perks of being literal god is I can teleport at will as a free action. So my question is, during combat, if I use alter size to shrink down to the size of a pin head, and teleport INSIDE an enemy, then use alter size again to expand myself enough to basically explode their body… how would you calculate that exactly……

InfoPath: Drop down choice shows incorrect data

I’ve just published an InfoPath Form, however, when I open up the form in SharePoint my drop downs are displaying the incorrect choices. ie. for choice 1 SharePoint displaying the choices from drop down 3.

enter image description here

I’ve continued to publish and wonder how to sort my fields again so that the choices show up in the correct places. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is urgent. Thank you

What happens if GSA-SER shuts down unexpectedly?

Good morning, GSA friends! :)
I was wondering how it affects everything if SER shuts down abruptly.
I have a keyboard with a shutdown key. I have to re-assign it, if possible, b/c it’s been pressed accidentally a few times.
I’ve noticed SER does not show the Submitted or Verified links when I restart the program.
Is it just the totals that are affected? Anything else?
Thanks, kindly….Deeeeeeee