[ Politics ] Open Question : Why didn’t Trump lock the country down in January to prevent deaths?

CNN)If the United States had started social distancing just a week earlier, it could have prevented the loss of at least 36,000 lives to the coronavirus, according to new research. As of Thursday, the outbreak’s death toll across the country has risen to 93,439. At least 1,551,853 cases of the disease have been recorded, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

How can I track down an issue with a locked table, endless query?

I have a table that is periodically getting locked in a manner that I don’t quite understand. I cannot do the following:

select * from thetable select count(*) from thetable 

There are roughly 2,000 records.

I can do the following:

select top 2000 * from thetable select * from thetable where ID = etc. 

Going backwards to find a new record that perhaps was problematic, incrementing the count in chunks until I can finally reproduce it again:

select top 1500 * from thetable order by ID desc select top 1550.... etc. and eventually it gets locked and never finishes the query. 

Query never finishes… have waited 10 minutes. Only resolution is to restart the service.

The related stored procedure that I thought caused the problem I ran manually (it interacts with this table) and the longest time it took was roughly 45 seconds. This particular procedure goes through many phases and is wrapped in a transaction with a try/catch/rollback/commit. There is no explicit locking set on the procedure.

Any direction or guidance to track down the root issue is greatly appreciated.

Understanding Frightful Aura and Frightened tick down

I have a question concerning Pathfinder Second Edition:

From my understanding, when a creature enters the Lich’s Frightful Presence aura, it has to roll Will save.

Because of the nature of Frightened, every time the creature’s turn comes, it ticks down by one.

So within two turns, the aura is completely without any effect for the next 8 turns. (Gain immunity for 1 minute).

For an example of why this is weird to me: The party of adventurers made it down to the Lich’s evil lair. Beyond the door, the Lich Xarxark the Terrible awaits. The adventurers are Frightened by the Lich’s aura that permeates through the door. As the Rogue takes turns to unlock it, the Frightened value ticks back down to 0 and now the party is ready to face the Boss, undaunted.

Is my understanding correct?

Round down operation result in IEEE 754 [closed]

For operations using single precision values in IEEE 754 (float, 32bit), is there a way to somehow condition the two operands to ensure that the operation result is rounded down, when an exact result is not possible?


  • Typical result (using ’round to nearest’): 1.0f / 3.0f = 0.3333333432674407958984375f
  • Expected result (using ’round down’): 1.0f / 3.0f = 0.333333313465118408203125f

As additional info, I would be doing this in C99, and (unfortunatly) it’s not possible to configure the FPU.

scroll down a few pixels on page load

I’d like to have my homepage automatically scrolled down a few pixels once loaded. I tried with

<script> (function($  ){     $  (window).on("load",function(){         $  .mPageScroll2id("scrollTo","#casa");     }); })(jQuery); 

with the “scroll to page id” plugin but it’s not really doing what I’m looking for (it loads when the page is loading and not after).

thanks D.

Monk Unarmored Defense Improvement to run down a wall (5e)

My player is asking me if he could use this ability to run his full movement speed down a vertical surface, and then have gravity kick in. So his fall damage if he were running down a cliff wouldn’t start until after the first 120 feet of movement (if he dashes first) instead of starting from the top of the cliff.

Is this a viable use of this ability? I imagine the ability working like running on walls. Going straight up is fine. But straight down? Seems like it shouldn’t work this way.

Is there a way to lock down a network?

If supposing I discover that my network is being attacked by some hacker or is being compromised in any way and I am able to detect it. So, is there any software-oriented way of ‘locking-down’ the network?

Basically, that means that there would be NO traffic at all in the whole network. A solution like yanking the model cable is not appreciated. Could it be somehow done in a more subtle way? blocking an IP address would not be the best because the person on the other end could spoof it or more certainly, could just get himself assigned another IP address by using other devices.

Could it be also done in a way as to only block traffic from that specific person so that legitimate traffic is not hindered? Maybe to identify him without something being easily changeable like IP or MAC address?

Issue: Mouse Wheel Up and Down changes the value in a field

hey I have a php website platform. On certain pages there's fields where user can enter values into. Critical amounts with 2 decimal points…

I am finding if the mouse is in a certain positional and if the mouse wheel scrolls up or down it is able to change the value of the 2 decimal point amount!!!

This is a big risk for data input.

Just wondering is there a way to disable or get rid of this for all users that visit the website?

Down Alternative Comforter suppliers

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