Free SEO Tools link down?

I’ve been trying to use the Free SEO Tools link at the top of the forums, but it seems to not be working.

Whenever I try to log in, the information is invalid.

I tried using my email and username I signed up with (the password is correct).

Is there something wrong? or should I reset my information

The odd thing is, whenever I use the forums my login works perfectly.

What is slowing this Haskell code down?

I am trying to learn Haskell doing some contest problems. I have worked a bit with the language but still have a very long way ahead.

Right now I am working with a problem called Ants, it is pretty straight forward, some parsing and minor calculation. My program finished running in 0.69 seconds, while the best result someone achieved with Haskell is something like 0.03! It is very annoying.

I have tried to speed it up with some even uglier code, but the best I have managed with this is 0.66 seconds.

Can anyone spot some obvious things about this code to improve the runtime?

The input looks like this:

2 10 3 2 6 7 214 7 11 12 7 13 176 23 191 

And the code:

main = do     contents <- getContents     let cases = parse contents      mapM_ putStrLn (map showcase cases)  type Case = (Int, [Int])  showcase :: Case -> String showcase (len, positions) =      let ds = dists len positions         edgiest = (snd . maximum) ds         es = max (len - edgiest) edgiest          midmost = (snd . minimum) ds         mm = min (len - midmost) midmost     in show mm ++ " " ++ show es   dists :: Int -> [Int] -> [(Float, Int)] dists l = map (\x -> (abs (fromIntegral x - m), x))     where m = fromIntegral l / 2.0  parse :: String -> [Case] parse = parseCases . tail . words -- skip the first integer  parseCases :: [String] -> [Case] parseCases [] = [] parseCases xs =      let (cs, rest) = parseCase xs     in cs : parseCases rest  parseCase :: [String] -> (Case, [String]) parseCase (len:a:xs) =      let ants = read a         positions = (map read . take ants) xs         rest = drop ants xs     in ((read len, positions), rest) 

Why will some images pinch down to however small I want, and some won’t?

Why will some images pinch down to however small I want, and some won’t? I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab-S for referral to images when painting on rocks. When I begin, I have to freehand draw the image on the rock, so I measure the available area to get proportions correct. Some images I can “pinch down” to the exact height (ie. 2-1/2″) and they stay there, but some will spring back to at least halfway when I turn them loose. Please tell me how to solve this. I’ve tried reducing the resolution via Photoshop, but that doesn’t solve it. What is the common denominator to this problem, please?

Google Sheets – Move Row upon selecting a specific option from drop down menu

I am looking to use Google Sheets to keep track of my jobs. I have a spreadsheet set up so the status of a job is indicated by a dropdown menu. When a job is completed I would select “Closed” from the drop down. I would love for it to atomically move the entire row to another sheet upon selecting closed. This sheet would be strictly for closed jobs and keep the current sheet only for live jobs.

Will the US government shut down affect my 2hr stop-overs in LA and Atlanta?

I am an Australian flying from Brisbane, Australia to Bogota, Colombia. I have 2 stop-overs en route on Saturday the 19th – one in LA, the next in Atlanta. Both are only 2hrs.

Because the flight from LA to Atlanta is domestic I must pass through customs and immigration in LA, then the reverse in Atlanta. I understand 2hrs is possible (I’m only taking carry-on luggage), but cutting it fine.

Should I be concerned that the US government shut down might create further delays?

Can rsync down from remote, but unable to rsync up to remote

I’m having trouble using rsync and ssh to sync from local to remote. However I can rsync from remote to local as follows:

rsync -avzP -e "ssh -i /Users/Bab/Desktop/LightsailDefaultKey-us-west-2.pem" /Users/Bab/Pomodori/web/ 

If try to sync from local to remote by switching remote and local dir args:

rsync -avzP -e "ssh -i /Users/Bab/Desktop/LightsailDefaultKey-us-west-2.pem" /Users/Bab/Pomodori/web/  

The commands fail with:

sending incremental file list rsync: change_dir#3 "/var/www/html/.vscode" failed: No such file or directory (2) rsync error: errors selecting input/output files, dirs (code 3) at main.c(713) [Receiver=3.1.2] The terminal process terminated with exit code: 3 

Local is osx, remote is Amazon Lightsail Ubuntu 18.04.1

How to scale up or scale down a group of numbers such that the largest number in the original group does not contribute more than 25% in the new group

Let’s say there is a group of 5 numbers or more. In this group of numbers, the largest number contributes approx. 63% to the total of the group. How to either scale up or scale down or do nothing to some of the numbers such that the largest number in the new series of numbers now contributes 25% to the total of the group. For simplicity, a sample group of 6 numbers is – 535904.48, 51345976.47, 334394997.88, 101100599.81, 35426627.55 and 45416.58.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to achieve a new series of numbers that satisfies the requirement of the largest number not contributing more than 25% to the new total shall be highly appreciated.